Friday, December 22, 2006

Unaccountable UMNO un-votable!

Over at Malaysia-Today blog, Raja Petra Kamarudin posted a news article from The Straits Times (to which I don’t subscribe – too expensive), which stated:

An UMNO minister has refused to apologise for his remarks accusing the Chinese community of building monuments which he claims glorified communists.

Despite protests from Chinese political and community leaders, Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said 'only those who feel they are communists would be offended by what I had said'.

He also said he considered the matter to be closed after discussing the issue with a top Chinese political leader.

Well, Zainuddin may considered his racist comments ‘closed’ but not so the Chinese Malaysians, because it's not about those who feel they are communists, but about Zainuddin libelling Chinese Malayan war heroes as communists.

Some Malaysia-Today readers demonstrated their ire at the minister by taking him at his words. They applied his logic (or illogic) of argument, that 'only those who feel they are communists would be offended by what I had said'.

It was open slather, with reference to a 3-letter creature considered rather dirty by Muslims. One stark example of their remarks was:

Yea only those who are communists will feel offended. I totally agree. So it is ok for us to call you a pxx and you won't get mad my dear minister. Why would you get mad then if you are not a pxx? Dig it pea brain?

Each time UMNO has internal problems, it would resort to its usual formula of kicking Chinese Malaysians about like a punching bag, including and especially its so-called partner MCA. They followed Joseph Goebbels dictum that
"propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred."

Chinese Malaysians are not only convenient but natural 'targets' for UMNO leaders because they have already indoctrinated their members to be suspicious of those greedy rapacious Chinese, whom only UMNO leaders could keep in check!

Remember the world's most famous SIL who used a racist attack against Chinese Malaysians to disguise his 9.2 million reasons?
And of course UMNO leaders would never ever apologise to lesser beings.

And every time UMNO bashed Chinese Malaysians for its own interest, the DAP would benefit at the MCA’s expense. UMNO didn't and wouldn't gave a damn about pulling the rug from under the feet of its supposedly ally! Besides, it'd teach those MCA blokes to know their place if a few of them were to lose their seats.

That was why I wrote that UMNO is the MCA’s greatest political enemy and by default the DAP's best friend - see my previous posting
Collaterally damaged MCA in damage control and SUPP & MCA - Mutes stung by hornets.

Therefore voting against the MCA, Gerakan, PPP or SUPP per se wouldn't worry UMNO. But what if we vote for another Malay party? What if EVERY non-Malay voter casts his/her vote against the BN where an UMNO candidate stands?

In this sense, PAS has regrettably let us down by imploding with its extreme policies. But even then, that doesn't mean we still can't vote for PAS.

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  1. I believe Zainuddin brought up this MPAJA issue to divert the people's attention from the Mongolian interpreter's murder in KL. The speculation going on as to the identity of the person(s) ordering the 2(3)murderers to commit the crime is causing great unease in umno. This dirty tactic has frequently been used in the past by umno which most probably obtained it from the movie "Wag the Dog".