Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Why is Mahathir's special "orang asing" allowed to interfere with Malaysians' harmony?


Enough is enough, deport Zakir Naik and uphold integrity of Keluarga Malaysia: activist

S. Shashi Kumar says Islamic preacher’s ‘nonsensical’ Facebook posts reflect disrespect of local laws, Rukun Negara

Islamic preacher Zakir Naik over the recent Christmas holiday took to Facebook to caution Muslims against partaking in the festivities, which has attracted criticism from various quarters over the divisive nature of his advocacy. – Bernama pic, December 28, 2021

KUALA LUMPUR – It is high time for Putrajaya to deport controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to maintain unity and harmony in the country, as well as the Keluarga Malaysia concept, said activist S. Shashi Kumar.

Shashi, who is Global Human Rights Federation president, made a strong plea after Zakir posted on Facebook posts to warn those professing the Muslim faith against taking part in Christmas celebrations.

Checks by The Vibes revealed that he has three posts warning Muslims against celebrating, taking part in celebrations, wishing, and accepting gifts during non-Muslim festivals.

In one of the photos uploaded, Zakir cited a verse from a book titled Majmoo Al Fataawa where a Sunni Islamic scholar named Shaikh Ul Islam ibn Taymiyyah was said to have banned Muslims from attending non-Muslim festivities.

Zakir Naik doesn't understand Malaysian culture or festivals and shouldn't be speaking on how Malaysians of different religions choose to celebrate with each other, says activist S. Shashi Kumar. – The Vibes file pic, December 28, 2021

“It is not permissible for the Muslims to imitate the non-Muslims in any way that is unique to their festivals, whether it be food, clothes, bathing, lighting fires or refraining from usual work or worship.

“It is also not permissible to give a feast or exchange gifts or sell things that help them to celebrate their festivals or adorn oneself or put up decorations,” he wrote.

Following posts that are deemed as “nonsensical” made its rounds on social media, Shashi panned Zakir, saying it is evident that the preacher does not have any respect for the law or the constitution of Malaysia as well as the five pillars of Rukun Negara.

“Zakir Naik is not going to stop for sure and he is going to continue doing so because that is what he does.

What is his business talking about Malaysian festivals? What does he understand about Malaysian culture?

“It’s time for the government to send him back if it wants to uphold the unity and harmony of this nation or the Keluarga Malaysia concept,” he told The Vibes.

Meanwhile, unity and moderation advocate Anas Zubedy is of the view that the public should not waste time giving attention to those of the likes of Zakir.

Anas said Zakir is trying hard to stay relevant by dividing people of different faiths rather than looking for values and history that Malaysians share – to be united and work towards the betterment of mankind.

“Most Muslims and Christians do not know that Prophet Muhammad and his companions were rooting for Christian Rome against the Persians because they see Islam and Christianity as one of the same team – Team Monotheism.

“The enemies of Islam, the Quraysh were on the side of the Persians. You can read this in the al-Quran’s chapter 30, The Romans Verses 1 to 9.

“When it seems that the destruction of Christian Rome was imminent, the al-Quran promised otherwise – that the Christians will be victorious within a few years, and it is a day that the Muslims too, will celebrate.

“The Quraysh laughed at the Prophet. But God never fails to fulfil His promises. Within 10 years, Christian Rome totally routed the Persians.”

Though Zakir Naik's statements aim to divide Christians and Muslims, those who hold to these faiths must realise that they are on the same side and have shared religious history, says unity advocate Anas Zubedy. – Anas Zubedy Facebook pic, December 28, 2021

So, he said, Christians and Muslims must reflect on this shared history that someone like Zakir may not be aware of.

“He needs to refer to the al-Quran. Muslims are commanded to celebrate a Christian victory because we are considered the same team – like the Muslims and Christians in Malaysia, we are one.”

This is not the first time Zakir has sparked controversy since he moved from his home country of India to Malaysia, where he holds permanent resident status, in 2016.

In 2019, he was condemned for his remarks on the Chinese and Hindus during a lecture in Kelantan.

Among the things he said was that Hindus in Malaysia have 100 times more rights than Muslim minorities in India.

Referring to himself as a “guest”, he said the Chinese who arrived in Malaysia earlier are “guests”, too.

Zakir has publicly said he was misquoted, and his comments taken out of context.

Indian authorities seeking to extradite him for alleged terror financing, money laundering and inciting communal hatred have yet to obtain a Red Notice from Interpol. – The Vibes, December 28, 2021

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  1. Zakir Naik was granted Malaysian Permanent Residence by the Racist Najib.

    Why is that fact buried ?