Friday, December 22, 2006

SIL's pot of rice vs tempurung rakyat kosong

malaysiakini columnist Bakri Musa wrote:

"Abdullah Ahmad Badawi still does not get it! He is concerned with his son-in-law’s pot of rice, not that of the rakyat. Since he cannot brag about the nation’s economic achievements under his leadership, he is reduced to boasting of his son’s wealth."

"There is no glory if his son and son-in-law were rich but the nation poor. Someone ought to tell him that he was elected to lead Malaysia, not to take care of the well-being of his grown-up family, its friends and cronies."

"His advisers and family members have convinced him that those critics are out to bring him down. If Abdullah persists with his present pattern, rest assured that this belief would be self-fulfilling. Abdullah should ponder the fate of another leader who was consumed with filling in the rice pots of his family members. Suharto’s downfall was ugly for him, as well as for his family and Indonesia."

But what about that English saying that 'charity begins at home'?

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  1. Suharto's billions (gold bullion and not rupiah, mind you) in Swiss banks are more than enough to see him and his entire family through to the next millenium in 1,094 years time. Had he been killed in the 1965 coup, Indonesians would have seen a much better life than now.