Saturday, December 23, 2006

Virtue of absolute humility!

At a reception to celebrate Nicol David’s success in retaining the world champion title, Raja Bodek advised her to remember to be always humble.

He told her: “If you are not humble, it could lead to your downfall.”

Now, while Jeff Ooi has little birds, I have little cicak (lizards), so a wee cicak informed me he or she (aha, keep guessing) overheard this: "But on the other hand, if you are very very very humble, you know very very VERY, you could become the chief minister one day."


  1. Fat hopes-- the Penang CM post will be (permanently) rotated to umno after the next general elections because they will win the most number of seats. Look at what happened to Sabah once the idiotic Sabahans let in the big bad wolf.

  2. well I still blame Lim Kit Siang & his rocket for blasting away Lim Chong Eu. Thats when TK Koh came in and gradually developed his puppet status. I used to work in the Chong Eu govt as an officer, and I remember when he was around, the mice (and rats) remained in their holes.

  3. I agree with you. The Gerakan was poisoned from inside with its power core shifting away from Lim Chong Eu. But in some ways, there were rumours that this started when Dr Lim C.E. put too much faith and hope in one former Chung Ling (or was it Han Chiang) graduate, a teacher, who was immensely unpopular with the Gerakan members - bloke originally claimed left wing credentials but proved ultimately to be no more than what they accused MCA members of.