Friday, June 19, 2015

Beware of Pak Kadir Jasin bearing gifts

FMT - Kadir: Malays, Orang Asal will not fare any worse under PR

Pakatan zombie, a walking dead


Pak Kadir Jasin, a staunch supporter and unofficially a mouthpiece of Dr Mahathir has given an already dead (or walking dead) Pakatan an endorsement as an alternative government to Najib's BN. Is that logical?

But we need to observe the 3 key words in this issue, to wit, Dr Mahathir, Dr Mahathir's mouthpiece and Najib.

So, though his endorsement might sound like a sweet gift to the ears of the federal opposition, remember what Laocoon, the High Priest of Poseidon's Temple in Troy said of the wooden horse left behind by the Greeks who pretended to sail away back to Greece but had merely sailed out of sight to await nightfall before they returned to destroy Troy:

Equō nē crēdite, Teucrī! Quidquid id est, timeō Danaōs et dōna ferentīs

[Do not trust the horse, Trojans! Whatever it is, I fear the Danaans*, even when bringing gifts - sometimes shortened in English to Beware of Greeks bearing gifts]

* Greeks

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Take it from me, Pak Kadir is never for PAS, PKR or DAP. He is Dr Mahathir's matey, and allowing for his current dislike for Najib, is nonetheless still an UMNO stalwart.

So why would he ever endorse the three opposition parties as an alternative government to the UMNO-led BN. And would he have made that (as I suspect, pretend) endorsement if the now very dead Pakatan was still alive and in robust health?

I am convinced his 'Greek gift' of endorsing the already dead Pakatan has been designed to alarm UMNO leaders about the prospect of a zombie-Pakatan (wakakaka) as the next federal ruling group of parties, and thus to prod them or better still, stampede them into getting rid of Najib.

As we are only too well aware, Dr M has asserted that Najib will lead BN to a loss in GE-14, thus Pak Kadir's nectar-sweet dripping words for the ears of PAS, PKR and DAP would be like acid to those of UMNO blokes and bloke-esses, wakakaka.

There is of course another possible objective in his design, though less likely than the one above, of nurturing and fostering rankling rage, regrets and recriminations among PAS, DAP and PKR on their recent quarrell and split.

But regardless of Pak Kadir's true objective in his whispering of sweet-nothing to the ears of about an already dead Pakatan, the rankling rage, regrets and recriminations have happened, are happening and will continue in their poisonous festering for a long long while.

Oh, what will such festering rage, regrets and recriminations do to their political morale?

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts; beware of UMNO bearing gifts!


  1. I would exhort folks of bewaring chao cibai pukimak ktemoc bearing gift

  2. Let start a war n reboot the system...

    1. Yes, lets start a war. We should bring in experts such gerry adam and martin mcguiness. How a minority catholic defeated the entire uk.......

      If it can happen to yingerand, it can happen to cibai melayus like you.

      Me felt that the nons should learn to be as brutal as japs during ww2

      remember power comes from the barrel of gun.

      Of course, i will shoot kaytee first

    2. looes, the Fijians are still looking for you, you methodist trouble maker, and one having the obscene shameless effrontery to refer to Catholic fighters

  3. If you read Kadir's blog, the part about Bumis not faring worse is only a few paragraphs. There are subsequent paragraphs where he predict that after the hypothetical PR govt has bought the hearts of the bumis with sweeteners, the nons will assert themselves for greater role in the GLCs, govt policies, and he concludes that bumi's fate under PR govt will not improve from BN's...

  4. he is that brutal, would he ever ask u, or any commoners to chill out? his once support pr n provoke the chinese to oppose the umno hegemony, bec he wants the genie to stand up again from their slump, but he didnt anticipate such a mess, he is now looking forward a scapegoat. the whitemen often settle their problem by ethnic cleansing, this is in their blood.

    1. Chinamen basically too lembik. That us what happen when kaytee has 3 1/2 inches dick

    2. You’ve got a fact wrong.

      For whatever is in your mind, don’t you recognize that he has a strong secular leaning like you and is more comfortable living in your type of milieu? And yet you’re labeling him a racist and extremist just because you’re unhappy with all his writes. He is just like Ellese, you know?

      No HY… contrary to your imagination, his writes are not laced with ethnic militancy undertone. He has a good heart. He is not brutal as whom you feel would deliberately and consciously plan for an ethnic cleansing of your kind. I sincerely praise your extremist power of imagination. But the reality is that he was once one of you, and from deep inside, you have an old axe to grind indeed.

      I am just curious my dearest HY… Do you take that his readers, the Malays in particular to be total imbeciles and primitive barbarians ready to kill and plunder? And now, if in your lexicon, seeking chill outs and redresses of the many grievances, sensitivities and in-sensibilities from the government and oppositions and monarchs for the sake of peace and harmony for all our people is propagating and inciting ethnic cleansing (because this is in their blood), let it be so… what more can I say?

    3. looes74, did you measure it by the feel of your tongue when it was in your mouth, wakakaka - I'm aware your measurement (by feel, wakakaka) was out because I had then choked you somewhat, sorry my dear, wakakaka again

    4. Wakakakakakaka...

      Quote of the day - 'He is just like Ellese, you know?'

      How truthful, as the saying goes - it takes a rat to recognise a snake!

    5. Don't you know HY and Ellese are good friends since R2W days? HY never say anything bad about Ellese until today.When both of them debate on issues... wow it is really intellectually superb.

    6. Hasan is a rat. That is news. Me feel that cibai is a hybrid of snake and rat. Hasan possess those characterictics

    7. Wow... what a remarkable literary expression Looes74! Great juxtaposition of ideas. You can keep howling until it 'choked you somewhat' as per KT's literary narrative, wakakaka...wakakaka...

    8. dear hasan, tit for tat is abot retort myth with myth, n retort fact with fact. dun read my writes with serious minded all the time.

      i rarely agree with ellese, but he is consistent most of the time. petra spin, his i told u so is without solution, merely empty talk.

      by looking at the last 2 elections, i think an informal pack is much better. the so called pas progressive should either join pasma or dap if their target is urbab voter. pas shall concentrate in ktan, tganu, kdah n plis. 1 country 3 system : islamic, secular n east msia. ellese would definitely oppose wakaka.

      my stance is to oppose current pas leadership, my reason could be difference. i have a problem to understand what many pas current leader comment n rhetoric, for eg "tahaluf siyasi' built by PR was not just to win elections.....if that is the case, walk the talk. i would only give my vote to one who want to win election and become the govt.

  5. You are absolutely right. I am Malaysian Chinese, 25% of the population without any power or guns now will never control Malaysia because 65% of the population will
    never concede political power.
    Frankly Malaysian Chinese must never be Prime Minister because you are inheriting
    many Many problems.
    Good luck to the next government & must be headed by Malay Muslims.

    1. demographics alone will prevent any Chinese from ever becoming PM, full stop

    2. And the blacks in usa only got 10%. Fucking defeatist kaytee. See why sometimes we should reenact guilotine to hang rpk and folks like kaytee

      Guys and gals,
      Again the troubles in northern ireland has taught me, it is time for the nons to stand up for their rights in whatever means.
      The perpetual fear perpetuated by kaytee is irrelevant as throughout history, trouble purges have been executed on nons including chinese. The spaniards in pinoy. The dutch in batavia. People will only respect you when martin mcguiness like leaders stood up against the mighty britain
      Gloves are off. Time to play chicken game. Brooke with small army threaten brunei led by hasan like sultan and won. How many white men in sarawak

    3. ‘demographics alone will prevent any Chinese from ever becoming PM, full stop’

      Wakakakakaka…sigh…sound so much like yr sifu’s take;

      One is trying hard to use numerical rabbit birth as a hard-on while the other champions the meruah bangsa with ketuanan blow-job!

      What a pair, indeed.

      Why don’t u guy stick to the obvious fact from of this hidden gem;

      ‘Di Malaysia ada masaalah orang Melayu. penipuan oleh orang Melayu tidak mengapa. Kita boleh maafkan. Sebab pelaku salah bangsa kita orang Melayu. Kalau orang Melayu buat, maka pulak tu, lagi tidak mengapa.

      Macamlah dalam Malaysia ini, orang yang Melayu itu hanya orang yang mengketua.

      Tidak mengapa dia buat salah- dia orang melayu.’

      Does it sound CLEAR, as against both yr backdrop of argument?

      & please don’t tag this as racist!

      Racist? or are you just way too mired in your illusory racial pride that you cannot see that it is YOU who needs to start ADMITTING to the faults of your leaders and all those who support them in their racist vitriol?

      Do remember, the pride (wounded) before all falls!

      BTW, both of u r oblivious to the fact that many Melayus, especially the urban one, have out-grow this ketuanan shit. They realize that it’s BETTER to live in an idealized, prosperous & harmony M’sia than what the current cesspool that M’sians r swimming in.

      Know WHAT causes the current cesspool; that M’sia is been surrounded?

      Ketuanan doesn’t buy you peace & uplift the standard of the lowest 40%. In fact ketaunan DEMANDS that such group exists as a constant reminder for its preeminent existence.

      This is against all human decency & religious believes!

      Tell that to those maruah shouters & feudalistic blur-sotongs in this month of soul reflection.

    4. CK,
      Seriously, we need guilotine to behead these ancient regime such as RPK and kaytee. Send them to guilotine. By the way, that chao cibai kaytee is an atheist. Expandable in Malaysia context

    5. looes74 is a methodist agitator who is loyal to Kuomintang Party China (now Taiwan). He is wanted by Fijian authorities for seditious activities

  6. Shoot Hadi to kill Azmin? Brilliant Chinese?

    "This [That] is against all human decency & religious believes!"

    Okay CK...

    "[I will] Tell that to those maruah shouters & feudalistic blur-sotongs in this month of soul reflection."

    1. Perhaps yr human decency & religious believes r a class of their own, after all u r an Islamic deviant.

      With a snake tongue like yrs, DO remember to spice up the tale!

      While u r at it, DO ponder to yr judgement day's punishment - evil intention & fitnah done on the month of Ramadhan carry double wammpy...wakakakakaka....sigh.

      But then in yr deviant understanding, evil intention & fitnah r ALLOWED,


    2. It is a good Sunday morning and today I have an invitation for buka puasa. Thank you God. Amen.

      CK - I would like to pass down to you two pearls that I have received from Samuel Adams and Cat Stevens.

      “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless MINORITY keen to set brush fires in people's mind.”

      “I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will prevail. I'm an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the end of the story, you get to see the good people live happily ever after.”

      Have a good wonderful Sunday… CK.

      Oh I almost forgot... please read KT's recent posting "Wasting Precious Pearls" again...wakakaka.

    3. When you see a Hasan and snake, who do you kill?

      Fuck! Even the poles revolted especially at one point of time, their country was obliterated

  7. Beware of Ulama bearing gifts.

    1. I am extremely happy when PAP has given Tunku the middle finger by winning all the melayu seats in Singapore. Even Johor is itching to be a protectorate of singapore. Wanna bet? Hahahahaha