Saturday, June 06, 2015

The ultimate cake

Have you heard of the English idiom which says "have your cake and eat it (too)"? Usually there is the negative 'can't' in front of it as in "can't have your cake and eat it (too)".

It may sound a bit confusing because you may wonder why you can't eat the cake when you have it.

Well, English idioms are like that, and what do I mean by it?

The Dictionary tells us that an idiom is "an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, as kick the bucket."

I hope you know what 'kick the bucket' means, wakakaka.

Anyway, the idiom "have your cake and eat it (too)" has been one of the most confusing, but basically it means "to have or do two good things at the same same that are impossible".

An example would be that if one wants more government services (eg. improved welfare, better roads, extensive library services, superduper defence like the one Singapore is having - I'm jealous of the last) then one mustn't expect to pay less taxes.

In other words, if you want 'kaa-liu' (extra yummy ingredients) in your char koay teow, eg. extra cockles and siput-lala, 2 duck eggs, extra large prawns and sausages, you have to pay more, not less.

That's why Australians in general are taxed through their noses to provide for social services, dole, youth allowance, etc, and which conservative parties like the Liberal-National Coalition, allegedly the party of the wealthy and affluent, wants to change.

The same problem, indeed of a more acute nature, exists in the USA where the Republican Party, of a far more conservative bent than the Aussie Coalition, believes in what has been jokingly referred to as the law of the jungle, wakakaka, where the socio-economic rule of survival of the fittest exists. Rich people don't believe in paying taxes to be then used for social welfare programs for the poor or poorer.

Anyway, back to "have your cake and eat it (too)", which bring us to a TMI news report that Motion to cut ties with DAP without debate sparks anger in PAS muktamar. Extracts of the report are as follows:

The final day of PAS's 61st annual congress began on a heated note this morning when delegates protested against the muktamar's decision‎ to accept a motion to sever ties with DAP and yet remain in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) without debate.

In announcing the motion, PAS information chief Datuk Mahfuz‎ Omar told delegates that it was a "sensitive" issue, but defended the decision not to debate it on the grounds that several top leaders had agreed to it.

‎This prompted Rembau delegate Mohammad Faiz Fadzil to question why such an important motion was passed without debate.

"Why can't we debate this sensitive‎ issue, especially since it involves PAS's direction? How are we to answer our members?" said Faiz, who is the son of former PAS president Datuk Fadzil Noor.

"We can't just divorce them, yet remain under the same roof. This is a lopsided coalition."

"Why did Datuk Mahfuz say this is a sensitive motion? If you're brave enough to raise this motion,‎ let the delegates debate it and explain what you mean by 'sensitive'."

A delegate from Kota Raja also stood up to remind the top leadership seated on the stage not to take the matter lightly.

"We have rights in the muktamar. Decisions made in the muktamar should be discussed in the muktamar, not in WhatsApp of Facebook," said the delegate.

‎"Those in Selangor know how important the tahaluf siyasi (political cooperation) is. Don't take it lightly."‎

Mahfuz rose and said his remark about "sensitivity" was in reference to the consequences the motion would have on Pakatan Rakyat-led states.‎

"I am only carrying out my duties. We may lose our positions, but we must be steadfast in our battles and trust in Allah, even though we will be alone once again,"‎ said Mahfuz.

I see the key phrases as being tahaluf siyasi (political cooperation) and Mahfuz Omar's statement that his remark about "sensitivity" was in reference to the consequences the motion would have on Pakatan Rakyat-led states.‎

That has been why Pak Haji Hadi Awang still wants to remain in Pakatan.

And I'm sure Mohammad Faiz Fadzil, despite his rhetoric query of "We can't just divorce them, yet remain under the same roof. This is a lopsided coalition" knows exactly what his party president and some of the ulamas have in mind.

The attraction for PAS in non-Muslims especially the Chinese is the potential of these nons' support for PAS in the next general election in some 60 over federal constituencies where Chinese voters are seen to have a deciding influence. PAS has already enjoyed the jolly delicious taste of those nons' support in 2008 and to a lesser extent in 2013, the latter being due to the disappointing performance of the PAS state government in Kedah.

Mind, I'm not sure whether the support of the nons' would be considered as halal or not, wakakaka.

Anyway, PAS should thank Dr M and his alleged preference for such 'mixed' constituencies, wakakaka. 

It has been none other than Umno's Ismail Sabri Yaakob, a party Supreme Council member and Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, who alleged that Dr M had instructed the redelineation of electoral boundaries to turn Malay-majority constituencies into mixed-community constituencies. Then, the majority of the nons had favoured BN, but now (since 2008) they have 'belakang pusing' to favour PR candidates. PAS hopes to cash in on their 'belakang pusing'.

The EC Commissioner had rejected Ismail Sabri's allegation, and while I don't believe Ismail Sabri much, I believe the EC Commissioner even less, wakakaka.

If Ismail Sabri's allegation has been true, than perhaps Dr M, in his several virulent accusations of Chinese for pretentious king-making aspirations and 'screwing up' the results of the last 2 general elections for UMNO, might have been having regrets of sorts, wakakaka - oh, those bloody Chinamen, apa lagi mereka mahu, wakakaka again.

But if you note, Pak Haji has frequently made efforts to separate his hostilities with DAP from his oft mentioned goodwill with the Chinese in general, indeed even in the midst of his discord with DAP over hudud.

PAS (Pak Haji) somehow believes the pretty much layback Chinese (one sweetie told me I have been far too layback, wakakaka, oh how I love her so) are generally tolerant of other religions and thus would be receptive or at least tolerant of PAS' hudud implementation.

In fact just 3 days ago, the Malay Mail Online reported that in Gombak:

The newly-elected deputy chief of PAS’s Ulama wing today blamed the spread of Christianity among the Chinese for the alleged increase in opposition from those in the community towards Islam and its laws.

Datuk Dr Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh claimed the Chinese were not that hostile towards Islam when they were still Buddhists, compared to when they embraced Christianity, a religion that he said fears Islam’s advances in the public sphere.

“There is a new wave happening. The wave of Chinese who were Buddhists leaving their religion and embracing Christianity,” Nik Zawawi said today in the wing’s muktamar, or annual congress.

“This situation has changed after some of them converted into Christianity. This religion is a missionary religion, which has always clashed with Islam for ages.”

Nik Zawawi claimed that the situation was very different a decade ago when non-Muslim politicians, including those in the DAP, did not oppose the implementation of Islamic laws in Kelantan.

“This is not just happening in DAP, but also in MCA, Gerakan and other Chinese groups. That is why we see, those who have left into [Christianity], their actions are different from those who stayed in Buddhism. They could take it and did not attack the struggle and faith of Islam before,” he said.

According to Wikipedia the religions of Chinese Malaysians by percentage are as per the following chart (from Wiki):

Religions of Chinese Malaysians
Taoism / Chinese folk religion
Other religions
Atheism / Unknown

Bloody what-the-neraka!!! It's outrageous I'm among only 0.95%? Wakakaka.

But c'mon lah, Dr Nik Muhammad Zawawi. much as I love to whack looes74, who's a Methodist and afraid of going to Fiji wakakaka, more than 80% of Chinese Malaysians are still disciples of Siddharta Gautama so you needn't fret too much about the Christians (except for looes74, wakakaka).

But what's all these hullaballoo about?

Namely: The grand prize, the cake so to speak, of Putrajaya, with of course PAS as the biggest PR party (with that juicy 60 plus federal seats if Ah Chong and Ah Mooi sokong lah) in charge or in dominance of the new ruling coalition, and consequently and subsequently the eventual completion of the Islamization program PAS has in mind for Malaysia. That's when Inshaallah becomes Alhamdulillah.

Ooooo, very munchie & my fave

But my dearest Pak Haji, much as Chinese Buddhists, Taoists and of other non-Christian and non-Abrahamic religions are well layback in terms of religion, I believe the idea of them wanting to live under an Islamic state with hudud as the penal code may be a bridge too far even for their known tolerance for matters religious.

Pak Haji, let me say this, you just want to have your cake and eat it too, wakakaka.

I had my cake and ate it too
so eat your cake heart out Pak Haji



  1. Here is a better case of having the cakes & eat it – iff u care to think behind that batu;

    by none other than yr sifu!

    Always target the Chinese M’sian – the easy kambing hitam!!!!

    Nothing else to blame, shot, for whatsoever happened to these pampered weaklings, via years of indoctrination!

    BTW, yr frustrated curmudgeon sifu is playing 1MDB boondoggles diversion using Chinese M'sian as the ultimate racial tool, what r u having in mind?

    Using the Chinese M'sian's fear of huduh as the other ultimate religious multi-plays for that 1MDB diversion????

    The irony is most of the ketuanan kaki is buying them stories, lock, stock & barrel to the till, for their inherent inferiority complex!

    KT....kt...Wakakakakaka...what r u trying to gain...sigh

    1. what am I trying to gain?

      You're quite reckless in your insinuation but I'll be blogging soon on such reckless insinuations or baseless accusations so keep an eye for my post to come, wakakaka

    2. Kaytee ancestor house in ayer itam would shoot up to 100 million.........hahahaha

    3. gain nothing, just that kt know petra like one that willing to kiss his ass, moreove petra is now threatening the chinese citing indon n 513, we chinese better quick quick q up to kiss his ass wakaka.

      btw no matter how petra spin chinese this chinese that, everyone know it's a bugis vs non bugis war, n the bugis is losing their edge wakaka.

    4. wow HY, didn't know you so into ass kissing? wakakaka

    5. HY… why are you so emotional, my friend? Why are you encouraging Bugis v Non Bugis rivalries? You said the Bugis is losing their edge? Not so fast HY in arriving to that conclusion.

      RPK is a Bugis. Hadi is a Bugis. PM Najib is a Bugis. Hisham is a Bugis. The Sultans of Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Perak are Bugis. The principles of supporting each other, encouraging each other, loving each other and reminding each other are still holding firmly and used as the philosophy of Bugis life.

      Raja Haji bin Daeng Celak (who died in Teluk Ketapang, Melaka, fighting the Dutch), and his grandson Raja Ali Haji bin Raja Ahmad (Bapak Kesusastraan Melayu) are honoured by the Indonesians as Pahlawan Negara (National Hero).

      The 18th Century is known as the age of the Bugis. Their reputations as pirates (lanuns) are without foundation. Indeed, the Bugis are among the most hospitable and amicable people. They have high sense of honour, and bravery with love.

    6. bro hasan, possibly a correction re NS royalty being bugis - aren't they minangkabau?

    7. Yes you're right. I was thinking Yamtuan Besar Raja Malewar was from Daeng Kemboja bloodline. Much appreciate your correction. Thanks yea.. KT.

    8. dear hasan, i am not writing in an emotional way, however i sometimes incline toward a tit for tat approch. though kt's blog is not the best platform. rpk often use race as bait, n amazigly our pm oso play up the same tactic. i dun expect u to be a mind reader, but it is quite apparent i am being sarcastic.

    9. wakakaka, I find it funny, in fact amusing that people who are pissed off with RPK would prefer to spew their bile here at my blog instead of directly at Malaysia-Today.

      I am even more amused when they referred to RPK as my sifu. I don't mind that incorrect description of my relationship with RPK (as mentioned I find it quite amusing) as I have a lot to learn about blogging from him - besides I consider him as a friend - so it's okay even if the relationship description has been wrong or as I have put, an unsubstantiated and reckless accusation, wakakaka

      Likewise with the several or rather numerous accusations that I have been "soft" on Najib and Rosmah, wakakaka. Am I also "soft" on LGE and Betty? wakakaka

    10. Has not it been said, again & again, that perception is EVERYTHING????

      1st - crossed-referencing an article from MT in commenting in yr blog doesnt mean a thing about pissed off with RPK & would prefer to spew their bile here at yr blog instead of directly at Malaysia-Today.

      u, as always, trying VERY hard to give yrself credit!

      as a factory-lied blogger, havent u done a cross-referencing by some others before to get yr points through????

      tsk....tsk.... how come so small minded when yr sour-point is been hit?? (quite do some more wakakakaking to ease that bruised ego, hahahaha...sigh)

      2nd, if I'm doing u an unsubstantiated and reckless accusation, prove me death wrong lah by doing yr rebuttal as in yr Jews-hitting biblical takes lah. Them kt-lised canonical stories do made a good insomnia cures!

      Now - back to perception. Need not say more than what u, subconsciously wrote, 'I have been "soft" on Najib and Rosmah, wakakaka. Am I also "soft" on LGE and Betty? wakakaka'

      Aint this a negative-loop argument that is been used by some detractors to hide their open 'BAD' perception?

      BTW, do think seriously about WHY that perception of yr ahjibgor ass-licking comes about in the 1st place.

      After all perception being perception - is ALL about subtle moves/words, yes????

      Yr sifu (now that u have admitted) didnt do a very good job here, BUT could u????

    11. wakakaka

      where did I admit RPK is my sifu? all I said was: I don't mind that incorrect description of my relationship with RPK (as mentioned I find it quite amusing) as I have a lot to learn about blogging from him - besides I consider him as a friend - so it's okay even if the relationship description has been wrong or as I have put, an unsubstantiated and reckless accusation, wakakaka

      that's how you've twisted it.

      "subconsciously wrote, 'I have been "soft" on Najib and Rosmah". Where?

      Again, what I had written (still above available for cross-checking) was the: ... numerous accusations that I have been "soft" on Najib and Rosmah, wakakaka. Am I also "soft" on LGE and Betty? wakakaka

      agains, you've shamelessly twisted it. But I ask again: Am I also "soft" on LGE and Betty? wakakaka

    12. Keep wakakaking lah. u do need it!

      Where is the answer to my questions? Perhaps u had a hand in this;

      Same pattern of treating simple questions with nonsensical replies!

      Ooop..I'm cross-referencing again? Must do it in MI. 10k apologies...sigh..

      R u trying to play semantic ehhh?

      Let see - when u learn something from someone, isnt that one yr sifu? Even if u did it in plagiarized manner!

      So...this one settled. OK?

      About that Ahjibgor negative-loop play, even if I include 'numerous accusations' the target to the vein is still the same - perception, perception to yr ass-licking with that couple. No????

      So who's twisting NOW????? Shame???

    13. wakakaka, you haven't added anything new to rebut my take on you as nothing more than a fact-twister. But I can see you continue to accuse me recklessly and also abuse me of what you're probably guilty of, an asslicker, wakakaka again

  2. ,The opposition keeps harping on poor Jibby and his baby 1MDB.With Umnoputras joining in the fray,Jibby is being hounded 60 seconds an hour,24 hours a day,Non stop,365 or 366 days on a leap year.Not giving poor Jibby room,even to go to the restroom.

    The most vocal from the PR is Tony Pua of the DAP.He,of all persons should have kept his mouth shut like a tight ass.But no,everyday he is in the news about 1MDB this and that,damning Jibby left,right and certer,if he do or if he don't.

    This stupid fool has forgotten that he is a member of the PAC.And the PAC is investigating Jibby and 1 MDB at Jibby's asking.And members of the PAC are suppose to be neutral,like a jurist or judge in a courthouse.Is this fool going to scream guilty,irrespective of the findings.

    What if Jibby is proven guilty? Public perception is that this dude is bias.
    What if Jibby is proven innocent above reasonable doubt?.Well,this stupid fool of a politician cannot eat and have the whole cake as well.

    Now,this fool have painted himself into a corner.It will be like he is damning himself to do or don't do.

    1. I've been disappointed with Tony Pua since he participated in and promoted the PKR's Kajang Rancid Satay, and worse, virtually begged for a deputy speaker position from Azmin who I must say I am glad refused his request. WTF could an appointment of deputy speaker for DAP do for the rakyat? An exco appointment where the member can serve the rakyat should be the minimum request, also considering DAP has 15 ADUNs to support a PR state government. But I was brought to tears by TP's poor leadership

    2. Hahahahaha.........we shall appoint cibai kaytee as DAP advisor. And bring DAP to najib's camp.

      Rosmah can continue shopping

  3. An ulamak tsunami said Jocelinel Tan? As I have said before - Hadi knows what he is doing.

    On the issue i.e. to sever relationship with DAP but to be still with PR – itu hanya lah satu usulan sahaja – bukan satu keputusan. Masih banyak proses yang mesti di lalui. LGE/DAP is already jumping macam cacing kepanasan. Wakakaka…

    KT said that Ah Chong and Ah Mooi perhaps better beware of “consequently and subsequently the eventual completion of the Islamization program PAS has in mind for Malaysia”.

    But c’mon lah KT, tell us who initiated the Islamic Banking/Finance in Malaysia? Who introduced Undang-undang Islam courses in the universities? Who introduced Syariah Courts in Malaysia? What about Radio IKIM? TV Al-Hijrah? What about the Azan on the electronic media? What about saying of prayers before commencement of work in the office? And many others lah..? Are those from PAS/Hadi?

    I have mentioned before, Hadi/PAS would not leave PR. The crux of the issue is just about hudud in what is basically a secular country. As I see it - it is BN dulu, kini dan selama-lama nya. Be it BR1M, 1MDB, GST, bla bla bla.. Wakakaka…

    So, Hadi can eat his cake and have it in digested form. After all, it is only a piece from a whole cake. Logically, Hadi can still keep possession over the uneaten portion of the cake, can’t he?

    OTOH, the ultimate grand prize cake is still baking in the oven. It is not even half-baked yet. And did I hear KT said Alhamdulillah?

    1. whether PAS is in or out of PR, Pak Haji in his persistent push for hudud implementation has already guaranteed another BN government after GE-14!

  4. the non muslim cake would only weaken the ulama faction. i think hadi wan the umno cake. go meet whoever he wan la. i think dap did the right thing this round. stand firm.

    1. wah HY you surprise me - I thought u would hv been sympathetic to Pak Haji, wakakaka

    2. If what HY said is predictable then why did at PAS Muktamar:

      (1) Mahfuz Omar said, "I am only carrying out my duties. We may lose our positions, but we must be steadfast in our battles and trust in Allah, even though we will be alone once again.” ?; and

      (2) Mohd Syakirin Hussein said, "Islam doesn't teach us to fight because of Umno, but to fight for Allah.” ?


  5. Pas will be gone
    Next GE the party will see
    Marching backwards
    The cake has turned stale

    This time Pas whacked DAP
    In Selangor crisis Pas hit PKR
    Now Pas want to soothe the other races
    The fangs have been seen no chance to hide

    The political religion
    It always breeds the knowing it all
    The years of ruling Kelantan
    The backwards the State becomes

    Alone Pas can't smell Putrajaya
    Even if they want to bed with Amno baru
    The fencing wall will be erected
    Who want to forget about Brutus?

    Pakatan Rakyat will change
    It is no use to keep a partner
    Every way the sabotage begins
    It is better to let him go

    1. Almost every line hits the spot ! haha..."The fangs have been seen no chance to hide"....nicely put.

      Hadi certainly don't know the Chinese enough to even have the bodoh-ness to try to woo the Buddhist Chinese at this point in time, whom he said would be amiable to Hudud compared to the Christian Chinese ! Whether Buddhist ke, Christian ke or Atheist ke...the Chinese would run far far away from Hudud ! Did he not know this simple fact ? Let's hope he continues in his 'blur-sotong-ness' ( this is actually a new, very apt phrasing...I simply have to adopt this :) )

      Is PKR also blur-sotong or just stubbornly displaying bodoh-ness by insisting on being the peacemaker to bring back together again what was broken beyond repair ? Can't they see that huge writing on the wall ?

      TMI reported that it was just a coincidence that Hadi was seen with our DPM in Sabah but as expected, they were immediately assailed with all sorts of comments, with many calling them 'plotters' wasting no time to hatch new plans. Many also said if God did not send in the quakes at just the right moment, none would be the wiser about these two 'plotters' secret, these people are as bad as the PAS boys for claiming that God send in the flood in Kelantan because of the Hudud no show ! Tit for tat..... Poor LKS, having to run into Hadi there too...must be damn awkward, thus not a word was exchanged it seemed.

  6. In Malaysia, a large chunk of tax funds goes not into more government services eg. improved welfare, better roads, extensive library services, defence , BUT into massively inflated project cost which go to line the pockets of Crony putras.

    Mahathir was a major practitioner of this process, continued by Dollah, and perfected by Najib.

    IF we had good and ethical governance in Malaysia, it is definitely possible to EITHER

    a) Maintain current services and development with reduced taxes.
    b) Improve current services and development without or with minimal increase in taxes.

    GST allows the Crony-putras to have their cake and eat it.
    Continue and grow the Crony-capitalist system in the face of tightening revenue from the Petroleum sector.