Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maligning Datuk Onn Jaafar's illustrious name

Remember that bloke who, coincidentally just before the UMNO general assembly, voiced his opposition to Bangsa Malaysia?

I blogged on that in Johor UMNO: 'Bangsa Malaysia unacceptable!'.

I wrote that Johor UMNO chief Abdul Ghani Othman
criticised the Bangsa Malaysia concept as totally unacceptable because it meant a rojak (mishmash) of races in the country.

Abdul Ghani had said the proposed unified national identity of Bangsa Malaysia would represent a threat to the Malays and the special position provided for them in the Constitution.

Typical of UMNO leaders who couldn’t debate with logic or facts, he resorted to warning us ominously that the Bangsa Malaysia concept, if subjected to ‘abuse’ can threaten national stability.

Hardly surprising that he left the threat hanging there, having failed to define what his term ‘abuse’ means. But then he had already achieved his aim, namely to 'warn’ us.

However Ghani, being the generous bloke he was, would only grudgingly allow use of the Bangsa Malaysia term provided it is only applied in the context of the Malays as the pivotal race of the peoples of Malaysia – essentially upholding the non-negotiability of Ketuanan Melayu, the Aryan-like concept of Malay supremacy.

I also quoted the
outraged reaction of a Barisan Nasional minister, Bernard Dompok, in a following posting Johor UMNO's Neo-Judaistic 'Super-Race'.

In the second posting I pondered on Abdul Ghani’s uniqueness among Malays, in that while some are Arab wannabes, he OTOH had by his ‘pivotal race’ ideology, appears to be an, hmmm, Israeli wannabe.

That’s because his selected term to describe the Malays as Malaysia’s ‘pivotal race’ has been nothing more than another version of Jewish Chosen People - a term about a Jewish God choosing the Jews as his 'special people', a Jewish belief averred and written of course by Jews in Babylonian captivity.

Quite frankly 'chosen' this and 'chosen' that are basically racist terms that we should leave to the Israeli Jews, apart from it being a threatening insult and an obscenity to non-Malay Malaysians, his untermenschen, the subhumans that Israelis view Arabs as (and ironically a term that Nazis had applied to European Jews).

Well, he’s back, with an even greater obscenity, this time insulting the hallowed memory of the most esteemed late Datuk Onn Jaafar.

Abdul Ghani again blasted the Bangsa Malaysia or any similar concepts as unacceptable. And undoubtedly just to ensure Malays would support him, he threw in the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia.

That’s the disturbing tactic of this man, where he unscrupulously mingled Dr Mahathir’s supra-nationalistic ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ with the DAP’s political ideology of ‘Malaysian Malaysia’.

One is a supra-political unifying Malaysian identity, while the other is about politically driven meritocracy. Though they may eventually be related through evolution over the years, they aren’t the same. But WTF, Abdul Ghani obviously isn’t one to let inconvenient facts stand in his way.

OK, so Abdul Ghani Othman said if people understood why a Bangsa Malayan was rejected during UMNO founder Datuk Onn Jaafar’s leadership (which of course wasn't exactly what the late Datuk Onn had proposed), they should also realise why any concept akin to it could not be accepted.

Here again is how this man twisted the events of history, by extrapolating a pre-independence UMNO in the 1950’s not wanting to open its doors to all ethnic groups as proof that 21st Century Malaysians also do not want to merge into a united nationality.

QED (Quite Egregiously Deceitful, not Quod Erat Demonstradum), he claimed history supports his racist (or self-interest motivated theories.

Then he said pointedly: “It is about everything being equal and this does not capture the hearts of Malaysians.”

Well, what can one say - according to Abdul Ghani, Malaysians (rather than UMNO members) do not want ‘equality’. His Chosen People again!

Launching the five-day Datuk Onn (Johor’s most illustrious son) National Conference at Persada Johor, he declared: “Therefore, regardless of whatever name is given, the concept is similar and this is against idea kenegaraan (the idea of nationhood) which we have inherited.”

In other words, his idea of nationhood doesn’t allow for equality of Malaysians of all races. Indeed how would it when there’s a Chosen People. And he blamed globalisation for it too.

He said: “If we do not stand firm in our struggle and emphasise the essence of nationhood, which is already so clear, this might change the concept of nationalism, not only in the economic arena but also in politics, religion, culture and language. As such, we cannot be lackadaisical or be influenced without first examining a new idea.”

You get the idea by now that that Abdul Ghani's idea of nationhood or kenegaraan doesn’t include non-Malays! Of course he was addressing a mainly Malay audience.

Abdul Ghani said idea kenegaraan had not only been applied effectively for the past 50 years but was still relevant to the country today. That was when he blasphemed the illustrious name of the late Datuk Onn Jaafar, a man who left UMNO, a party he founded and headed until August 1951, because he was so disgusted with UMNO's communalist policies.

Datuk Onn had then called for party membership to be opened to all Malayans, and for UMNO to be renamed as the United Malayans National Organisation, but sadly his recommendations went unheeded, though bearing in mind it was a period before Malayan independence from British colonialism.

Abdul Ghani had the gall to aver: “We, as Malays, and even the non-Malays, should admit that Datuk Onn’s idea kenegaraan should be inherited and practised. This is the idea that has united the Malays, and also the same idea that has given privileges to other races to be citizens, live together and share power and prosperity.”

“Datuk Onn has left a heritage which is priceless and should be used as a guide for all generations.”

Abdul Ghani has utterly no shame in twisting a good man’s vision, and insulting his exemplary name, to support his (Abdul Ghani's) neo-Judaistic bigotry.

This is one occasion when I want Hishamuddin Tun Hussein to draw his keris, that is, if he has the guts of his granddad!


  1. Dear Ktemoc:

    I couldn't understand the esteemed MB -- okay, just 20% in the connecting words amidst the mumbo-jumbo --was he spiaking in tongue? It was Deja Vu for Desi this morning as I recalled one charismatic Gifting event involving a fellow Blogger

  2. sprry matey, you lost me in the deja vu part ;-)

  3. i am with desiderata in that i couldnt understand this Ghani guy as well. but the latter part of desiderata's note gave me the impression that he could have imbibed some strong substances, leading to his latter sentences about deja vu et al.