Monday, December 27, 2021

Netizens slam reason for giving PM’s convoy priority over ambulance - sad to read about this embarrassing obscenity today

Netizens slam reason for giving PM’s convoy priority over ambulance

The four-wheel drive and the ambulance waiting at the intersection for the prime minister’s convoy to pass.

PETALING JAYA: While the police explained that asking an ambulance to make way for the prime minister’s convoy was due to safety concerns, netizens weren’t buying it.

Yesterday, a video of the incident went viral on social media, showing a four-wheel-drive and a Red Crescent ambulance waiting for a convoy of cars carrying Ismail Sabri Yaakob and others to pass through an intersection.

In a statement today, Selangor traffic police chief Azman Shariat clarified as the lead car of the convoy was approaching the intersection, a decision was made to prioritise the convoy on the main road to avoid a potential accident.

This did not sit well with social media users, who took to the net to express their disbelief.

In response to the police’s official statement, activist Siti Kassim tweeted: “Rubbish! Emergency vehicles take precedent”, tagging the prime minister’s official Twitter account.

User @ruziah also laid into the prime minister, posting: “Shame on you. You and your convoy can always stop and give way to the ambulance, but no, you must go first because you’re a VVIP.

“No amount of explanation can absolve you from this sin #NotMyPM #KerajaanGagalLagi.”

@anaszubedy questioned the action of the police in allowing the convoy to proceed.

“If it is true that an ambulance with its emergency sirens turned on had to give way to a VIP, we really need to relook our SOPs and practices,” he said.

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