Thursday, June 11, 2015

The New Tai Chi Master

Recall my post The Tai Chi Master in which I penned:

Okay, so with wushu 101 out of the way, let me ask you:

Has Najib ‘taichi-ed’ both Mahathir and Anwar in approving a RCI on the Sabah illegal immigrants?

Was Mahathir too ‘shaolin’ in arguing the RCI would not be useful?

Has Anwar in stating he was not involved in the Sabahan ‘Project IC’, floated like a butterfly and hoped to sting like a bee? Wakakaka.

Of the three questions above, I believe I've already answered the second and third, wakakaka.

What about the first question then, that of Najib ‘taichi-ing’ both Mahathir and Anwar by approving a RCI on the Sabah illegal immigrants?

Wakakaka, Najib a Taichi Master? [...]

Maybe Najib is indeed a sneaky political Tai Chi expert who has Tai-Chi-ed both Mahathir and Anwar kau kau, wakakaka!

I believe Najib has once again taichi-ed Pakatan if you read Lim Kit Siang pronouncing the death of Pakatan.

In this sense I suppose Najib can be recognized for doing something which Dr Mahathir had been incapable of doing, perhaps with a wee bit of "divine" help, wakakaka.

Does this confer on Ah Jib Gor the title of The NEW Tai Chi Master, wakakaka.


  1. Najib's trawler's net has caught the opposition and Mahathir's gang,hook,line,sinker and the kitchen sink plus toilet included as a bonus.If GE is held tomorrow,next week or two years from now,Najib and of course Fat Mama will be standing over the floored PR's leaders faces.

    1. And that cibai kaytee would be coming home to collect the pay cheque. And had face massage from rosmah.

      Geez, isnt it good to be born with right pedigree. Now i know why kaytee is atheist.

      Well evil always win.

  2. Not many know how v very heartbroken Najib was when he couldn't take back Selangor all these years. As a final ditch, he really put his all into the last GE to bring back the jewel in the crown and yet again, he was humiliated again. Adoi....the agony of defeat !

    But with Tok Guru Nik Aziz gone, Najib could now smell victory, or thought he could smell victory with the Hadi who even as far back in 2008 had been having secret talks with Umno. It is all about the right timing and the right price.

    But let's wait and see......there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip. Who could for see 1MDB blowing into Najib's face ?

    Here's from one blogger ...." As we speak, Hadi Awang is rushing against time, openly meeting with UMNO leaders asking for money to buy assemblymen from PKR and DAP in a plan to snatch the Selangor government. With UMNO’s 12 seats and PAS’s 13 seats (assuming the 2 PAS assemblymen are still loyal to PKR-DAP), they just need another 4 frogs for a simple majority."


    1. I suspect Khaldi Ibrahim will be with them, wakakaka


  3. The Tai Chi master
    He holds the virtue of right principles
    Of the Confusion mantra
    Do the good in his life

    The best friend turned crook
    He was lured to power, fame and money
    He didn't care of what he had learned
    The principles of goodness drowned on him

    Basically once you sold your soul
    You could have the power game
    For a while letting a belief glow
    In time it will fall like deck of cards

    Najib basically has the power
    A temporary hold but he will not last long
    The sense of directions he put it wrong
    He can only show his bravery in his mirror

    Come on stage to box
    He will run away as fast as he can
    He doesn't have the gumption to face opponents
    His PR team will write the flowery moves

    Anwar in Bamboo River
    Check-mated on sodomy 2
    The issue still debatable
    The script sounds familiar

    The Old Man says retired
    He is still active in many moves
    The master strategist still draws the crowd
    Najib's Tai Chi will fall into hay

    Najib's Tai Chi falls into trapping of power and money
    In it the noble values he has forgotten....
    The deck of cards will fall eventually
    For power and money is just temporary

  4. The political clown is at it again.He had already spoken out loud.Azmin /PKR can only choose one spouse.It has to be either DAP or PAS.

    Well,I hope that PAS will stay put and see what that political clown Tony Pua will do.Take the DAP out of the Selangor gomen?Do this big mouth really have real big 'monsterballs'?

  5. JJ.. what? Hadi is asking money from UMNO to buy frogs? Wakakaka… Don’t be so paranoid lah. To me it is just another brick on the wall. Wakakaka…

    Bruno.. that TP should go back to Batu Pahat and helps to manage his father’s business.. eh meh? Likewise, I would also nasihat LKS and LGE that they should also go back to Batu Pahat. Perhaps, all of them can pahat or chisel another perigi Batu Pahat from the rocks of Pulau Sial Lu. Wakakaka…

    Please read here -

    1. Hasan....baca lah dgn teliti...not me saying but one blogger by the name of financetwitter. Me paranoid ? More like you're the one who's on the boil as far as your adored Hadi is concerned.

    2. And you seriously think that cibai hasan supportive of hadi or pas? once become worthless, it would be thrown away like used.

      Just as what najib or rosmah do to cibai kaytee

    3. in any relationship, there are phases...sometime on, sometime off. Nowadays, hadi, rpk, najib, muhyiddin ( ?), hasan (hehe) are all in one happy camp :) They are currently sleeping on one big bed, sharing the same pillow, dreaming almost the same dream....Selangor back in fold at long last, with Khalid back in the saddle, his faithful personal assistant in tow ( btw....did she pay back that golden million ringgit handshake gift ? ), hadi dreaming also the same thing, but his main mimpi is hudud in Kelantan and maybe even Selangor ? (wakakaka). For Najib, he thinks this winning back of Selangor will shut up all the noises coming from one olde man once and for all.

    4. Helloo JJ/looes - I have already move on to a new topic lah! Remember what Churchill said? When you are walking through hell, move on. Wakakaka...

  6. Therefore we must support dr m this time, so that hasan and kaytee die cock stand

  7. This is really news........while cibai hasan does nothing for his kind.........hahahahaha