Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Syariah affected non-Muslim, hudud expected more so!

Before and after: Photos posted on Suzanna G.L. Tan’s Facebook page showing her original attire (left) and the sarong she was asked to wear at the JPJ office.
Star Online photo

The Malay Mail Online - Can sue RTD for refusing service over dressing, lawyers say

Former Sessions Court judge Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin said the RTD, which prohibits visitors from wearing skirt lengths above the knee, shorts or sleeveless shirts at its offices, has no business imposing the Islamic dress code on the public.

“It’s illegal and can be challenged in court,” Noor Farida told Malay Mail Online.

“They can only do so if it is provided for under their governing Act, which is the Road Transport Act.

“The JPJ should confine itself to undertaking its role and functions as mandated by the Road Transport Act and not arrogate to itself the function of moral policing,” added Noor Farida, who is also a member of G25, a group of Malay former high-ranking civil servants fighting for moderation.

This would be how it will start, with lil' Napoleons shafting Islamic requirements down the throats of non-Muslims bit by bit, and long before we know it, we'll all be dhimmis.

Dr M has a lot to answer for his 929 and 617 Declarations, when he announced Malaysia as being not a moderate Islamic state but a Islamic fundamentalist state. 

By the way MCA and Gerakan did nothing to stop nor speak against them, thus they unlike DAP have been complicit in the proselytizing threat against our non-Muslim values and lifestyle, as Suzanna Tan had just found out to her distress.

Lim Guan Eng has been totally spot on in refusing, like my late Bhai, to countenance PAS' intention to implement hudud.


  1. With the PR screwing each other's asses and soon to be in a messy and bitter divorce,it is no surprise Lil Napoleans are having a fiesta.

    With Umnoputras in a free for all,Mahathir leading the charge against Jibby,we have a very weak Umno.But as usual the PR do not have the capabilities to capitalize on it,ending up in even worse shape,a beaten up weakling of a coalition.

    With such an disarray useless opposition pact,the rakyat is fucked.If GE 14 is held tomorrow,the PR will be blown to smithereens.Whether it is today,tomorrow or two years from now,we will see Jibby and Fat Mama standing over the faces of the strange bedfellows,when the dusts have finally settled.

  2. I believe PAS has done the right thing. Now, it is up to DAP to decide whatever actions it wants to take in Penang. DAP has also already given an ultimatum to PKR in Selangor. It is up to PKR to make whatever decision it thinks right.

    To PAS and Hadi, I am with you. You’re on the right track. I say this because Kajang Move was not initiated by you. In addition, it is clear that DAP does not want hudud. So, please proceed with the divorce proceedings. No regrets and don’t look back.

    1. aduh, jangan marah atau emotional la brother, both side pun main politics to consolidate their support, the kajang move is not relevant to the fight between 2 naughty boy. however i can agree with u divoice is inevitable until there is change of leadership from both party, n when the new leadership is willing to meet n debate n discuss like what we here did.

      we are not against hudud, our fear is more than mere hudud. muslim like u is minority.

    2. Huh.. aku marah? Emosi? Okay la mari kita dengar lagu ini eh.. sayang.. wakakaka...


  3. Still believe Huddud does not affect non-Muslims? KT should publish a long list of sharia prohibitions affecting the non-Muslims, for example, businesses need to close during Friday prayer times, unisex salons, concerts..etc. let's see how long the list will be.

  4. Still, it's Najib's fault and kaytee is doing nothing about it