Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blair the poodle pisses on Palestinians

Can a man who has been tainted with pro-Israeli policies and statements and known to be an obsequious sycophant of President Bush be counted on as an honest broker in the Middle East?

Tony Blair is thick skinned and hardup enough to want to present himself as one!

He plans to channel financial aid directly into the coffers of the Palestinian whom the Israel-USA bloc has now selected to be their ‘temporary’ ally, President Mahmoud Abbas - but of course purely for Israeli interests.

Blair is proposing to beef up Abbas security forces, presumably against Hamas. In other words, he continues his pro-Israeli (and USA) stand in the Middle East.

Ironically Hamas, Israel’s bĂȘte noire, was actively (but covertly) sponsored and financed by Israel during Yasser Arafat’s days to weaken Palestinian support for al Fatah. What goes around comes around, and Israel's secret creation, Hamas has now become Israel's nightmare.

So Israel switches its temporary support to Abbas and his al Fatah, to tactically neutralise Hamas. There is no doubt that Abbas' clumsy attempt to hijack powers from the legally elected Hamas by calling for fresh elections has been instigated, pressured and financed by the USA (in turn directed by Israel).

Tony Blair, in the twilight moments of his abysmal political career, wants to have a swan song, no doubt dedicated to the man whose boots he has been licking non-stop, George W Bush.

Leave it to a vain Blair to just butt right in on Middle East politics when he has zilch credibility left with the Arabs, apart from the fact that he is nothing more than a lame duck British PM.

So he unctuously sidles up to the side of the Israeli-USA bloc (but where else?) by voicing his support and military aid for Abbas at a time when the Palestinians are locked in fratricidal acrimony. Who benefits most when Palestinians kill each other?

There’s no accounting for the Vanities of Tony Blair.

But he would be remembered, particularly by the British, as the Subservient Pillion Rider to USA and a PM who betrayed the British people.

But most of all, in the words of Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the USA, Tony Blair would be known as Blair the Poodle, for being so seduced by what he (Blair) thought to be his close involvement with US power, yet failing miserably to caution President Bush against the latter's imbecilic and gungho behaviour in the international arena.

Blair was far too busy carrying Bush's balls.

In fact, Sir Christopher blamed Blair as the very person responsible for the state of anarchy that is Iraq today.

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