Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fallen Heros to make way for UMNO Ethnic Heroes

As if it was not enough for Zainuddin Mydin to slap the face of Chinese Malaysians! he came out again swinging in obnoxious, obdurate and overbearing manner to declare:

“As information minister, I am part of history - I have seen it and understood it - thus I cannot have made a mistake or misunderstood history.”

His arrogance is such that he dared to claim he couldn’t have made a mistake!

Part of history? Where was he or his father when the Japs were running all over the country while those Chinese were killed defending the nation?

The man’s hubris and shamelessness are unbelievable.

And then Mohamad Hasan, Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan, jumping on the UMNO racist bandwagon, today urged Nilai Memorial Park, a privately owned cemetery, to demolish the monument commemorating those killed while fighting against the Japanese during the Second World War.

Those two UMNO ministers were oblivious to both KTemoc and DAP Sec-Gen Lim Guan Eng reminders that not all who fought against the Japanese were CPM members. But why let facts stand in the way of a good boost to their ethnic credentials.

Lim also pointed out that such individuals were of races other than Chinese. But do they care!

Like what I had done, Lim condemned the UMNO green-eyed attempts to deliberately obviate those martyrs’ contribution to the anti-Japanese struggle, the ultimate sacrifice in defending Malaya’s sovereignty. He said the move would hurt the feelings of those whose ancestors lost their lives fighting the Japanese invaders.

He condemned particularly the move by MB Mohammad to demolish the memorial (not unlike the way government officials had demolished non-Malay places of worship whenever such actions suit their political agenda).

He said: “Although the Chinese community is trying to prove that the monument is unrelated to the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), he [Mohammad] prefers to believe Zainuddin than the general opinion of the Chinese community.”

Well, what do expect of UMNO ministers?

The stench of UMNO’s racism is just too overpowering. They are more interested in promoting their own image as ethnic heroes than in respecting the nation’s real fallen heroes.

The keris shall be drawn now that the Japanese bayonet had long gone.


  1. fuck the gomen, vote a new one nxt GE

  2. Basically it is an ongoing UMNOputra agenda to wipe out ALL the history of non Malay roles in building this country of ours.

    So UMNOracists can point to the Malay and say `tak guna punya pendatang aje`


    and get a more accurate first hand account.

  3. Listen, isn't that jerk a Mamak and has it not been observed that some mamaks (not all, of course) in Malaysia are so desperate to be accepted by the Malays as one of the tribe that they (these particular mamaks) will do and say anything that would make them appear to be more Malay than a Malay himself.

    This brings to mind how some Caucasians (white people) derisively and contemptuously refer to some Asians as WOGs, ie, Western Oriented Gentlemen, for the way these said Asians slavishly ape the manners and mores of the Europeans - that is, acting and behaving more European than a European.

    Isn't it really pathetic and pitiable how some people are so desperate to belong to some group yet deep in their hearts they know that they are not really accepted by the group and they are actually outsiders?!

  4. Actually WOG stands for Wily Oriental Gentleman, targeting the people of the Eastern Mediterranean. In those 'early' days, the Eastern part of the Mediterranean (Turkey, Lebanon, etc) was known as the Orient to Western Europeans. That's why the British called (and some still do) Greeks, Italians, Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians, Turks etc WOGs.

  5. ".... he or his father when the Japs were running all over the country while those Chinese were killed defending the nation?"

    Please Ktemoc.. i don't think Chinese were killed during that time for defending the nation. They saving their own asses. During that time, many know that Japs hates Chinese so much, not only in Malaya, in China too..

    So please Ktemoc, don't mislead the reader.

    And pls don't misunderstand, I'm opposing Zam too.

  6. nosepicker - I agreed that in WWII the nation of Malaya has yet to be borned, so generally the Chinese were defending their families & villages BUT isnt this the basic and what the Americans did during the Revolutionary & Civil Wars and exactly what the Palestines are doing?

    The fact is the Chinese would rather die here than fled to other parts of the World showed the seeds of belonging.