Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gods angry with Pakatan for urinating against each other?

Malaysia Today - POLITICAL QUAKE IN PAKATAN by Joceline Tan, The Star

beginning of its end?

Joceline Tan is a delightful writer (top honcho journalist too) at The Star; I love to read her articles. and though the above is another of her good articles, we mustn't forget she's not only a Star journalist but also a bigwig in the MCA-controlled media organization.

Thus we must carefully identify her pro MCA-BN write-up (and anti PR or anti DAP bits) from some delightful gems of truth within. As we are only too well aware, the best arguments, especially political arguments, are those with truths intermingled with political party propaganda.

I draw upon the most interesting piece of her article, nicely summarised by RPK as a teaser to the post, as follows:

DAP leaders only like to work with liberal-minded Malays who share the DAP way of thinking. The joke is that DAP only likes Malays who think and behave like the Chinese.

It's true that some of the new generation or younger DAP leaders lack the streetwise (or kampung-wise) inclusive social know-how, etiquette and old-world charm of earlier DAP leaders who could comfortably and without offence deal, negotiate or parley with Malays.

Mind, it's not that the Chinese Malaysians are strangely different from Malays in social etiquette and mores where its society's elite and scholars also talk, discuss and converse in polite, refined, subtle and diplomatic manners - incidentally the Indon Javanese are far more renowned than our Malays for their art of berbicara dengan halus dan sopan santun.

It's just that today's younger or new generation Chinese Malaysian leaders, with many educated overseas in the UK, Australia, NZ, Canada and the USA, thus with mucho exposure to Western style democracy, processes and systems, believe in their own minds that our fairly conservative society, of which 60% are Malays, would be tolerant and accepting of Western-style highly robust form of political debate or debating through the media, to mainly score brownie points with their respective constituencies.

Yes, many new generation DAP leaders tend to view the Malaysian political sphere through MAINLY Western-indoctrinated eyes which consider robust political debates as a norm. But alas, they are sadly mistaken because that's not so in the Malay world.

Once on Australian TV, I saw the late Bapak Ali Alatas, Indonesia's very erudite (former) foreign minister and probably that nation's most outstanding one, telling or confessing to an Aussie TV interviewer in his very polished English that the Indon manner of political debates was not as 'robust' as the Australian version.

I suspected Bapak Ali had perhaps a motive in his 'confession' as he must have wanted the Aussies media to realize and understand that they just couldn't loudly insist on the Indon president or Indon ministers to bloody well answer their queries, especially if those queries were posed in very abrupt aggressive demanding loud tones, with which some Aussie media personalities (eg. the late Richard Carlton) would do so with their own politicians. Our people, especially the more elder Malays are not dissimilar from the Indons.

As I have often blogged on, the new generation DAP leaders have been far too aggressive for Malay taste, verging on or even earning the notoriety of being biadap to elders.

I refer to an earlier (07 Feb 2015) post Has DAP been biadap to Hadi Awang?

Then I had written (extracts) ..... to be fair to Pak Haji Hadi, I feel Lim Guan Eng and Anthony Loke have not been very diplomatic towards the proud old man - see The Star Online (wakakaka) Guan Eng: No Hadi, no meeting and Anthony Loke: DAP to stop attending Pakatan Council if Hadi doesn’t show.

Mateys, you can't f**king communicate with a (supposedly) Pakatan ally through the bloody media - that's the f* worst thing to do, more so when relationships are already on the brink or in urgent need of serious salvaging.

Just recall how mad you guys were when PKR used to unilaterally announce seat-sharing allocations to the media, much to your WTF's when you read that in the news, wakakaka!

And without any doubt, the reality is the current relationship between PAS and DAP has long been shot to shreds, starting with the stupid Kajang rancid satay right up to the hudud bill, when PAS' objection to local council elections had not only been to ensure some of its members get a free ride on the local council meal ticket but I suspect, also in retaliation to DAP's objection to its hudud bill.

While DAP has been right on both counts, namely, its unswerving objection to hudud implementation and its promise to restore local council elections, it could do better than to publicly threaten Pak Haji Hadi who is a very very proud old man with a HUGE chip on his shoulder.

Now, for want of face, the disgruntled old man is now more UNlikely to attend the meeting.

I have to say that DAP does have this f*-up talent in antagonizing senior Malay personalities like (previously) Tunku Aziz and (now) Pak Haji Hadi Awang.

If the aim is to get rid of PAS for good, then that's fine. But OTOH, if the aim is to seriously conduct a Pakatan leadership meeting so as to hang on to the coalition as a viable opponent to BN, then Lim GE and Anthony Loke have f* up kau kau. It's the sort of attitude that Tunku Aziz has termed 'biadap'.

Also do read another of my much earlier (16 May 2012) post DAP's comedy (or tragedy) of errors with Tunku Aziz in which I wrote: Tunku [Aziz] is not unlike Dr Rama where both want respect due to their elderly and senior status, though of course their problems with the DAP leadership were caused by different issues. If you recall, Dr Rama had also threatened to resign rather than apologize for whatever he was accused of, seeing in the whole affair as a lack of respect for him.

Thus the DAP's (mainly Lim GE's) unnecessary public humiliation of Pak Haji Hadi Awang prior to the PAS Muktamar has been exactly that, a case in point on misplaced Western-styled robust politicking.

Another had been the recent by far too ferocious threat a la Bush's "either you are with us or against us" against Azmin by Tony Pua in demanding that Azmin chose between PAS or DAP.

Why should or would Azmin? And Azmin has been right in describing Tony Pua's threat as 'childish'.

Of course we know both the DAP's and PAS' 'siapa jaguh kampung' cock (wakakaka) fights have been more to demonstrate to their own respective constituencies their 'credentials' and ability to represent the voters.

I have to say that DAP has been the bigger culprit in this if we recall in the halcyon days of PR just immediately after their 2008 election victories and new-found pally-buddying, a few of those DAP leaders especially in Ipoh went around sprouting off Quranic verses as if they were all kau kau circumcised Muslims (of course to the delight and with the approval of Allahyarham Pak Haji Nik Aziz) and Lim GE referring to some golden era of this or that caliphate as a great model for governance, so much so that the late Pak Haji was wont to believe the only DAP obstacle to PAS' intention to implement Islamic legislation and Islamic governance was the late Bhai.

Those DAP 'heroes' went too far in their new found friendship with PAS and thus new found 'embrace' of Islam and, though not to the extent of supporting syariah laws in general or the hudud penal code of punishment in particular, did somehow earn themselves distinguishing Islamic-friendly 'credits' which subsequently, when things went sour with PAS after the latter brought out the (to them) hudud gremlin from beneath the ulama's kopeks, they went to great excruciating pains to markedly dispossess themselves of, wakakaka, chiefly by shouting their not-for-hudud identities here and there, most of which were hurled at Pak Haji Hadi for effect.

Though Pak Haji, mind you, was no angel himself, wakakaka, in that process they made Pak Haji lose mucho face and into a political enemy.

But the harm was done, and it's hardly surprising the PAS Muktamar voted out the pro-DAP Erdogens from their party leadership appointments (all thanks to the DAP public humiliation of Pak Haji Hadi Awang) and declared their party's breakup with DAP as a political ally.

Quite frankly, I do not see the PASMA option or substitution will be a viable option as by now the Chinese voters will still see the 'sword of Islam' in them.

And I believe the Chinese, me being one too wakakaka, would and will prefer to deal with UMNO's corruption rather than PAS or PASMA's Islamic theocracy and legislation. For them, corruption is easier to get rid of (or to accommodate) than to live under Islamic laws and punishments.

Anyway, I congratulate DAP on their new star catch, and hope Pak Samad Said will help teach the new generation DAP leaders some Malay berhalus etiquette and mores.


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    1. NO - wakakaka

      Leong YK was a KMT general which means you have been owing your loyalty to China, you bloody traitor to Malaysia (but wait, you're Sing anyway) - we'll hang you after due triple circumcisions, wakakaka

  2. You are right...for the longest time, the Chinese in Malaysia have shown a high level of tolerance for corruption.
    It makes sense because the most common purveyors of corruption (offering bribes and kick-backs) in the country are actually Chinese businessmen.

    Most ordinary Malays and Indians simply do not have the wherewithal to engage in such mischief.

    When Chinese talk about how strongly they are opposed to corruption, there is a strong stench of hypocrisy surrounding such statements.
    Add to that the realistic argument that corruption will exist regardless which party is in power, and people soon realise that an electoral platform simply based on being against corruption is unsustainable.

    The broad Chinese swing in support towards the Opposition in 2008 and 2013, as opposed to just hard-core long-term DAP supporters is really an aberration, an exception.

    A few more years, more or less, and most Chinese will likely return to the BN fold, especially now that PAS and PKR true colours have been exposed.

    1. Corruption while prevalent among Chinese is not an exclusive Chinese practice but a human one especially in societies burdened by bureaucracies, like Malaya/Malaysia is. But there's no denying that some Chinese do oppose corruption, as do some Malays and some Indians.

      Corruption is endemic in modern Malaysia, saturating every institutions, public and private, Peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak - need I say more?

      Since the majority of Malaysians are Malays, it's not logical to say corruption is restricted to among Chinese. The Bank Bumiputera scandal was a case in point where its objective went songsang, seeing a bank formed to help bumiputeras lending unaccountable sums to Carrian - were Chinese in charge of the bank? There are ample other examples, many of which are being raised currently in the war between Mahathir and Najib. Further downstream, some MBs have been associated with allegations of corruption, with even two being jailed and a few euphemistically told to take retirements. Are they Chinese? I won;t intrude in areas of lese majeste and stop here.

      While I accept that Chinese have a long flirtation with corruption that lamentable practice was tied up with the more than thousand year long history of Chinese bureaucracy, you cannot absolve the Malays or for that matter, any other race, from corruption and tolerance for corruption. Indonesia has been another classic example where its lexicon even includes a word for that, namely, pungli (singkatan bagi 'pungutan liar'). Even in religion, most witnessed corrupt practices

    2. Another nite-crawler from under the tempurung, coming up with a ‘classic’ pigeon-holed mentality.

      ‘It makes sense because the most common purveyors of corruption (offering bribes and kick-backs) in the country are actually Chinese businessmen.’

      So, there r givers, BUT who r the majority of the receivers????

      The tempurung crowd? The ketuanan kakis? & what RACE is these majority blur-sotongs?

      Remember, a clap needs BOTH hands! But then for a nite-crawler, there might be other means!

      How could u blame only 1 party - there's push & where's the pull?

      Why don’t u go 1-step deeper & say since the mata-sepets r so moneyed & IFF these bribe takers r to be guided by their TRUE religious belief to be incorruptible, then most probably the mata-sepet bribe givers WOULD have saved their bribes & used in some other ventures – like their vernacular education? Not that they r not NOW.

      Best for the tempurung blur-sotongs since there would be more money, saved from these extra education fund for their MARA IS-hot beds ! Yes???


      So next time think deeper & preferably both sides before u shoot, penghianat adapt! It reflects poor family upbringing.

      That’s for u – by looking through yr bamboo silo about the view under the tempurung - a double wampy!

    3. Only a shameless out and out racist will brazenly tar a whole race ( not his own race of course ! ) with that kind of wild statement laced with self indulgent smugness. Wonder what he understood by Dr M's crying endlessly about Malay's Money Politics...another euphemism for CORRUPTION ! Were the Chinese involved in Umno's money politics, with its shenanigans of getting the support of the division leaders ? The civil service.....98% Melayu...year in year out....the Auditor-General with reports of billions of ringgit lost EVERY YEAR for decades and we have yet to see even ONE of them going to jail for this.

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      Cibai melayu, you are so sure your blood is pure malay kah? not indian

      As for kaytee, he is non existence in malaysia as he violated the first tenet of rukunnegara

    5. ciabi looes, I'll be in Fiji soon and will remind the authorities of cibai you and your Methodist affiliation. It's likely they'll prepare for you a mosquito-infested cell which will be reeking of stale urine and with a vomit-stained bed crawling with bugs and lice, wakakaka Buleh!

  3. The furore that embroils PR: Is it because of PAS?

    A disrespect or biadap or sombong whatsoever; to me it would be just a matter of political annoyance and no more. But to pigeon-holed PAS and it members vis-à-vis its support the ulamaks and not the Erdogans is unquestionably unjust.

    DAP imputed that Hadi has got a devious and/or destructive motive? What devious/destructive motive? DAP is against hudud, this reaches much deeper and is far more central to the entire kencing controversy in PR.

    The more DAP opens its mouth to speak about hudud/PAS/Hadi, the more it creates and spreads erroneous ideas and fitnah.

    I would agree with KT that PKR would perhaps join BN, and Azmin would be the PM. PAS would be contented with Kelantan and perhaps Terengganu. Kedah will be a bonus. Remember that winning elections and Putrajaya is not the ulamaks’ main thrust.

    My reading, DAP will not even keep Penang. I agree with Tanah Melayu that more and more Chinese would come back to BN i.e. GERAKAN and MCA. Johor would be 100% BN again.

    Excuse me DAP? Please, say it again. What? Impian Kedah and Perlis? Wakakaka…

    I met Pak Samad Said once, not too long ago at Kunikuniya - Suria KLCC. He is a poet and not a politician lah?

    “I wondered lonely as a cow (William Wordsworth original version – his daughter changed it to cloud)…When all at once I saw a crowd…Tossing their heads in sprightly dance…A poet could not but be gay, In such a jocund company: I gazed—and gazed—but little thought, What wealth the show to me had brought?”

    1. bro hasan, I'm confused by you last paragraph. Were you attempting to humorously paraphrase Wordsworth or have you confused yourself completely. Maybe I'm the one confused but the line "I wondered lonely as a cow" was only an as yet unconfirmed rumour and not an official record of his writing of the poem, and it was not his daughter Dora but rather his sister Dorothy who collaborated on the poem but alas was not credited

      Anyway, here's the correct first verse of Wordsworth's probably most famous poem:

      I wandered lonely as a cloud
      That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
      When all at once I saw a crowd,
      A host of golden daffodils;
      Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
      Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    2. Some said it was his wife? I was in Form 2 when I had to memorise the poem and recited it in front of my class. Anyway, Pak Samad knows what message that I am trying to convey to him. Cheers...

  4. My apology KT... correction. It should be wandered and not wondered. Thanks very much.

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