Friday, June 26, 2015

Turning bubur back to nasi?

The Malay Mail Online - To resolve Selangor crisis, Khalid says willing to be MB again

why shouldn't I flaunt it when I have it - I'm just damn good

For Khalid, a man who's despised by both DAP and to a lesser extent, PKR, to make such a daring proposal must mean he has as-yet-unidentified support.

Don't be so eager as to dismiss his wet yet not so wet dreams as a case of nasi dah jadi bubur, because a businessman, which Khalid is, doesn't make such a seemingly preposterous proposal unless he has done his sums.

To reiterate, obviously he has 'support' for him to believe he can return as the 'comeback kid'.

Let's follow his example and do some maths ourselves.

Numbers-wise, he is, I believe, assured of 12 UMNO ADUN and of course himself, which gives him 13, counting towards 29 in a DUN of 56.

The Mail reported that 'Khalid, who was sacked from PKR last year in a leadership putsch that cost him the mentri besar post, said, however, that he would only consider making a comeback if he wins a vote of confidence in the state assembly with a simple majority.'

And a simple majority is one, meaning he has the backing of 29 in the Selangor DUN of 56.

Based on the last MB selection turmoil, initiated by the rancid Kajang Satay Bull and coagulated by PAS merajuk-ish recalcitrancy, he is probably assured of 13 out of the 15 PAS ADUN, which adds up to a nice 26 in his quest to resume his Royal MB-ship.

I suspect Khalid may still have around 3 pro-Khalid ADUN in PKR itself who still support or will support him when they see the encouraging numbers. So that will give him what he needs, a simple majority of one in his 29, which will nicely kow-tim the MB situation for him.

Yes, Azmin Ali may be in dire danger!

Okay, it's unlikely he'll receive any DAP backing but WTF does he care if/when he has 29, the simple majority that he needs, as he has stated and must have already calculated.

And why won't DAP back him? See my 2013 post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality on how he had treated the DAP with a disrespect that was only possible by copious dosages of name dropping and a wee dram of ketuanan Melayu-ness.

Besides, if UMNO is involved, it'll be the death knell for DAP to be involved.

As for the palace, he has been a fave of HRH, and it's likely he won't meet any objection from the palace.

But we voters need to be aware Khalid Ibrahim is more of a businessman rather than a people's representative in the true sense of the latter, as had been evidenced by his early handling of the Grand Saga Toll Fiasco in 2008 when he was far more interested in the profits for the Toll Company than justice and service for the Cheras folks.

After all, didn't PSM describe him as an 'unfriendly Guthrie towkay' when Anwar Ibrahim parachuted him into the Ijok by-election. So it was a bit silly of me to expect him to act sympathetically towards the people of Cheras in the Grand Saga road toll debacle, when I should know by then a bourgeois like him would of course be more concerned about the road toll towkays, with him as a MB stating rather bizarrely that the state government must also take into consideration that the toll would be the source of revenue for the company.

Hmmm, what about those people of Selangor who had supported Pakatan?

That's what he was, has been, is and will be, a pure businessman, one who had been an 
'unfriendly Guthrie towkay' who is good at making money for his company (Guthrie or the state of Selangor) and who deems himself answerable to ONLY his sponsor-major stakeholder (be this Dr M, Anwar Ibrahim or as he was last seen to have believed, HRH).

During the sad turbulent days immediately after the 2013 GE when the appointment of Selangor's MB for a fresh new term was in progress and criticisms of Khalid Ibrahim was flying high and low, wakakaka, one criticism was about him not listening to the Pakatan ADUNs on state issues.

He had then pompously replied via what was seen as a pathetic pretentious pseudo-presidential proclamation, that he "listened to criticisms from the people more than from party leaders and politicians".

That nonsense so riled DAP's Gobind Singh Deo who immediately 'urged' (a polite euphemism for 'f**king demand', wakakaka) the Selangor MB to bloody well clarify that statement.

Gobind went as far as to say Khalid had made a "very serious statement, which may have serious consequences", meaning Khalid either knew f**k all about democratic parliamentary process or had deliberately ignored that!

Gobind said: "Khalid must not take things for granted. I ask him to respond and clarify matters."

In fact I suspect Khalid might not be even conscious of the fact that he was nominated to be MB by Pakatan (not just the mere elected ADUNs) but by the parties' top leadership. Thus, in his (I suspect) lack of understanding of the party process or democratic process, he doesn't see his obligation to step down when told by his party to do so.

When DAP leaders went bonkers and tore off what little patches of hair they had left because of this politically bizarre and obdurate man, and condemned him as dishonourable in insisting on staying as MB despite losing the confidence of his party and the majority of the Pakatan pact, they were just pissing in the wind.

Yes, they were because Khalid Ibrahim did not see himself as a politician who had to abide by the rules of democratic political process. He didn't understand all that because, as we had suspected, he didn't see himself being nominated by Pakatan to be MB of Selangor. His conviction of his right to continue in his CEO (MB) position was most unfortunately further strengthened by PAS' Pak Haji Hadi Awang's naughty support of him.

As I've joked about it before, without support from his own political party or as a renegade to his own political party, by insisting on remaining on as MB in a Pakatan ruled state, he effectively became a rare avis, not unlike a unicorn or a chimera.

It's in his DNA so in general don't be too harsh on him, other than his wish to be MB again. Being MB is being a people's representative which as discussed, he appeared not cut out to be.

Hey, maybe we can recommend him to be CEO 1MDB?

Thus, I have serious concerns about his ability to serve the people of Selangor as MB who's really a people's representative - again, don't mistake or be confused about his excellent business sense and competency for his political responsibility of truly serving the people (rather than just the state as a business company) - ask the people of Cheras.

In the final analysis, for Khalid to realize his wet yet not so wet dreams, to revert bubur back into nasi (and I don't want to hear that term nasi k***k***, wakakaka), it will all depend on PAS or to be more specific, Pak Haji Hadi Awang.

Will Pak Haji be willing to join in a new state coalition to back Khalid Ibrahim as MB, in which the coalition may include UMNO's participation? Icing on top for Pak Haji, DAP is unlikely to be in, wakakaka.

I'm afraid you'll have to ask him, wakakaka.


  1. Everybody smells rat on Najib but yet kaytee smell perfume.......why? Hahahaha

    1. aiyo, almost 99% of yr comment is out of topic or out of context, u sound like najib, off track all the time.

    2. as mentioned, looes is allowed here for comic relief - in short he is a clown, wakakaka, but one wanted by Fijian authorities for seditious activities on that lovely island

    3. Like Hisham Rais says ma......When people wanna play hoopla hoop, we play guli.....hahahaha

    4. That is how kaytee play his game in his blog by refusing to say anything bad about najib and rosmah

  2. Let’s assume the following:

    PKR (13), PAS (13), PasMa (2), Khalid (1), BN (12,) and DAP (15).

    Assuming PAS is agreeable to support Azmin, then PKR and PAS should go ahead to form and work as a minority government in Selangor until the next election.

    This is because PKR + PAS = 26; DAP + PasMa = 17; and Khalid + BN = 13.

    For key proposals request and lobby for support from at least any 3 either from Khalid, or BN.

    Tak kan lah key proposals for the Rakyat of Selangor depa tak mau support? I am sure BN would support lah. But it is not a coalition with BN. It is just like BN support the hudud bill in Kelantan lah.

    But my dear KT, DAP wants this: DAP (15) + PKR (13) + PasMa (2) = 30

    I am afraid you'll have to ask Azmin and PasMa lah, wakakaka.

    1. that's possible though what I have written in this post has been within the context of Khalid Ibrahim's audacious proposal a la "Memang tidak ada asap kalau tidak ada api"

    2. No la KT... Khalid is just fishing, and Hadi would not join BN. It is either a minority government or a fresh election. I am in favour of a minority government.

      A fresh election? Have we got the money to waste again? How much money did that rancid satay cost? RM50.0 million? Make no mistake. If it is going to be a fresh election - BN will win.

      God will say, this wasting of money for this fresh election is not BN's doing. Thus God will support BN. Tak percaya? Cuba lah...

    3. "I am afraid you'll have to ask Azmin"
      agree to disagree is the glue that bind the 3 parties togather, pkr wanna pick their own mb selangor, but both dap n pas was kepoh, instead of showing their endorce n respect, they wan to reveal their lack of maturity in how they manage a multi racial state under the concept of agree to disagree n what sharing power is abt. what an fucking greedy idiot chinaman n blinded gila kuasa religion follower, n start the interfering of each other affair era.

      if i am azmin, i tell the two bunch of idiot to go fuck themselves.

      "and Hadi would not join BN"
      i am fine if pas join bn, it would create more problem if dun join.

    4. this is the beginning of the end of PKR, a party which was a farce (as had been its farce about reformasi) right from the very beginning, serving only as a convenient platform for Anwar to return to UMNO. Soon Azmin and his cohorts will indeed return to UMNO

    5. I concur with you KT... I can it see clearly now.

      HY, as Azmin said DAP is childish = silly and immature. Normally, silly and immature people create a lot of problems. Stay cool.

    6. some illusionist / fanatis look forward anwar/pkr return to umno like those christian waiting for jesus return n reign.

      this illusionist label 1 dickhead raggie jessy comment as half truth on any bs this dickhead wrote abt dap, but would embrace n kiss raggie jessy dick when this fucktart bs cb slannder on anwar n pkr. what a bias self claim independent thinker.

    7. Is that your polemics on an atheist and/or on someone whom you saw his political faith is a threat to modernity? Anyway, your idol is an unscrupulous opportunist for whom ends justified the means and whose cardinal crime was he was fecking asses.

    8. HY, you're not truthful. Didn't I dismiss Raggi's accusation of former Thai PM informing Khalid Ibrahim about Anwar Ibrahim's alleged revolutionary intent? You're mad at me because I wasn't complimentary to your idol, but what could I do except to tell it as I saw it. Why didn't you do the same at RPK's blog, instead of chewing me when the nasi dah jadi bubur, wakakaka

    9. both, my idol is linda lovelace n ron jeremy, i still dun understand how sm, fellatio, orgy, homo, anal etc harm anyone as long as it is btw mature adult. n i dun do comment at blog that censor my comment, regardless pro bn or pro pr. pkr, like umno + bn. is the only model that could survive at this moment. the current pas + hasan idol (wakaka) can only talk religion n nothing else. dap father n son indulge in narcissism that only malay like samad said could cure. only pkr remain focus, thats the diff btw one who know when to cook nasi n when to cook bubur wakaka.

    10. My idol is Muhammad bin Abdullah - A man with frugal and feeble means who lived in a desert. Never has anyone accomplished such an ever-lasting transformation in the world.

      As you have said only PKR and UMNO are relevant. So, it is not wrong to say that PKR would join UMNO/BN. PAS and DAP could not because as you have said they are fanatics and narcissists.

      Hmmm… I can’t imagine one day your homo PKR Muslim PM gives a religious sermon in a mosque and leads the congregational prayer and as he finishes reciting his verses, all say AMIN…


    This for you! And I bet kaytee's third leg will sing mari kita......

  4. Malaysia is a free country.It is a free country whenever Umno is involved.So let these guys screw each others behind.And may the best man win,fair and square.Khalid is a gentleman,so he will be fair to everybody.That is including his sworn enemies in Pkr.

  5. This is all kaytee fault because he refuses to condemn Najib

    So this is how najib going to save himself

    Seriously, the natural law dictates that one can't have it too good every time. Najib does not seem to have any challenges since birth......and it is definitely a sin. Just like final destination, even Najib were to be mampus if justifiable regardless of kaytee's denial

    1. Karma lah! It's his karma to be PM while yours have been as a methodist fugitive from Fiji