Thursday, December 21, 2006

AAB's geese & ganders

Under AAB we have SIL making racist statements but now warning Malaysians (at the PPP Youth Wing convention) that there is a limit to free speech.

As a most-insider of the AAB court, where many alleged he is the power behind the throne, he has threaten that the government, of which he theoretically is a most-outsider, could impose restriction if people abuse this freedom.

Then in the most hypocritical puk-ish utterance he warned that UMNO Youth will come down hard on those who ignore racial sensitivities.

Under AAB we have an MP who told Customs to close one eye to his business dealings, but who is still loitering in the so-called hallowed halls of parliament.

Under AAB we have Zakaria Deros unapproved palatial mansion untouched while a Taoist temple on its own land was demolished in full defiance of State Exco orders.

Under AAB some newspapers had been suspended for improper reporting while the government 'mouthpiece' got away with the same improper news.

Under AAB we learnt of Jeff Ooi’s ‘shooting’ saga while UMNO delegates at their recent general assembly could openly urge the Chief Guardian of the UMNO keris to ‘use’ that keris on their ‘enemies’.

Under AAB ……..
(you fill in the blanks)


  1. Under aab we shall gain free membership in the 'Failed States Club' which so far comprises somalia, afghanistan, zimbabwe, north korea and so on. aab may even be elected chairman of this club.

  2. Quite true, Anon, and you can bet the Min. of Info. will be the first to loudly proclaim the Chairmanship as another achievement as proof of "Malaysia Boleh" !!!