Sunday, December 24, 2006

Demolished ganders, undemolished geese!


The building plan was unapproved yet the bloke has the in-your-face nerve to build a bungalow on a 5,000 sq feet area

Surely it would have been or will be demolished?

But no, the Simpang Renggam District Council in Johor has merely issued a stop work order on the bungalow. A council spokesperson said work can resume if the plan is approved, which undoubtedly it will, in a move known in Malaysia as ZakariaDeros-ization.

Even more amazing, the Kluang Land and Mines Department is NOW studying an application to have the status of the land where the bungalow is sited changed from agriculture to commercial. The spokesperson said only when this application is approved, the district council can process the building plan for the bungalow.

Wow and double wow – how things move when speed is of the essence, and indeed it is moving. The amazing ZakariaDeros-ization process.

Why all this sympathetic responsive treatment, which unfortunately a Taoist temple in Bukit Mertajam sitting on its OWN land didn't enjoy, while dozens of Hindu temples all over the country including their sacred icons were sent to the rubbish heap of Mount Meru?

The bungalow belongs to Machap state assemblyperson Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman.

Truly Malaysia Boleh.


  1. Despite Datuk Zam's efforts to discredit the MPAJA, Malaysia has finally turned communist. It has decided to follow Deng's communist theory of "One country, 2 systems."
    One system for the malays, and the other system for non-malays. No prizes for guessing which system is more benevolent.

  2. and to think Malaysian's get shell-shocked at the word 'Communist'.

    Merry Chhristmas and Happy Holidays, KTemoc!