Friday, December 08, 2006

AAB wooing back the 'non'?

Just a quick summary of the Rayappan case. Bloke was a former van driver who died at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital recently.

Following his demise, the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) applied with the Syariah High Court to have his body buried according to Islamic rites because he had converted to Islam in 1990 with the name of Muhammad Rayappan Abdullah.

But Rayappan’s family objected on the grounds that the deceased had renounced the religion. His widow filed an application at the Civil High Court in Kuala Lumpur for her late husband's body to be released to her, claiming that Rayappan had been a Roman Catholic when he died.

Before the issue could become another Moorthy case, the PM leapt in with the backing of the cabinet, instructing the AG to look into the case and confirm Rayappan’s religious status.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz might have let the cat out of the bag on what the cabinet has in mind when he said: “It is clear he had gone back to his earlier faith, and the identity card does not state that he is a Muslim.”

And before we can say the “pussy cat, pussy cat" Mais has back-pedalled, deciding not to claim the body for burial according to Islamic rites. It filed a notice in the Shah Alam Syariah High Court on Thursday, withdrawing its claim on Rayappan's body. Its volte face is like the sun rising in the West.

In damage control (or rather 'salvage' control) mode, Mais chairman stated that all earlier information gathered before showed that Rayappan was a Muslim, but the new evidence pointing to the fact he was not a Muslim was overwhelming.

He said: "So, I hope the matter is solved and we don't think the people will view us negatively because we make the decision based on the existing facts and not emotion."

Then Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Chief Guardian of the extra king-size keris, kissed and made up with MCA Youth chief Liow Tiong Lai who said MCA Youth wing understood that Hisham’s keris waving was a symbol to show it was a trust for Hishammuddin to carry out his responsibilities to the nation. The keris is now labelled king-size but mild.

Liow expressed his satisfaction with the result of his meeting with Hisham, as if he achieved something wonderful when all he got was Hisham’s words - perhaps someone else's words?.

Liow said: “We raised our concern with Hishammuddin and after his explanation, the MCA now has full confidence that he will not used the keris against the Chinese or other races.”

As an Anon commented in another posting, the Star Online belongs to the MCA. Thus it reported 'accordingly' that after a two-hour meeting with Hisham, MCA Youth came out from the meeting with a better understanding on why he (Hisham) brandished the keris at the UMNO Youth meeting recently. Maybe Hisham was attempting to strike a fly?

Apparently Hishammuddin promised to wave a kungfu sword in the next UMNO general assembly – OK, I lied on this one but the bullsh*t that was going on about the MCA “understanding why he (Hisham) brandished the keris” has been nothing more than AAB passing the word down to everyone in the BN to pull back from the brink.

… because today Malaysiakini reported that AAB expressed his concerns over the increasingly fragile race relations in Malaysia. He appealed for next year's celebrations marking 50 years of independence to emphasise national unity.

The fact is that ordinary Chinese-Indians and Malays are OK with each other but UMNO members have been the problem. To add to the aggravated political problem, PAS has stupidly cut itself out from Chinese-Indian voters who might have wish to ‘try’ out PAS as an alternative to the ugly UMNO, when it (PAS) passed its Islamic version of how to ‘control’ sexily dressed women, including non-Muslims – by threat of fines.

I doubt any Chinese-Indian would now want to go for PAS even if UMNO still waves the keris. PAS just has to cut its nose to spite its face!

AAB described the worsening relationship between the majority Muslim Malays and the minority ethnic Chinese and Indian communities as a ‘disease’ that must be tackled openly. He needs to ask himself why it has become a disease in the first place.

As a conciliatory gesture, he pointed the finger at his own party, UMNO, which caused dismay last month with racially charged speeches from members at its annual meeting.

Abdullah called for the celebrations of half a century of independence from Britain to include all Malaysians, regardless of race.

He appealed: "If there are shortcomings let us work together to overcome them. We also don't want only a semblance of unity but with festering undercurrents on the inside."

He has also told the Malaysian media to report more on ‘feel good’ stuff instead of provocative news.

I reckon the racist comments at the recent UMNO general assembly were staged and choreographed to neutralise someone’s overpowering personality, but when that someone didn’t turn up, no one had the brains to modify the planned “siapa lebih jaguh” strategy, which then was further aggravated by innate racist emotions and some delegates’ self promotional interests.

I also reckon the PM, with the support of the cabinet, had instructed Mais to retreat from the Rayappan’ case.

AAB and the cabinet are pulling back from the brink because there may be more problems, probably economical ones or a sense that non-Malay voters would want to spite UMNO for its atrocious behaviour and insensitivity, by switching their votes over to either (an already self destructing) PAS or a very quiet PKR (probably one of the main beneficiaries besides the DAP).

I reckon also AAB may call the general election a bit earlier than the five years interval to cut off Anwar Ibrahim.

Looks like the MCA will be enlisted to resurrect AAB's pre-2004 Bao Gong image once again to woo non-Malay voters.


  1. To quote: "AAB described the worsening relationship between the majority Muslim Malays and the minority ethnic Chinese and Indian communities as a ‘disease’ that must be tackled openly."

    He is the disease. Tackle himself first.

  2. Those who feel relieved that the PM interceded should not? The PM is NOT the arbiter of religious matter. He should not even be the arbiter of legal matters even in certain exceptions like pardons which in Malaysia should be the province of royalty.

    What all this point to is a breaking down of the system of governance particularly the judicial system.

    Matter of the corpse should be left to the justice system, and religious organization. Its a laughing stock of our system to have the PM deal with the matter of the corpse of a poor van driver. Its systematic lunacy...

    What this says is that our system don't work or more accurately there is no system. There are literally thousands of Indian-Chinese convert cases like these not to mention the orang Aslis. Then what about other issues like Temples and churches? Hell even parking/traffic for worshipping can become an issue?

    Its a freaking joke and it begins with the lunacy of Article 121(1A).

  3. The govt is the problem, how can it be part of the solution for national unity!

    The only hope for a lasting solution is regime change.

  4. Opportunities for regime change occur once every 5 years. The next chance will be in 2009.

    I can't tell you who to vote as that's your intrinsic right, but all I can say is use your votes wisely, or you will have to wait for another 5 years before you may have the chance again, that is, assuming the political system doesn't change.

  5. Billy says "If men cannot control their urge, why blame the innocent women?". And "Maybe with all the cover-up, many men are left to fantasise their sexual escapades that finally led them to their wanton acts". Also in page 53 (Interactive) of the Star of 9 Dec, Ys Lim writes that self control is the way to solve woes. And was rewarded RM 50. Please la, folks, its not men vs women. I am a man, and im concerned abt my sister, daughter, wife and mum. Men are basically evolving animals. Some like Ys lim can exercise self control. Good for him, and good for all of us and our sisters, daughters etc. But what abt the not so evolved animal males ? Shd women keep provoking them, causing some of them to lose control once in a while, and take it out on the next "available" woman ? Who could very well be my well covered sister ? Stop lecturing the potential perverts. Stop provoking them. Thats a safer approach.

  6. They(AAB & Gang of Idiots) were never at the brink, they've chucked themselves downhill long time ago, all rolled up with gravy-trains of disbelief proportions and corrupted filth which will never be anyone's mind of salvaging whatever decency this country has left.

    Still warming-up? Nah, they're pretty happy with being a 'Bad Cop' far too long.