Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Conspicuous by his silence (3)

When I posted Conspicuous by his silence and a followup in Conspicuous by his silence (2) regarding the "Royal MB" (the new one, wakakaka) and his amazing silence on the unreasonable and suspiciously racist action of his lil' Napoleons, namely, the Petaling District Licensing Council, in banning the sale of alcohol in Chinese medicine shops despite those shops having liquor licences, most of my visitors left comments on those posts attacking INSTEAD Rosmah Mansor and Najib without saying anything about the deafening silence of our beloved "Royal MB".

the Penang Hokkien word for above is 'goo'

colloquially 'goo' also means stubborn or obdurate

one can use it as in "looes is very goo", wakakaka

And the unreasonableness of the PJ District Licensing Council was, as reported by TMI, in its ban coming into almost immediate effect, where Chinese medicine shops were informed of the ban only a few days prior to its effective date.

Does the new anti-alcohol ban also apply to bars, hotels and, for example, 7-Up shops in Selangor?

If not, then the ban is obviously directed at Chinese medicine shops, realizing the suspicion that it has, wittingly or otherwise, a racist targeting.

are you Javanese herbalists? No
are you Bangladeshi herbalists? No
are you Paki herbalists? No

well, where can I get a bottle of brandy, VSOP of course?
try any of the liquor stores, hotels, bars and whatnot in Selangor but not a Chinese medicine shop

The DAP in Selangor has been jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof (or like cacing kena abu) about the unreasonableness and unfairness of the ban, but despite the party holding 15 ADUNs in the Selangor State Assembly, its so-called ally, to wit, the PKR "Royal MB" with his 12 PKR ADUNs, rule the f* day, perhaps in fear of and obsequious servility to the 15 ADUNs of another party,wakakaka.

So DAP in Selangor, suck on it. And its state chairperson seems to ape the "Royal MB" in conspicuous silence on this unfairness.

While my two earlier pithy posts have been on the silence of our beloved "Royal MB" on the unfair trading ban against Chinese medicine shops, as mentioned above, most of my visitors are far more interested in Rosmah's whatever, especially a visitor by the name of looes74 who doesn't know a dong quai from ginseng from a lallang, wakakaka.

Am I then to assume they are Pakatan PKR (plus unnamed ally, wakakaka) sympathisers and/or followers?

Here, in the ban by PJ District Licensing Council against Chinese medicine shops selling alcohol-based products despite those shops holding state-issued liquor licences, is a clear cut case of unfairness and unreasonableness in a PKR-ruled state, yet most don't even want to talk about it.

Such seemingly racially-targeted ban, made effective without discussion with the traders or even a reasonable period of transition before implementation, is in reality not too far different from Jakim's draconian attempt to punish, through a syariah court prosecution, Nik Raina Nik Abd Aziz, Border's manager for selling a banned book which was not banned at time of sale.

TMI had reported: ... the Court of Appeal decided that Jawi ‎was wrong in raiding and seizing copies the controversial book "Allah, Liberty and Love" by Irshad Manji‎ from a Borders bookstore, upholding a lower court's decision.

The book was seized before an edict banning it was issued and Jawi's actions were deemed illegal and unconstitutional.

Yet Jawi had appealed against the Court's ruling for quite a while before it dropped the appeal (perhaps on higher instructions?).

But it has not been just Jawi that was unreasonable and bullying but also, in this sinseh-suck-it ban, the Petaling District Licensing Council.

And our beloved "Royal MB" has been most elegant, eloquent and escapish in his total silence. Looes74 and his fellow 'obsessed-with-Rosmah-ites' have been lamentably complicit in the unfair, unreasonable and unacceptable ban against an element of traditional Chinese medicine shops' business.


  1. If there are so many keeping their elegant silence on 1MDB which had been brewing for MONTHS, what's this latest brouhaha of the Chinese medicine shops, which popped up only several days ago ! Many I suspect are waiting for further infor on this.....someone said some of these shops are abusing their medicine shops liquour licence by selling cheap, toxic hard liquour. If this is true, setitik nilai rosak the whole pot ? But does it justify using a sledge hammer to ban all the medicine shops ? The general feeling is like we are waiting for that 'more to come' development on this....as we are quite certain these Chinese shopkeepers will not just sit back and 'just take it' from the Malay administration.

    This type of silence...I can afford to wait a few more days or even 1 or 2 more weeks, to see where this is taking us, as DAP had already made, and will continue, making their expected noises of protest.

    OTOH, what I find despicable are those who not only pretend 1MDB fiasco does not exist, but instead went on an almost hysterical attack of Dr M ! Granted the old man deserves all the brickbats....heck, he deserves more than brickbats, but we have to admit that by having Dr M bringing this head on onto Najib, it actually forced our PM to at least respond, unlike those initial times before Dr M came into the picture, when he just stonewalled and swats off the opposition like Tony Pua and Rafizi like so many irritating flies.

    Are we wallowing in a sea full of HYPOCRITES now ?

    1. "... pretend 1MDB fiasco does not exist"??

      wasn't there a recent audit? isn't there a PAC investigation?

      but what you want is for everyone to be like you, snapping at Najib's heels even before the PAC investigation has finished. If people like you come to power I dread to be at your American Wild West vigilante style of justice where an accused was guilty until proven inocent

    2. Hahahahahaha........I can bet with one cock hair that Najib would be exonorated from any 1MDN fiasco.......Hahahahaha


      That is happening in Brazil. At least, Brazillians are braver and give no bullshit unlike you chao cibai kaytee

      Time to POT BANGING

    3. " these shops are abusing their medicine shops liquour licence by selling cheap, toxic hard liquour."

      I have a Chinese classmate Yap TC who took over his dad's sinseh shop business. I have seen lots of small small bottle cheap toxic liquor in his shop. Ahoy.. my friend Yap TC.. they are going to get you. You better watch out!

    4. wakakaka, so swift in providing "justification" for city hall?

      but you have avoided the main point, that of conspicuous silence by the so-called Pakatan (but in reality PKR) "Royal MB"

    5. @looes, and if Najib is exonerated by PAC, will that bugger you? I know you like to hang him till he's death before PAC does so, wakakaka

    6. Who said we are NOT waiting for PAC result ? But when a PM lied in Parliament about 1MDB and then continue to be evasive and keep his stubborn silence, it is more strange when some bloggers and observers pretend nothing's happening but instead castigate those who ask questions ! Is the mere asking of questions a "American Wild West vigilante style of justice where an accused was guilty until proven inocent" ?

      It is only because of these queries that at last bring our PM out from his ivory tower to open his golden mouth to deign throwing some morsels of 'truths' which turned out to be untruth and evasiveness ! He was caught red-handed lying and this makes the situation even worse for him.

      Even simple straight forward questions went unanswered and when finally what was thought to be answers in the form of FAQs....all the rakyat get is evasive explanation which obscure more than enlighten. Now they are talking about restructuring and in the end, who else but the rakyat have to bear the bill.

      Very strange indeed...like one blogger who several years back, even came out with an SD claiming some credible sources told him that Rosmah was at the scene of the crime where Altantunya was blown into smithereens. Imagine the uproar then....especially at that time, that particular blogger was the darling of the Opposition crowd and every word coming out of him was the golden truth. So why did he not investigate properly before signing that SD with his own name ? The irony now....this blogger turned 180 degree and is now defending you-know -who....the very person who wanted him back to face the court. Malaysia memang boleh ! Did he not run away because of our current admin wanted his head? and now he's spinning ridiculously and outrageously to defend our PM and his husband. Betul betul M'sia boleh.

    7. I read that he signed the SD on assurance from manmanlai (wakakaka) that the contents were kosher,

    8. Sorry, ahjibgor's ball carrier,

      two things u must clarify before u keep foaming in the mouth;

      1) how is this exercise applied to yr current case of elegantly silence about ahjibgor's 1MDB handling & evasive camouflage in the light of yr constant shouting of 'that of conspicuous silence by the so-called Pakatan (but in reality PKR) "Royal MB"'?

      2) 'I read that he signed the SD on assurance from manmanlai (wakakaka) that the contents were kosher,' - is he born yesterday that he could take manmanlai's word as gospel?

      Not until u state yr ulterior intention, u r NO better than 'the Conspicuous by his silence regarding the "Royal MB" (the new one)', wakakaka.....

      Could it be the same racial diversion as in this write-up by yr sifu;


      Hmmmmm.....udang dibelakang batu ni!!!!!

    9. so anyone who doesn't agree with your invincible anti-najib attitude is a najib ball [sic] carrier [only 1 ball? wakakaka] - aiyoyom that's the sum of your mentality lah

      you fail top realize that a blogger can blog on any topic he/she chooses, and does NOT have to blog in anticipation of your biased political expectations, wakakaka - I do NOT dance to your tune

      my "ulterior" intention? it's to infuriate and frustrate you wakakaka

    10. 1st - I knowingly used singular for that ball of yr idol - not that he has 2 - as most likely one of the two has been crushed kau kau by that hippo bini for some naughty fringe!

      So this observance of yrs? Yr word - 'aiyoyom that's the sum of your mentality lah'!

      2nd - yr right to blog whatever u like. My right to rubbish yr write as it appears in the WWW.

      Do remember, in WWW, u r only a transgressor - no more than I. So, who's dancing to who's tune, again?

      Lastly by twisting yr replies to my takes - I've indeed infuriate and frustrate you! Yr wakakaking wont help - it ONLY emphasizes yr "ulterior" intention.


    11. I have held this comment back for 24 hours, as a demonstration of who's the blogger and thus blog owner, wakakaka. My blog is as I mentioned at the very top of the page, "A meeting place to exchange views, no matter how different or diverse these may be. Keeping these civil and courteous would be appreciated"

      Visitor CK, sadly, has failed abysmally to maintain a civil and courteous approach - just look at his comment of "hippo bini" - is there a need to be vile and abusive on such a personal basis? Low class comment lah, wakakaka

    12. "A meeting place to exchange views, no matter how different or diverse these may be. Keeping these civil and courteous would be appreciated"?????

      say that AGAIN!!!

      1st, yr transient rants about racial issues to camouflage the yr idol's 1MDB debacle.

      Then when questions raised, u avoided them,exactly like yr idol with nonsensical diversions & cookaroo talks.

      Where's the exchanges of views no matter how different or diverse these may be??????

      Cockaroos to the nth indeed!!!

      hippo bini - anything worst than yr vulgar expressiveness exchange with Loose????? Hippo - indicates large size while bini just wife, so how bad is it??? unless, of course that bini twist her single-ball henpick to tell u otherwise. Yes???

      another cock-talk, perhaps???

    13. I have a long time relationship with looes74 wakakaka where we love to call each other cibai, okay? It's like Australians calling their enemy bastards but their closest friends "bloody bastards" - but you wouldn't know would you, wakakaka. I wouldn't ever call you cibai lah, wakakaka. You are just an angry uncouth and uncivil sort of person

    14. Omg.......should i thank you, kaytee? patrick teoh may add more spices to it

    15. cibai no need to say tq to another cibai, n if both u cibaing less on rosmah n anwar respectively, we then no need to skip many cibai comment wakaka. just curious y tis loose comment no cibai, is loose the type that could attain orgasm easily by just reading kt uncibai sensual comment? loose, dun ever trust that bloody bastard, make use of yr hand if u cant find a cibai.

    16. wakakaka HY, I'm surprised by you - you don't want to be like looes and yours truly lah

  2. if not wrong, the liquor licences issued by federal gomen thru jabatan kastam & if that is the case, can the state authority 'revoke' it? (ada lesen tapi tak boleh jual).

    1. interesting point, but we must ask why the conspicuous silence from the head of the Pakatan state government?

    2. And leave Teng Chang Khim, who is from DAP off the hook.......Hahahahaha! Like one anon had said, you are eating the words of the flowers.

      If Najib does not have to answer to everything thrown at him especially


      (According to cibai kaytee's logic, so many fucking layers between Najib and Azilah), why should azmin answer when the one really kenna is Teng Chang Khim.......

      You want DAP mampus right? MCA sweet revenge towards DAP.........You are even worse than Tian Chua

    3. Ean Yong Hian Wah has already raised this issue - and he's the more appropriate exco member to do so, being the exco member for Local Government. Teresa Kok has also added her voice to the unjust ban. But sadly missing a la conspicuous silence has been the DAP State Chairperson, wakakaka.

    4. so........what's next? The whole dap excoship resigned......That is what Hadi want......hahahaha

      Again, I am more interested to what happen to 1MDB. What happen to 42 billion? Oh the remainder 27 billion?

      Tell me kaytee, how many hospitals we can built with 27 Billion dollars? Can 27 Billion solve Kelantan housing issue affected by flood?

      Some times I wonder if you are a human being. You are not even a vulcan


    5. If you cannot buy it from your favourable medical hall shop, then buy it from supermarket.

      Fuck you la, kaytee, you are not even in Malaysia

      By the way, You are Fucking Heartless when 2 blokes COMMITTED SUICIDE because of GST courtesy of fucking Najib and Rosmah.......You bother about having no liquor in store

      If shah of Iran can't get away with it, you think Najib and Rosmah should be exenorated from all their wrongdoings



      ".......Founded under the government of Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda, the party has been blamed by some with contributing to the overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy by antagonizing formerly apolitical Iranians - especially bazaari (merchants of the bazaars who, even today, refuse to pay taxes) - with its compulsory membership and dues (taxes), and general interference in the political, economic, and religious concerns of people's lives.[1] The few political parties that were able to continue functioning during this era were forced to become part of Rastakhiz.

      Established along with the party was a youth wing — Rastakhiz Youth — which Hoveyda referred to as "the instrument of Iran's development." Through this youth wing and a special task force of the party, Rastakhiz embarked upon a large-scale anti-profiteering campaign directed against the bazaari merchants, who were soon identified as "enemies of the state" because they spread lies about the monarchy and the U.S in order to bring Iran under Israeli control. They often lied about Jewish persecution, which is backed up to be lies in government files. In October 1975, the Shah, referring to this campaign as a "cultural movement," decreed that anti-profiteerism be made the fourteenth principle of the White Revolution......"


    6. I take it you have been sympathizing with the Ayatollah movement in Iran

    7. Hahahahahahaha......I repeat the Bushite attitude by Najib in which kaytee REFUSED TO CONDEMN


      Whoah! My way or highway.......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcsZH2GwLX4





    8. This is reason why Najib and Rosmah should be imprisoned........Profumo didn't get away with it. Nixon didn't get away with it. Why should Najib/Rosmah not to?

      This youtube is uploaded by RPK himself........


    9. Hahahahaha......me ayatollah supporter........Hahahahaha........

      I know cibai kaytee is a sucker to Rosmah for whatever reason.

    10. Din's analysis on Najib tun Razak in which I fully agree......


      ".....Think about what the RM42 billion plus debt service can do to improve rural schools and roads, drinkable water for rural folks, healthcare centers, and so on. That is why I say Najib does not have any clue about what it is like to live under under conditions of abject poverty.

      He grew up as a spoiled brat. So when you give such a person to take care of our national coffers, he goes on a wild spending spree at the expense of taxpayers and the rakyat. On 1MDB alone he deserves to be booted out of office.–Din Merican"

  3. how many days azmin keep silence? just asking as I only read this news few days back, I am not sure must he give his view immediately now, n not 2 weeks later when he find out what is happening? since hian wah already said the state government r not aware n can we take hian wah word do represent the pr govt? I believe this kind of provocation will happen from time to time, hence I think it is okay to wait a few more days to listen, to ask questions, n to ponder from various angle. but i know many cant wait, 3 post in a span of 2 days tell something. isnt it?

    1. in the meanwhile Chinese sinseh shops are suffering disadvantages, thanks

    2. BTW, u make it sounds like those M'sian Chinese sinseh shops r depending singularly on selling alcoholic beverages for their business survival!

      When is the last time u visited a Chinese sinseh shop?

      Oooop..... Oz has no Chinese sinseh shops lah.... thousand thousand apologies...wakakakakaka...sigh.

    3. Kaytee,
      What the cibai fuck about 2 guys who committed suicide because of GST implemented by Najib to save Najib and Rosmah. Fuck you, Kaytee. Fuck Fuck you Kaytee
      When are you going to defend LGE just as vigorious as you defend Najib? Or is it never?


    4. CK, I've deliberately withheld one of your 2 recent comments to demonstrate whose blog this belongs to, wakakaka. But I'm open minded and will release it tomorrow - just a demonstration fo my power (oif I want to wield it, wakakaka)

      2n-;y your show your ignorance about Chinese medicinal shops in Oz, Come down to Sydney and Melbourne and see how many there are.

      looes, in which way or which post have I defended Najib? and does my NOT posting anything on LGE mean I'm 'soft' on him, as you have accused me of being soft on Najib? wakakaka

    5. Chao cibai kaytee.........Are you going to spind on this

      Fuck you Kaytee, Fuck Fuck you, Kaytee



      I love how this aussie agri minister kenna fucked


      "Hahahahaha......Kaytee wanna kill CL Flamiaris aka Canis Lupus Flamiaris........Hahahahhaha"

      The last sentence is just a joke

    6. Guys and Gals,
      In mere 2 month, 2 persons committed suicide. Even the sultan has spoken on GST.


    7. 'to demonstrate whose blog this belongs to'??????

      what an egomaniac thought!!!!

      havent I mentioned that both u & I r transgressors on the WWW??? & if u want choirboys, then go & do the right thing to create a self-contained tempurung to sing yr choir lah!

      This showing of yr pettiness & at the same time boastfulness ONLY indicate yr ability to see what suit u (&/or been told!!!!). Nothing more nothing less - exactly like yr sifu. I suppose this is well trained/rehearsal, indeed.

      Ooohhh...btw, about that Chinese medicine shops in Oz, r they anywhere like those back in good ol' M'sia. Or for that matter, little red dot & HK? Can I get some lesser known herbs from them besides those expensive one?

      Any wonder why u can write what u wrote about my show of ignorance about Chinese medicinal shops in Oz. I used to work in Melb too for numbers of yrs. FGS, The most recent trip I've had in Melb was last CNY!

      Unlike u, I see & compare the details, while u just judge from the skin & shoot - exactly like this case of posted Conspicuous by his silence by the "Royal MB" & yr favorite chicken little Pua.

      If u can give nth powered allowance to yr ball owner's 1MDB, show a little bit of courtesy to this liquor-selling-in-Sinseh-shop teacup storm lah!

      Unless u r just doing what yr sifu, who's working overtime to create diversion from the 1MDB saga - especially the racial one.....hmmm...

    8. above comment published after 24 hours detention, wakakaka

  4. what about those 'delete' portions & plus those that u'd quietly thrown into the bin?

    too juicy for yr stomach & too tak bolih tahan for yr idols?

    yr true color is showing through & through...tsk...tsk...sigh.

    1. very reckless with your wild accusations, but that's the inevitable outcome of losing the argument but yet resenting admitting it, a kiasu mentality, wakakaka

  5. "snapping at Najib's heels even before the PAC investigation has finished" - Ktemoc.

    Whether Najib is guilty or not depends on the evidence, but I am conscious that there would have been NO PAC investigation, NO Auditor General probe, without the incessant and loud yapping and snapping at Najib's heels by Tony Puah and Rafizi Ramli for more than 1 year.
    As someone here pointed out, they have been at it long before Mahathir jumped on the bandwagon.

    Contrary to some perceptions, the snapping on 1MDB has not been Ad Hominem, rather they were accompanied by solid facts and figures, many out which have been proven true by the force of events.
    Thousands of pages of damning documents put out by the Sarawak Report.
    Nobody has dared to sue Clare Rewcastle for defamation.

    The investments parked in the Cayman Islands, then retrieved, but the Bank denied there was any real cash, then admitted as "units". The crisis faced with cash to pay repay debts last year. The Singapore-based bank consortiums calling in their loan 6 months early, because they lacked confidence on the security of the loans.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Add to that the possibly nefarious activities continuing to occur at 1MDB to whitewash the case. Using Tabung Haji, KWAP, EPF funds for "National Service" to get 1MDB out of its debts.

    Socialised risks, privatised rewards.

    We must continue to loudly demand answers on 1MDB, otherwise Najib and his cohorts would gladly bury the story at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

    1. Absolutely spot on ! we must loudly demand for answers.

      Let's just ignore those with added personal agendas clamouring for our PM to resign like YESTERDAY or asking to send him to jail NOW.

      We should just continue to transparently ask for real answers, not those evasive mouthing which actually amounts to a big fat zero and ends up with more questions hanging.

      Let's also ignore those bloggers with their own personal agendas so humongous and obvious it can be spotted a few thousand miles away.....they froth and spin so much that one could almost fall off the chair reading their incredible fabrication and twisting.

      Hopefully when this 1Malaysia Dalam Bahaya (1MDB) mess clears up, our socialised risks would not run into the billions for the bail out and the culprit/s, if proven, be made to pay for this and not be laughing scot free with their billions of privatised rewards.