Monday, June 01, 2015

Conspicuous by his silence (2)

Are you still in Svartalfheim?

How about moving your bl**dy 6 o'clock on the matter of Chinese sinseh being unfairly disadvantaged by your lil' Napoleons?

just place the herbs in a bottle of xxx-brand Chinese wine which you can get from the many 'wines & spirits' shops in Selangor 


  1. Fuck you la chao cibai kaytee........What the fuck you are going to say about Najib and Rosmah

    Isn't that Bushite attitude?

    But then I bet that chao cibai kaytee would bring up collective accountability

    What about accountability? What happen to 42 Billion mess?

    1. why don't you ask najib himself or for that matter, PAC - wakakaka, you chao cibai

  2. Fully agree on Azmin Ali having to address the sudden and arbitrary ban on Chinese Medicine Shops selling liquor, after all they have valid liquor retail licences.

    I need to remind Najib Ars*****er of his conspicuous silence on far more serious Najib maladministration as well as heavy handed Federal Government Napolean actions under Najib as their head.

    1. wakakaka, it's not my job to entertain you and your desired posts. Why don't you start your own blog and post whatever fancies you, wakakaka again

    2. It is your job in defending rosmag and Najib

    3. aisehman, cibai looes is so FIXATED/OBSESSED with Rosmah, wakakaka

    4. Defending Rosmah and Najib ? fear...there's so many out there doing it overtime. even went to the extent of declaring that Najib's elegant silence, which actually turned into stubborn silence, is, GET THIS, because he's taking a leaf out of Dr M's book....i.e letting his critics exhaust themselves silly by hurling all sorts of baseless accusations ( giving them enough ropes, so to speak ) and then very suavely and coolly slay them all in the end with 'proofs' to show that his critics are all damn wrong and he is right all along and have integrity !

      Oh....what a relief this is...finally someone is able to put it so brilliantly why our PM is so senyap, almost like he's the invisible man.....he's deadly quiet when Umno 'boys' came out to force a church to bring down their cross....he's also deadly quiet when Perkasa and Isma threatened to burn the bibles and to re define the 'pendatangs' as fact, he's deathly quiet in most things, until he was asked to step down...only now he's stirred to life and have, as Tunku Aziz waxed lyrical yesterday....such 'firm and decisive' leadership ! My many out there really love our PM to death ! Now that he has decided to open his mouth, let's probe him to explain why he first said there's was brought back and deposited in Singapore bank....then much later his men 'clarified' that it was actually not cash but 'assets' and then months later...these became 'units'. Curiouser and curiouser......

      Talking about's a light moment :

      Rumour at Zoo Negara !
      The two pandas are upset and are now planning to go back to China since the other animals, especially the stupid monkeys in the zoo are calling them PANDAtang China. lame and yet so funny !

    5. According to Kaytee's logic, if Najib is NOT accountable to Altantuya's death as there are so many layers between Najib and Azilah, guess which exco in charge of local government.

      Sometimes I do wonder what is cibai kaytee connection with Najib. To the extent of destroying DAP. In this case.........hahahahaha

      Just as kaytee's blind hatred towards anything, likewise for wee wee boy

      But then at least I understand why wee wee boy hated LKS and LGE. Ask Teng Chang Khim.........Whooops! Isn't he in charge of local government in selangor?

      Wonder why Tian Chua so brazen in claiming perak seats........

      DAP version of ktemoc......that hated karpal singh, lim kit siang and chen man hin

    6. Just like your modus operandi towards anwar ibrahim. Likewise by wee wee boy who caught with his pants down

      "......Apart from wanting to "knock" me out and "finishing off" Lim Guan Eng, the KOKS leaders are not bothered one jot whether their baseless and destructive public attacks on the DAP leadership could destroy what so many Party leaders, members and supporters had built up in 32 years with their blood, sweat and tears......"

      Sound familiar kaytee

  3. Just to demonstrate that cibai kaytee's habits of bringing ancient history........

    What we should do with Tunku and his crime? Again 20 years later from 1969, LKS and his pary supported ku li, tunku and the gang

    ".......The ordinary people of Malaysia, the workers, the hawkers, the petty businessmen, the labourers, are all heading for a shock when Tun Tan Siew Sin presents his next budget, because no one, apart from the rich, the privileged and the capitalists, will be spared from increased taxes and heavier financial burden

    The people must not be misled by Tun Tan Siew Sin’s ‘painless’ budget last month, and the DAP will continue to expose the humbug and trickery of Tun Tan Siew Sin’s 1969 General Elections Budget.

    While in Europe shopping for jet-fighters. Tunku Abdul Rahman was also shopping for an executive jet, costing $30 million for his personal use......" that why najib feeling justified to spend 25 millions on jet refurbishment?

    Fuck you Kaytee, Fuck Fuck you kaytee

    " Mr KT Mok, With all due sincerity, on behalf of all the netizens with sane mind, can you please shut the fuck up. Time to prosecute najib and rosmah instead....."

  4. Haahahahaha......cibai kaytee says that australian voters are far more superior.......hahahahaha! Fuck you kaytee, fuck fuck you kaytee......

    Kaytee...........This is extremely funny.

    Do you fuckingly think that Barnaby be sacked? much aussie superiority.......Hahahaha

    Shut up, kaytee! You are such a wanker! Hahahaha!