Sunday, June 07, 2015

Kerabu-ed divorcee

On lovely Pulau Pinang a Malay man lived happily with his Chinese wife in his father-in-law's house for close to 5 years.

A couple of days ago he decided to unilaterally divorce her under very acrimonious circumstances, with 3 utterances of talaq.

But bizarrely or in very unashamed manner which Malays term ta'malu pun, wakakaka, he still wants to stay in his father-in-law's house, watch TV there, makan the lovely nasi kerabu his former wife cooks so well together with her equally excellent gulai ayam, ikan masin goreng (ikan kurau of course), telur masin and sambal belacan which Penangites are most famous for.

The sambal belacan would of course be laced lavishly with petis udang from the Ket Hoe company and juiced up with calamansi (or keat-lah in Penang Hokkien, or calamondin as is known in the West), ...

... and perhaps even secretly hopes to still have his old hubby 'naughty' ways with her, wakakaka.

In fact some of his 'brothers' and 'uncles' insist he still has a right to do so and therefore should hang on in the house, even after he had unilaterally declared divorce from her with a mere 3 declarations of talaq.

Can he? Should he?


When I was very naughty as a kid my mum in typical Penang nyonya fashion would threaten me with a dose of 'kerabu', meaning I would be disciplined with severe corporal punishment inclusive of my caning bruises being 'calamansi-ed', perhaps with the sambal too, wakakaka.

The nasi kerabu would be an appropriate dish for the now-divorcee, wakakaka.

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Stay on in PKR's Selangor is okay, but also in Penang? Ta'malu pun. Pergilah!


  1. The original cause or reason of political tension in PR was the Kajang Move and hudud. DAP did not want Azmin to be MB but later still could accept him. But DAP does not want and cannot accept hudud. Bhai is turning in his grave and saying “Over my dead body” eh?

    PAS want a separation with DAP but want to stay in PR. DAP want an immediate divorce and want to expel PAS from Penang and PR.

    In Islam, do you know that in the event the husband divorce his wife irrespective of talak satu, dua, atau tiga, the ex-wife’s mother, is still his mother-in-law – mereka berdua tidak batal wudhu dan tidak boleh kahwin di antara satu sama lain.

    In Islam, a divorce proceeding tidak boleh dilakukan dengan tergesa-gesa atau terburu-buru. There must always be a cooling off period untuk perbincangan dan untuk berdamai dan diberikan masa edah untuk di rujuk semula.

    PAS baru sahaja usulkan untuk berpisah tetapi LGE/DAP sudah tidak sabar untuk terajang PAS keluar dari Pulau Pinang dan PR. Memang sah lah LGE bukan seorang ketua yang baik. LGE telah menunjukkan kesombongan dia, keangkuhan dia, kekuasaan dia, ketidak sabarnya dia, dan kebencian dia bukan sahaja kepada PAS dan Hadi, tetapi juga kepada HUDUD dan kepada orang Islam secara umumnya.

    LGE you are indeed a classic example of a political idiot. You can have your Penang. But remember this, Penang is not going to be yours forever. You can go and dream on for that political rose garden but you can never have that garden until you can learn to accept and live with its thorns. Got it LGE?

    1. hasan, pas/hadi on the surface, appeared to be a victim by asserting that hudud has nothing to do with non muslim, i personally dun buy this talk. n i think most from dap dun as well. my reading of the entire event is pas didnt give dap any choice, not even room n space to compromise. i know lks approach would only backfire to the progressive faction, like what happen when china send the missle to taiwan strait help dpp won their first presidential election. however this is the best time to make clear what pas is about. i know lge sound arrogance but at this juncture, i support lge.

    2. No worries HY... it is your intellectual right and discretion to support LGE.

      In regard to hudud, my dear HY... you know that it is of divine origin. Thus, the point here is not the ambiguity of the divine message, but rather the limitation of your ability to accept it, and the insufficiency of your understanding and experience to recognize that it is a choice of no choice on me not to give you any choice, room and space for you to compromise on my faith in regard to that divine message from Allah.

    3. Hadi wanted to be respected as an elder and as the most wise leader of PR.....deep inside, or maybe just immediately beneath that superficial smiling surface he's shown to the PKR people, especially to Anwar, he and his inner circle are quite quite contemptuous of them, especially to Anwar.

      He sincerely believes that he should be the PM designate, not Anwar whom he all this while believes to be guilty of what he was accused of and was sent to jail for.

      He also sincerely believes that the Chinese are kafir that should and can be made used of, this is allowed in his his mind, Muslims are allowed to make use of the unbelievers to achieve their greater goal of an Islamic state. These unbelievers 'liberal' thinking and so-called demand for democracy are just so much hogwash balderdash and when they die, they will burn for eternity in hell. But being the politician that he is, he cannot be so biadap as to reveal his true sincere thinking of these unbelievers.

      LGE, for all his 'kesombongan', 'keangkuhan', 'kekuasaan', 'ketidak sabarnya', even multiplied by two times, cannot challenge Hadi for his overbearing arrogance, lack of forbearance, back-stabbing, inability to keep his promise, incompetency, lack of foresight and most of all, his dishonesty.

      Yes, PR is now in a mess, but on the whole, thinking back, we should count our blessing that PR did not win GE13. One shudders to think what PAS under Hadi will get up to manipulate this sort of scenario. For starters, even as far back in 2008, he's already itching to betray his allies :

      I quote from one Kim Quek :

      "The unity government conspiracy first took place immediately after the 2008 elections, and specifically took place in Selangor and Perak, where secret talks were held between Umno and certain leaders in PAS to form Umno/PAS coalition state governments.
      These talks were carried out without the knowledge of PKR and DAP,
      knowing the latter would surely reject such a concept as anathema to the fundamental political ideology of Pakatan Rakyat.

      The Selangor attempt had failed because it had incurred the wrath of Nik Aziz, and the Perak attempt also failed because then PAS Perak Commissioner Ahmad Awang (now candidate for PAS Presidency) had also rejected the proposal.

      Now Hadi is obviously reviving the same concept, and it is clearly centred around PAS – Umno unity, as he has frequently emphasised the necessity to forge religious and racial unity, whenever the idea of PAS – Umno co-operation pops up, whether it is over the implementation of hudud or other issues."

    4. bro, I think there r diff btw islam n islamic. n that is y we have traditionalist, fundamentalist, modernist etc, that evolve into capitalistic, socialistic, democratic, n some remain as islamic. what u explain is regard to islam, the room n space, I believe, is there for compromising among the various islamic n muslim. sorry my knowledge is limited but I am willing to learn more. tit for tat will pull each n everyone back to the origin starting point. i cant tell if this is totally a bad thing. i think it depends on the good will of human being, be it muslim or non.

    5. Dear HY…

      More than 95% of the Turkish people are Muslim. Turkey is a modern, secular country. Their culture is closer to European culture. Muslims with skirts and slits are plenty. That’s what you want, kan.. kan.. HY?

      The West describes the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political party, Justice and Development Party (AKP) as “Moderate Islam”. But Erdogan said.. “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it." [Source: Milliyet, Turkey, 21 August 2007].

      In Brunei about 70% of the population are Muslim. Brunei is an Islamic country. There is hudud. Likewise, Islam is Islam. There is no such thing as a moderate or immoderate Islamic country. Well, Brunei is an oil rich country with oil reserves for about 600 years. Hudud? Nah.., it is not that news worthy. Wakakaka…

      There are about 2.0 billion Muslims in the world. But only 10,000 of them are Al-Qaeda; 36,000 of them are Talibans; and perhaps another 50,000 are IS. And the world said this is what Islam is - the real Islam. Well, perhaps too, that’s what you think of PAS and Hadi and the ulamaks? Am I not right, mate? Tak payah lah kita nak cerita panjang lagi. Why not we just move on, ok HY…? Wakakaka…

    6. a short one b4 we move on to kts next bs. islam is islam is precisely my point. yr assertion is purely from a islam pov. u ignore the fact that the 2b dun live a homogeneous islamic life. i keep my question short n simple, hadi has been compromised in the last 8 yrs, would that made him a bad muslim? or would that make anyone in pas a lesser muslim? i know there r valid reason for hadi n pas to do so, but to argue that their uncompromising stance today bec islam is islam is a bit inconsistent.

      wrt turkey, it is what the turks want. i want everyone to express his / her view and live a life he /she wish without fear of repercussion.

    7. didn't realize you like to follow my bs? does the odour attract you? wakakaka

    8. HY… from my training and own reading, there is a middle way. You put up with my hudud. In return you can put up your churches next to my mosques. We would agree that this country is neither a secular country nor an Islamic country for as long as the moon and the sun exist. Malaysia is Malaysia. It does not make me a bad or a lesser muslim. And I don’t think it will make you a bad or a lesser christian/atheist either. Has LGE & Hadi discussed this?

  2. In bukan Islam, a divorce proceeding pun tidak boleh dilakukan dengan tergesa-gesa atau terburu-buru. Sama sama aje there is always a cooling off period untuk perbincangan dan untuk berdamai dan diberikan masa edah untuk di rujuk semula juga.

    Pak Haji unilaterally in insisting the implementation of HUDUD despite its PR partners not supporting it is lagi sombongnya.

    In a coalition, you can propose anything but you have to respect your partners' wishes. PAS didn't even bother that its partners do not support it and just acted like a dictator, a self appointed taiko? With the least numbers of MPs?

    In the Kajang affair PAS is nothing better than DAP, while publicly pronouncing one thing and belakang mari submit something else to the Sultan! What a hypocrite! A liar!


  3. If PAS is so sombong to pass a resolution to 'divorce' DAP, PAS should either immediately leave PR or if they think they have got PKR's support, then put forward a motion in PR to expel DAP lah, why all this wayang!


    1. Money talks ma.......Just like the Pharises......Kaytee is one of them.

  4. Dei Peter… please get real lah!

    You’re still wondering what’s real and what’s jumbled reality. What’s your own rationale and justification of truth for your Kajang dream and fantasy? Konon nya pandai tetapi sebenarnya bangang dan bodoh. Hidup menyusahkan semua orang bukan hanya PAS atau Hadi?

    Who got that power of dreams and phantasms on bontot? Pun serupa jugak - hidup menyusahkan orang bukan hanya PAS atau Hadi?

    You all are actually shifting your bodoh-ness and malu-ness and evilness to PAS and Hadi. Can't you see that? Who is evil? You or Hadi?

    Hey Peter, you should try to put your otak dekat your bontot, let your pants down and let someone to sondol it. Wakakaka….

    Nak podah orang konon? Nah - podah to you too. Wakakaka again…

    1. You sound like madcap running amok, "grin" ........... really no class lah.

    2. Nah - just warming up. Warming up, no need to show class one. Wakakaka...

  5. How does PAS cut-off ties with DAP and still remain in the Selangor state government ?

    Using office-boys to pass Memos back and forth ? (No direct contact , no direct talking allowed, ya).
    Exchanging e-mails via 3rd party accounts (No direct communications allowed, ya).

    Waste of time.
    You want to do that, quit. Let BN run the state government, which may actually be Hadi's motive. Then he can have Hudud, which is more important that Anything else.

    The fig leaf being used now is that the Muktamar resolution is "Non-Binding" and the final decision to Execute still dependent on the Syura council. This is typical UMNO-style Bull-s**t.

    1. Selangor's case is not as clear cut as Penang's. PKR is the mysterious element there. PKR still wants to control Selangor notwithstanding it being the (former) Pakatan component party with the least seats. PAS is quite happy dealing with {KR as the latter is essentially (at its very core) a Malay party, a splinter of UMNO, wakakaka.

      If Pakatan in Selangor formally bubar, then we'll get 12 UMNO, 1 Khalid who's pro UMNO, 15 PAS (though 2 mentioned their preference to stick with the old Pakatan but this is still iffy), making 28 or 50% of the DUN. Don't think it'll be a hung parliament because PKR will ultimately have the deciding sway, and I can sense which way it'll go.

    2. dap kena ambil banyak melayu jadi calon. as i said earlier, don't just recruit soldiers saja.

    3. "dap kena ambil banyak melayu jadi calon. as i said earlier, don't just recruit soldiers saja."

      this.... I totally agree ! And they should act fast on this too...the way it is going is just too slow.....there's a lot of very good and credible melayu out there if dap is really really serious about this.

  6. Give a moron a space to breath, u get tons of twisted trash & pseudo-islamic thoughts!

    'In Islam, a divorce proceeding tidak boleh dilakukan dengan tergesa-gesa atau terburu-buru. There must always be a cooling off period untuk perbincangan dan untuk berdamai dan diberikan masa edah untuk di rujuk semula.'

    Then, what is a unilaterally divorce with 3 utterances of talaq? There is ALSO the modern version of SMS talaq, that some clerics have fatwa'ed!!!!

    Keep twisting lah.

    ' compromise on my faith in regard to that divine message from Allah.'

    Huduh is from Allah???? Then what did the Quran says about PURE Islamic juridictions? & DONT bring in the Hadiths - it's man-made as carved in stone by the self-preserved clerics!

    If what u REALLY want to talk about 'that divine message from Allah', then stick to the holy text, no more, no less! Unless u have a undang di belakang batu like those clerics.

    Sesak????? Indeed>

    'Who got that power of dreams and phantasms on bontot?'

    Heard about the unity government that yr tok guru, so passionates about? Not power crazy, bcoz he is 'ordained' to be the future pm of the Islamic M'sia??? Over the death /maimed bodies of thousand non-Muslim M'sians, I guess.

    Who's actually shifting the bodoh-ness and malu-ness and evilness to WHO - aint it as clear as broad daylight?

    Keep twisting & wakakaking (do learn more from kt), u need it to go through yr days of self denial.

    Bodoh sombong to the nth - BUT then, how does a melayu palsu knows about Adat Melayu championing his act of melayu terlampau melayu with fraudulent /twisted Islamic thoughts ajinamoto'ed in to add vrooms.

    1. Talak 3 - still boleh kawin semula mah... please read about 'cina buta' below... wakakaka

      There is no compulsion in religion. To you your religion and to me my religion. You have no right to say anything bad about my belief, my faith, my religion. Got it?

    2. CK, This cibai Hasan reminds me of Harris Salleh. You know who Harris is. You think he really melayu tulin........Hahahaha, even Tun Mustapha more respectable than cibai Hasan (Sorry, Hasan is just a worm. Harris Salleh)

    3. Looes mon cher... Je t'aime et Je t'aime beaucoup… quand pourrons-nous rencontrer à nouveau ? wakakaka...

    4. Hassan said:
      "Talak 3 - still boleh kawin semula mah..."
      I was told that after talak 3, your ex-wife will need to marry another man first before she can re-marry you.

    5. Guess who is the one that DONT get it!

      'There is no compulsion in religion. To you your religion and to me my religion. You have no right to say anything bad about my belief, my faith, my religion. Got it?'

      No compulsion in yr religion? Say that, again & again nth powered, to yr clerics for their branch of that religion! Too many examples to drown yr pathetic stories in mis-using this quote!

      Oooh...BTW, have I said anything BAD about Islam, which is definitely NOT yr religion!

  7. Think HADI may have a smoother path with DSAI out of the way and many of the Anwarinas in PAS brought down few notches.from the recent muktamar ..Although LKS /LGE my be an obstacle so perhaps better to sidestep them and form some direct alliance with Keadilan,helmed by Kak Wan..Who really knows what goes on in the Ulama mindsets of Hadi and his real opinion towards DSAI from an Ulama's perspective..Anwar could very well be seen as his biggest stumbling block to his very ambitious personal plan.-.among the reasons why he is talking to UMNO just to see what carrot is being dangled.

    1. Hadi has no ambitious personal plan. If 80% of PAS members want to implement hudud - how can it be a personal plan of Hadi?

      There is no carrot being dangled by anybody or any party. Hadi is not a corrupted person.He is trained in Madinah and also Al-Azhar. He does not want any bounty in this world or even in the after world. He is just doing what he believes Allah wants him to do. The rest and the divine reward(s) if any, he leaves it to Allah.

    2. " He is just doing what he believes Allah wants him to do. The rest and the divine reward(s) if any, he leaves it to Allah."

      So did Joan of Arc.....she heard God too and was just doing what she believed God wanted her to do.

      "Hadi has no ambitious personal plan."...."Hadi is not a corrupted person."......."He does not want any bounty in this world or even in the after world." This is like describing a saint living on earth.....even overtaking Mother Teresa.

      How does one knows if a politician is not corrupted ? First a thorough investigation must be done on his financial standing, the assets he had one cannot simply judge a book by its cover, one too can judge a person by his jubbah and copiah. It is certainly unfair to judge a person by not checking out the various rumours flying about him.....have anyone really check this out before declaring him super clean ?

      But personality wise, many are NOT enamoured by Hadi's twisty ways ( some would say snaky ways). Some even bluntly call him a liar. He ought to sue to clear his name. Did he ?

      Many too are not enchanted by his views of the female species and are asking what are the position of women in his party.

      To be a credible politician, he or she must be clean and seen to be clean too. And keep their words..... but not just words as actions speaks louder than words ( a cliche yes, but still relevant la ). So what lately been the actions of Hadi which had a huge percentage of his voters rising up and vowed never to vote for his party or his men again ?

      Do look at him with a more objective eye before declaring him a living saint.


    3. Hassan said:
      "Hadi has no ambitious personal plan. If 80% of PAS members want to implement hudud - how can it be a personal plan of Hadi?"
      That may be true about the 80%, but 100% of PAS member also don't want a unity gorventment with Umno. Then why are they arranging a "chanced" meeting in Ranau whereby Hadi became a part of DPM's entourage? While not speaking a word to LKS in another chanced meeting? Perhaps LKS purposely walked up to Hadi to shake his hand, implying that "I am watching".

    4. Nah, LKS is just a decent courteous man. When Dr M had his cardio-ops, LKS went to see him in hospital. I have to say Ku Li is another old-world courteous charmer, and had been one of the few UMNO pollies who took the trouble to wish LKS well on the latter's birthday

    5. Hadi was a changed man after he fell ill overseas and was given all the assistance by the PM in bringing him back. From my personal observation, there may have been something going on between the 2.