Saturday, December 25, 2021

Perak rare earth development to focus on large-scale mining: Takiyuddin

Perak rare earth development to focus on large-scale mining: Takiyuddin


The public hearing of the standard operating procedures (SOP) for non-radioactive rare earth elements (NR-REE) development in Perak has concluded that such a project will focus on large-scale mining.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Takiyuddin Hassan said the public hearing held last Sunday was aimed at getting feedback on the SOP developed by the project stakeholders.

“It is to ensure that the NR-REE mining is being done in a responsible and sustainable manner and well-supervised at the pre-mining, mining and post-mining stages,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Several issues were raised during the hearing, he said, including underground water pollution, methods of mitigation and monitoring of the activity.

“A possible alternative mining method apart from the in-situ leaching (ISL) was also discussed so as not to depend on just one method,” he added.

Takiyuddin said all suggestions would be taken into consideration in making amendments to the SOP.

A total of 106 individuals, comprising industry players, consultant engineers, academicians and representatives of government agencies and NGOs took part in the public hearing, which was also streamed live to over 200 other participants via Zoom and Facebook.

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  1. ARE Disaster 2 coming up....this time you won't be able to blame Mahathir...

    But ...then again I suppose there are ways to still get Mahathir to be held responsible for this case... by hook or by Crook.

  2. Wakakakakaka…

    Non-radioactive rare earth elements (NR-REE) development!

    Wow… wow… whose the consultants? The advisors?

    From the periodic table the lanthanide series includes elements 58 to 71, which fill their 4f sublevel progressively. The actinides are elements 89 to 103 and fill their 5f sublevel progressively. Actinides are typical metals and have properties of both the d-block and the f-block elements, but they are also radioactive.

    Only lanthanide series r considered non-radioactive.

    But Rare-earth metals are currently extracted through mining, which comes with a number of downsides. ... Mining for rare earth minerals generates large volumes of toxic and radioactive material, due to the co-extraction of thorium and uranium — radioactive metals which can cause problems for the environment and human health.

    So where r the non radioactive develoment comes from?