Monday, June 22, 2015

Dead or Alive

Malay Mail Online - I’m not interested, Kit Siang says after Hadi insists Pakatan not dead

KUALA LUMPUR, June 20 — Lim Kit Siang refused today to continue debating with PAS over the death or survival of Pakatan Rakyat (PR), saying it was baffling that the Islamist party’s president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang still considers the pact intact when he had been the allege cause of its split.

Lim noted that since PAS decided in its recent muktamar to end ties with the DAP, its leaders have been at loggerheads over whether this meant that PR was no longer a functioning coalition.

For example, the DAP veteran pointed out that Hadi’s claim yesterday that PR was still alive contradicted Dewan Ulama chief president Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed’s statement earlier in the day that he did not regret the muktamar decision although it led to the pact’s dissolution.

Divorced, dead, pengsan (fainted), in a comatose, and HOPEFULLY soon resurrection!

Actually PAS and DAP had divorced each other before, years ago during the debacle of the failed Barisan Alternatif, so the current divorce would be the second one.

Indeed, the supposed life cycle of Pakatan Rakyat had been and can be far far more exciting that that of a butterfly or perhaps mosquito, wakakaka.

In reality, none of the 3 parties wanted a divorce nor for the coalition to be killed off as each by itself does NOT have the intrinsic strength to take on BN or effectively even UMNO alone. Each of them knows it too!

Pak Haji Hadi Awang must have realized what he had done in a moment of hubris and gotten the sh*ts when he heard Mat Sabu say PAS will never get back non-Muslim support.

Pak Haji might have also copped a bit of flak from some of his confidantes in his party for wasting the vast pool of non-Muslim goodwill and support that PAS had won over the last 6 years or so, thanks in no small part for the perception that it had been a good matey of DAP. Oh oh 'Tok, kenapa tak tunggu sehingga kita duduk selamat di Putrajaya?

I suspect Pak Haji might have been unduly influenced by one particular PAS pro Malay-Unity person close to him, and of course close to Najib as well. BTW, have you been to Gaza? Wakakaka!

Sadly, Pak Haji fell for the oldest UMNO trick in the world and with his crossing of Sungai Rubicon, dah habislah semuanya - persahabatan Pakatan, muhibbah PAS & pengundi2 Cina-Hindu, cerita syiok rocket sampai he bulan, dlsb-nya.

And his regrets may be why he's now still insisting Pakatan is very much alive.

Of course Pak Haji isn't the only having regrets. The one who's cursing PAS and DAP most is definitely PKR in both the persons of Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali as each respectively sees his dream of becoming PM fades away. Now, even the mere post of MB Selangor isn't all that stable for Azmin as some ambitious PAS in Selangor may start having dreams of his own too, wakakaka.

And so it goes too for the dreams of Lim KS and Lim GE!

Though not having the temerity of aspiring to be a Chinese alternative PM in this very race-conscious country, in their wish to remove a corrupt-ridden BN from the country's administration, they know that wish will have to remain still a dream.

They might be acting tough but they're hurting real bad deep inside.

Pride keeps PAS and DAP apart ...

... with PKR jumping up and down like a kera kena belacan (jumping up and down at least mentally, wakakaka).

Commonsense tells them the voters won't take sh*t anymore where the Muslim-Malay voters in the Heartland won't accept PKR let alone DAP, and vice versa for PAS with regards to non-Muslim support.

But ambition and aspiration urge them not to give up.

Besides, this is politics and politics has been known to be the art of the possible.

We need the resurrection of Pakatan, even if by another name ... for doesn't a rose by any other name smell just as sweet! For a wee digression, see my Kongsamkok post What's in a name!

But is resurrection really possible?

Okay, let's leave political resurrection for a while and instead examine religious/spiritual resurrection, just to have a feel of such an impossible task before we return to the political model.

Christians definitely believe in resurrection though it has to be said Yehoshua Ben Yosef had a bit of outside or out-worldly help in moving a huge stone door aside.

Muslims believe in Qiyāmah, Hindus and Buddhists in reincarnation which while not resurrection per se is nonetheless a new identity of life after death.

Mind, Confucianists are a difficult lot and though they believe in the Great God of Heaven. they don't hold much store for an afterlife in a heaven or hell. They believe the spirits of the departed would be hanging around familiar abodes like their homes (or perhaps kopitiams, wakakaka).

It can thus be said Confucianists do not believe in resurrection or reincarnation but more on living and upholding an ethical way of life in the now!

In fact, the Sage himself advised them to revere but keep the gods at a distance, which means they don't see the god or gods as all that omnipotent or even reliable - yeah, where were those god or gods on Boxing Day 2004 or recently in Sabah? Why did god or gods allow innocent people on board MH370 and MH17 to perish

As for the Taoists (Daoists) they're rather reserved but appear to prefer talking to the trees and to Mt Kinabalu, and alas, we can't get anything out of them other than the Tao (or Dao). They're the most mystical religious minority in Malaysia.

Perhaps resurrection (and reincarnation) for some religions seems to be far easier than the political resurrection of Pakatan Rakyat! Hmmm, we might just need those twin coconuts of Raja Bomoh!

To conclude I leave you with the consoling words of the Judean prophet Isaiah who informed us in Isaiah 26:19:

Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.


  1. DAP should offer Mat Sabu to join DAP, and then should do a by-election in Air Puteh so that Mat Sabu can become the Chief Minister of Penang and perhaps the PM of Malaysia after GE 14. Wakakaka…

    Hadi, they said you have set fire to the rain. So, you should just let it burn… let it burn…



    2. HY... Those people like "You Give Love A Bad Name" indeed. Wakakaka...

    3. Leaders who are wily nilly flip flopping somersaulting swaying all over have rightfully earned the rakyat's wrath. When the rakyat mengamok-ed seeing such leaders, expect such words to be heaped upon these type of leaders.....lidah bercabang, snakes, ularmak, hypocrites, traitors, unprincipled, baruah, liars, cheaters.....

      All this while, when TGNA was still around, we actually don't know much of the true Hadi Awang.....all we know then was that he lost Trengganu and was also responsible for the loss of Kedah as well and that he had at least 3 wives ( ?)and lived rather comfortably, so v different from the previous Tok Guru.....but now, we are seeing that beneath his robes, he does have knees and elbows, all coming out in real kungfu action, LOL.

      Umno should offer Hadi to join Umno now, bringing in the whole of PAS as well, so that Hadi could become the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and to succeed Najib as PM before Hadi's heart stops ticking. Time is running out.

    4. JJ - You're confused with the real Hadi and Hadi of the tales, and you're also confused that the tales are the accurate descriptions of the PAS society. Congratulations JJ - What a hankering wisdom! Believe what you desire to believe.Please take a bow. Applause... Applause.. Wakakaka

    5. do your 'hankering wisdom' ( whatever that means, wakakaka) by regaling us of the true tales of the real Hadi, that is, if your dare, haha.....but one can't deny that he indeed has shown the effective use of knees and elbows, right ?....not many can claim to be able bring PR down to its knees ( haha ) in one fell swoop....well, perhaps more than one swoop....have to wait for the demise of one Tok Guru although prior efforts like slinking off to secret rendezvous behind partners' back have now bore pickings galore ! lah...too modest to take a bow....the applause should be reserved for the likes of you and your ilk who for decades have been believing not so much what you WANT to believe but what was drummed into you via Utusan, BTN, Umno 'patriotic' leaders, Muslim 'holy' leaders...... Quite timely for KT to post about the myth that most Melayus like to believe about the Chinese re civil service, induction into the army and police force etc. The majority of Malays have been bred from young to believe such myths about the Chinese. But the onus is even more reprehensible on those who are 'educated' and have been around for quite a bit, and yet irresponsibly to continue spewing and repeating such untruths and myths just to bolster their own agendas.

    6. Fuck la. Hasan is one of the umno goons. Woof woof

  2. "PAS will work with anyone except Chauvinists! " Pa Hadi says....
    Wonder where he got inspiration to use "Chauvinist" from ?
    Or perhaps Pa Hadi sourced the term "chauvinist" , inspired from UMNO's usage, and seeing that it works to a degree.

  3. The politics in this country is deteriorating in directions which are Lose-Lose-Lose for all ordinary people.
    There is no clearer indication that Hadi has co-opted into UMNO's agenda than the language he used yesterday, that PAS can work with anyone except "chauvinists" - which in UMNO's dictionary is the alias for DAP.
    Hence Hadi even talks like UMNO these days.

    DAP isn't exactly lily-white in this episode - and I say it as a DAP member of decades standing. I was aghast at Lim Guan Eng's precipitate sacking of PAS job-holders in the Penang State government.

    The motion in the PAS Muktamar to cut ties with DAP, while highly objectionable, was exactly that - a motion.
    Arbitrarily firing several Penang State Government office bearers who happen to be PAS appointees, in the absence of any evidence of Misconduct or Failure to perform their duties is wrong and high handed.
    I'm afraid it has done damage to the DAP's image on fairness and due process.

    DAP Selangor wants to add to the Wrong by demanding the same actions in Selangor. Fortunately, I do not think Azmin Ali will not allow any such thing unless some substantive changes occur such as PAS Selangor State Government appointees sabotaging State Government policies, or actually cutting off communication or cooperation with DAP officials.

    1. Azmin Ali will never allow such thing because it means that he would lose his job.

      If Azmin Ali got cojones enough (which I don't think so), he will give 2 ultimatum to

      a) 3 PAS excos........keep your job but 1 deputy speaker must go along with significant JKKK/ councillors etc

      b) At the same, talk to 12 PAS folks.........resigned from PAS and PKR will sacrifice one exco to those 12 independent folks while main belakang with those 3 jokers

      I guarantee Hadi Awang will mampus.......

      Can Azmin Ali do that?

      Like I say, unlike the japs, chinese especially kaytee are very lembik. In times of war, I will personally shoot kaytee

    2. Rocketman – shake hands. But as HY said – people like you are minority.

      Anyway, I use a lot of wakakaka, which is KT’s. But that doesn’t mean I am in cahoot with KT?

      My advice is, once you get used to Hadi, you will find that he is not chauvinistic at all.