Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sinister attack on AAB re Monsoon Cup dinner

There is a bit of unjustified attack on AAB for doing 'something' at a dinner held in conjunction with the Monsoon Cup. The picture showed him standing behind a seated Michelle Yeoh. I have the picture but I won't post it.

I don't support the unfortunate attempts to use the picture to implicate him as ... whatever.

KTemoc is not into that sort of game where I reckon AAB made an innocent platonic gesture. As all of you know, I have been ripping into AAB regularly but more for his non action or bad decisions as a PM. I am not interested in finding out whether he picked his nose and didn't wash his hands.

But I am very interested in his governance (or lack of) in public matters, in his role as PM and his conduct as the president of UMNO. Disregard his innocent gestures - it has no bearing on us citizens and our lives.

The former (governance) will f**k us up, while the latter (his innocent gestures) won't. So let's focus on AAB's performance on his leadership and management of our country.


  1. Supporters of a "drowning man" would clutch at any straws and try to keep afloat. Surely we can't blame them.

  2. The something AAB did at the dinner is a public event, therefore what or how he behave is subjected to public scrutiny.

    Here the photo for those interested :

    If it is as innocent as claimed, then there is nothing to hide. Personally, I see nothing in it. Perhaps it is forbidden from Islamic (ala PAS version) but not Islam Hadhari.

  3. That has very little to do but helps a lot to whoever regarded as supporters of a 'drowning man'.

    To non-supporters of any group, AAB will have to explain his action as a preacher of Islam Hadhori. What regarded as an 'innocent platonic gesture', is not true in the teachings of Islam. Clearly, Islam forbids such action/gesture but don't know if Islam Hadhori allows such thing. This AAB will have to explain. If this issue if played well in the next GE, votes will sure fly. BTW, this is a non-issue with the non-Muslims.

  4. Dear eu,

    That's against the teachings of Islam no matter under what school of thoughts, be it PAS, UMNO, Talibans or whatever.

  5. Interesting! Just for curiosity, which part of Islamic teachings says that? Because Our Muslim neighbours used to hug and kiss our womenfolk on the cheeks and we theirs when we meet.

  6. Unless you're a Muhrim (an unmarriageable kin with whom sexual intercourse would be considered incestuous) with each other, that is acceptable but then the contacts are limited to certain parts of the body, ie palms and face. Other than that, including exposed shoulder, is considered haram altogether, no matter if you're a Muhrim or not.

    In your case, yes, definitely that's forbidden in Islam.

    Back to AAB's case, in Islam, that's HARAM - no compromise whatsoever, unless Islam Hadhori states otherwise. That, leave it to AAB to answer.

    That's my 2-cent worth. Maybe somebody can come up with a better explanation.

  7. Dear ktemoc and all,

    And one more thing worth pondering. If you think that is an unjustified attack on AAB why were the two weblogs (Buletinonline & Malaysia Today) defaced after re-publishing the pix? Prior to that, the whole dinner album at the official Monsoon Cup were taken down.

    Malaysia Today came down hard on AAB, TMM or even DSAI and KJ but nothing happen. But by mere posting a 'picture that's worth 1000 words' without any caption, certain group or individual went that far and defaced RPK's weblog.

    That's HOW SERIOUS the implications the pix bear upon AAB and his Islam Hadori.

    Thank you.

  8. All the bells and whistles are probably to generate public interest on the backend of how this 'Monsoon Cup' came into the pic. No such thing as 'bad' publicity for the wicked.

    Of course PAS gets all riled up over this 'hands on shoulders' thingy, afterall won't you be p*ssed too if you found out your coffers was missing 5% oil royalty during your tenure as the state's ruling party? ;)