Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Horsing around?

It seems in some countries which have an equine culture, bestiality occurs regularly. I wonder whether those women (and indeed men) were fascinated by Dobbin’s humongous ding-a-ling.

Well, in Australia a bestiality charge was originally laid in a northern NSW court against a woman accused of engaging in an indecent act with a horse, but has now been dropped.

But she still faces a lesser charge of behaving in an offensive manner. However, the local court has been told that it too may be withdrawn.

Police had alleged the woman to be behaving ‘offensively’ with a horse in a paddock in an Australian country town last month.

I wonder what an ‘offensive’ act in this case means? I leave it to your imagination.

The court was told that the woman would undergo a psychiatric examination before the remaining charge would be dismissed. The magistrate granted the woman a continuation of her existing bail and adjourned the matter to next month.

It’s frightening to think what people in countries that have elephants may fantasize? And don’t forget, the Japanese have a fascination with Godzilla-like creatures..

Unnatural Sexual Arousals & Acts


  1. Oh, remember the case in Kelantan a few years back, involving some guys and some goats?

  2. Oh, the goats were to be blamed in the above case. They did not heed nik aziz's orders to tutup their aurat with the correct clothing and tudung. And so those guys got off scot-free... to try their luck with the cows (mind the sharp horns!) and the camels... no wonder now no camels left in kelantan.

  3. hi Anon,

    just want to add that the goats r 90% to be blamed - according to the mufti of australia.

  4. One of the things that distresses me is the unfettered bashing of PAS or any other party, using such unrelated postings to do so. I would discourage that.

    Let's be more precise in our targetting! Leave the Americans and Israelis to their carpet bombings.

    I urge that we bash political parties including PAS only when they issue oppressive or unfair policies, rules or procedures like the recent KB dress laws.

  5. that got your goat didnt it kt?

  6. KT, i just read one of your earlier posts on unnatural sexual arousals & acts. In it you say " – alas, I’ve never encountered a female flasher, though I must confess, I have always hope for such an occasion. But then, wouldn't that render the event as 'expected' rather than 'unexpected' – and technically, would an 'expected'/anticipated viewing of someone's genitals then disqualify that event from being an act of sick exhibitionism in the true sense of the word?"
    Now I wonder if it is really natural then for males to exhibit (and even hope to be exhibited to), but unnatural for females to do so, thus accounting for the rarity of female flashers. Or is it that some female flashing is really happening, but those on the receiving end are enjoying it too much to make the police reports? Though I too must regretfully admit that I have never been flashed to, by a female.

  7. voguel,

    When I said "I have always hoped for such an occasion ..." my wish was more on the scale end of 'wishful thinking', hardly making it an 'expectation' ;-)

    And do let me know if you come across any hot spot for female flashers

  8. Anon, I like to shoot precisely at my target, not carpet bomb it, causing collateral damage and hurting innocents.

  9. do you care for the looks, or are you game for any females ?