Friday, December 01, 2006

No bumiputra in Sarawak?

Well, those Sarawakian bloggers will be right royally pissed off again.

Early this year I posted Malaysian 'foreigners' in Malaysia, about how some Sarawakians considered Peninsula Malaysians as ‘foreigners’.

That led to a jolly discussion.

But this time though, it’s not KTemoc’s doing that's going to piss off those Sarawakians. In fact the case is even worse than just ole KTemoc questioning the Sarawakians' attitude to being Malaysians.

AAB has signalled he wants to spent an additional RM600 million in Peninsula and Sabah to top up the RM1.5 billion disbursed for rural development, which he claimed had already ran dry.

Note the supplementary RM600 millions are just for Peninsula and Sabah, but significantly NOT Sarawak.

He has allocated 3 million ringgit per constituency with 191 parliamentary constituencies held by UMNO MPs benefitting.

Each parliamentary constituency is to target 15 bumiputra Class-F contractor to ensure ecah gets a RM200,000 contract without any tendering. And even more terrible, the selection of the contractor will be left to the discretion of the local UMNO MP for his constituency.

And don’t we know that the majority of UMNO division leaders ‘automatically qualify’ for Class-F contractor licences, which are exclusively for bumiputeras. Malaysiakini reported that it’s an open secret that UMNO party office bearers are given priority for the Class-F licences.

The rort continues but the bigger question is why not Sarawak?

Hey, I know!

There are no ‘bumiputras there, only Ibans and various other natives.


  1. Careful now, you don't want to be detained under the ISA, do you. The Man's got enough on his plate with all the current bashing and now you come up with this. Don't get me wrong, I'm no apple polisher but you never know, he might come across this comment and call me up to be a special adviser. Legends are made of these.

  2. Wait for more to help make your advisor case more strong.

  3. "Each UMNO constituency will award RM200,000 contracts to 15 contractors, without tendering, and at the discretion of the MPs."

    Really? Can you cite a source for this?

  4. read