Monday, June 22, 2015

Low class politics

TMI - Penang DAP headquarters vandalised again

TMI photo

Malaysians have never grown up, politically. When they disagree they sometimes take extreme measures even to the extent of killing, as happened in May 1969. Throwing molotov cocktails seem to be popular in recent years. This latest bout of vandalism is really shameful.

ntra-party wise, when words fail in a discussion or policy debate, or worse in a party polls which conduct dissatisfied some members wakakaka, we can expect and indeed have witnessed flying chairs and tables of aerodynamicists-pilots-bolehnauts wannabes, as to be expected of low brow Neanderthals absurdly participating in Socratic democracy.

PKR polls at Nibong Tebal
aerodynamics of furniture, wakakaka

then there was MIC, now there is PKR

Who did what to whom is not important, but the fact that Malaysians are capable of such low class acts of disgusting immaturity is an indictment on the poverty of our socio-cultural and religious values.



  1. Cannot round up usual suspects because the list of DAP haters has increased this time..
    Borrowing 1st line from sweetheart Taylor Swift's song
    Shake it of..
    They stay up too late...Got nothing in their brains..Thats what people say-

    And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate--Shakers gonna shake shake shake shake shake ..Just shake it off -shake it off . !.

  2. DAP has been behaving in an arrogant and high-handed manner, especially in Penang.

    I don't approve of such vandalism, but I can understand why people feel they need to send such a message to DAP.

    1. Nah......I felt that some chinese malaysians especially kaytee is so lembik

      Unlike the catholics in northern ireland

      If only the chinese are like the irish......melayus liek warrior will die cock stand.....mati pucuk