Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Tikus nak jadi gajah

Meanwhile, over at Malaysia-Today I read PAS CABAR DAP… KALAU NAK TUNJUK KUAT, BUBUR DUN P PINANG which tells us:

(Agenda Daily) – Tak payah cakap banyak… kalau DAP hendak tunjuk mereka kuat, cuba bubar DUN Pulau Pinang dan buktikan mereka boleh menang tanpa sokongan ahli PAS.

Itu cabaran PAS Kuala Terengganu yang menegaskan DAP tidak akan mampu membentuk kerajaan sendiri jika tiada bantuan dan sokongan PAS.

Ketua Penerangannya, Ahmad Amzad Hashim berkata, “DAP jangan terlalu angkuh. Jika benar mahu tahu kekuatan sebenar DAP tanpa sokongan PAS, cuba lah bubarkan DUN Pulau Pinang sekarang.

“Bubarkan DUN Pulau Pinang sekarang! dan tengok jawatan mana yang DAP boleh pegang dalam kerajaan yg baru nanti.

“Masih boleh angkuh? Masih boleh sombong? Masih boleh tamak?,” tulisnya di Facebook rasmi Dewan Ulama PAS Pusat.

Ahmad Amzad juga menasihatkan ahli PAS di Pulau Pinang yang memegang pelbagai jawatan di bawah kerajaan negeri supaya tidak meletak jawatan.

Katanya, jawatan itu hasil kerja keras mereka bukan kerana simpati DAP.

“Untuk masa ini, ahli ahli PAS yang pegang jawatan, teruslah pertahankan jawatan masing masing. Patuhi arahan pimpinan dan jangan memandai-mandai.

“Kita bukan mendapat jawatan atas belas kasihan DAP. Kita pegang jawatan kerana kita yg bantu naikkan mereka,” katanya.

This was what I wrote as a comment at M2D:

PAS' LUST to hang on to every position in Penang shamelessly when PAS' initiated divorce with DAP has already taken place makes me cringe in utter embarrassment for the Islamic Party which obviously has no sense of pride at all or no principle or both.

And now the temerity to ask DAP to bubar the Penang DUN reminds me of a story I heard from an Indian friend. It went like this (lil' children close your ears or go to bed, wakakaka):

A wee li' mouse was on top of an adult cow elephant which was standing beneath a coconut tree. Blissfully unaware of their relative size, the lustful rat went about bonking the huge pachyderm who appeared to be completely unaware of the tiny lustful twerp.

A coconut then fell on the head of the elephant which exclaimed "ouch". The lil' mouse heard the exclamation and mistaking it for what he had arrogantly believed, responded "Sorry dear, I'll be more gentle." wakakaka.


  1. First of all,I remember very well that it was the DAP and PKR that started the attack on Hadi and PAS.Well,when the Kajang circus was first mooted,did the PKR get the consensus of it's strange bedfellows.They said that it was their party's internal business,and need not have to consult their partners.Well,so do PAS have to get the consensus of it's spouses for Hudud's implementation?But as we all know,Hudud law will never pass anyway.

    Penang is under DAP CM.The CM appoints the excos and council members etc.CM Guan Eng do not have to challenged the PAS guys to resign.It is his perogative to appoint or to give them the pink slip.So,just sack them lah.

    1. "They said that it was their party's internal business,and need not have to consult their partners" - i think pkr was right, unless dap n pas want the mb post. u think dap n pas need to consult others who to be the pn cm n ktan mb?

      "But as we all know,Hudud law will never pass anyway." - how do u know?

      "Guan Eng do not have to challenged the PAS guys to resign" - this i can agree, no wonder azmin says he dun wan to involve in this childish game wakaka.

      actually i share art harun take, this is the worst n best of time, dap n pkr shd move forward without pas, but how to get pas out of pr is a tricky task, azmin seem a bit hesitate bec he was never dap 1st choice as mb, instead he was there with pas support. however i hope he is determine enough to find a way, without pas, pr direction n core value is more clear. lets see if our new selangor mb a real reformer.

  2. I strongly disagree with you...KT.

    Yes granted - memang PAS yang minta cerai. But we must concur that sebab-sebab penceraian adalah tersangat munasabah. It is indeed an irreconcilable differences.

    Now, it is up to DAP. The BALLS/balls are in DAP's court. DAP can choose for a mutually-good-clean break or for an ungentlemanly-bad-thuggish-like break. If DAP chosed the later, there can be repercussion of course.

    I am agreeing with RPK. This episode could escalate into a Christians vs Muslims / Malays vs Chinese. RPK has quoted the horrific incidences in Indonesia and also 513. RPK could be right. It can be even worst?

    Please answer this question LKS, LGE and TP : Without PAS and perhaps PR, is your objective Malaysian Malaysia still remain?

    1. can agree except the para on horrific incidents, r w msian that hot/cold blooded? any political diff would lead to 513? pretty disappointed with msian? or u?

      I support lge strong stand against hudud, but disagree when he ask pas member to resign from penang govt. i oso disagree when kt said tak malu, I think kt shd apologise.

    2. Don't worry HY.. I am not that brutal lah. Actually, the real issue is 1MDB. It is hot... red hot... and now plus this hudud... I know the Malays are very angry with TP and LGE/DAP. With bloggers fanning the fire of pride and hatred... we never know. BTW.. I don't think RPK is that brutal too... I know he is not.

    3. " I don't think RPK is that brutal too... I know he is not. "

      The laddie doth protest too much, methinks !

    4. JJ - tolong baca my last five words at 6.09 above. I know he is not or is it I think he is not? LOL...

    5. Hasan.... no need to split hair over the brutality of rpk...you THINK he is, you KNOW he is ...whatever la.....but as far as the cina are concerned, they or the majority of them are giving him a wide berth.....better be safe than sorry, hehehe...kalau tidak, for no good reason, if someone were to just mentioned that he's off the mark in another prediction ( our guy is v fond of giving predictions, right ? even risking making a fool of himself just so that if he happens to be right, he can crow " I told you so"...hahaha...whatever tickles his ego lah )...so the cina are giving him a wide, wide berth coz if salah tanya atau salah pointing out the true facts to him, he would threaten may13 on them...that's just one tiny tiny bit of an example of the brutality of that man. See how he predicts blood bath for the whole country in his latest series of articles. Must be the food in Manchester, eating all his kopitam food, wakakaka