Thursday, June 18, 2015

PAS wants new Selangor government

Malay Mail Online - PAS MP: Public will cry hypocrisy if coalition government stays in Selangor 

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — The public will see hypocrisy if PKR, PAS and DAP remain in power in Selangor despite dissolution of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) this week, a PAS MP warned today.

Datuk Mahfuz Omar said PKR must now pick between DAP and PAS to work with, or dissolve the Selangor government as a last resort if it cannot make a choice.

“If a coalition government happens and it is agreed to by all three parties, I worry that the public will view the PR parties as hypocrites,” the Pokok Sena MP told reporters at the sidelines of the Parliament.

“The people will say: you say you cannot work together, you sever ties with each other, but for the sake of power and positions, you remain together in a government.”

“For me, firstly PKR must choose which one is its partner, and one of PAS and DAP must be big-hearted and step away,” Mahfuz added.

Fully agreed, though his PAS colleague Khalid Samad believes there is a greater obligation on the former allies to form and thus continue the state government in Selangor.

Azmin Ali is not stupid, knowing his position as MB will be in greater jeopardy if he were to choose between PAS and DAP. He has wisely declared that while Pakatan is dead, the current Selangor state government lives on in an informal grouping (not a formal coalition or alliance) of ADUNs from the three political parties - perhaps like a zombie, you know the walking 'dead' wakakaka.

He is currently seeking HRH's endorsement so as to secure the royal approval which if given, will help shut all political parties' mouths up.

But I suspect Mahfuz Omar believes if Azmin chooses PAS, a new Malay-Muslim Unity Bloc can be made up of ADUNs from PAS (15), UMNO (12), Khalid Ibrahim (1 - is he pro UMNO/PAS?) and PKR (13).

Even if the 3 'non' PKR ADUNs, namely, Gan Pei Nei (Rawang), Eli Wong (Bukit Lanjan) and Dr Xavier Jayakumar (Sri Andalas) baulked at the thought of being wallflowers or tea-lady/boys in a Malay-Muslim Unity state government, the new bloc will still have more than enough to command a clear majority of 38 in a DUN of 56, or for that matter, 37 minus, say, a still-independent Khalid Ibrahim.

But if that were to happen, to wit, the new Malay-Muslim Unity state government, wouldn't that be EXACTLY the very HYPOCRISY that Mahfuz Omar has so pompously informed us, that the public will see hypocrisy if PKR, PAS were to form a new state government in collaboration with UMNO?

But then, I see that's PAS in its usual self!

Okay, what about Mahfuz Omar's alternative proposal, namely, for Azmin to seek HRH's consent to dissolve the Selangor government as a last resort if it cannot make a choice?

I think this would be a better choice which has been why I have voiced my agreement with Mahfuz's suggestion right at the beginning of this post!

I like to see whether PAS will be able to hang on to its 15 seats, and PKR its 13 + 1 (the last currently Khalid Ibrahim's).

There may well be some radical changes to the landscape where I suspect PKR will end up as the biggest loser.

Depending on how PKR will approach the new state election, as an ally of PAS and/or DAP or foe, each may end with plus or minus a few seats to their respective 15, but I reckon DAP will fare better than PAS though I may be a wee biased here.

But for the DAP, unlike PKR, regardless of its potential loss or wins in a new state election, it'll be no big shake for the Rocket Party as it'll not anyhow be able to form government by itself.

As for Khalid Ibrahim, if he offers himself as an independent candidate in the new state election, he is more likely to be wiped off from the scene.

UMNO is likely to benefit from a fresh state election though I doubt it'll win more than a few sets.

Thus I doubt Azmin will ever opt for this gloomy-for-PKR outcome in a new state elections. At worst, when push comes to shove and with the blessings of HRH, he'll ally PKR with PAS rather than DAP. But I think he'd prefer to maintain the status quo to gain time for PKR to manoeuvre, manipulate and monkey around to gain advantage over his former allies.

Incidentally there is a downside for PKR in siding with PAS in Selangor. The shockwaves of this Malay-Muslim Unity Bloc in Selangor will reverberate all the way to Penang, giving PKR the same instability as for the DAP there.

I am quite convinced that the Chinese and Indian voters in Penang will be unforgiving of PKR if it were to side with PAS over DAP in Selangor, and will thus punish PKR kau kau.

In either a fresh state election or in GE-14, the MCA and Gerakan in Penang may possibly pick or scavenge up a couple of constituencies in some multi-cornered contests where the two lions, DAP and PKR, rip into each other.

And don't forget Sarawak and Sabah, wakakaka.


  1. Azmin is thankful to PAS. If not for PAS he would not be an MB . Azmin knows that Hadi is not in the wrong. Azmin should maintain the status quo in the Selangor Government. Don't listen to Mahfuz Omar or LGE or LKS or Mat Sabu!

    Hello DAP – let me give you an analogy. A prostitute is not married to her customer, but yet both of them can work together and in the end both are happy because both achieve their objectives. So, what is PKR’s, DAP’s, PAS’s objective? Be it eradication of corruption or Putrajaya whatsoever - just work together lah. Mana ada susah? LGE/LKS memang ….. Aiyah, susah mahu cakap lah dalam bulan Ramadhan nie. Wakakaka…


  2. Pakatan Selangor
    The twists and turns
    The game politicians play
    On the musical chair

    The deja vue of Perak?
    The monies for the frogs
    The few hundred millions to invest
    Bringing up the wounded on the ground?

    Pas makes the worst political decision
    Of breaking up of Pakatan Rakyat
    All because of hudud law
    The minds salivating but at price?

    Pas in politics
    Religion shouldn't play a role
    It never helps in multi-racial country
    Pas will fall all the years turned into rubbish

    Azmin should advice Sultan Selangor
    Dissolve the state assembly and go to the poll
    Let the people of Selangor decide her destiny
    Don't let the frogs ruin the hope of the people

    Don't wait for political time is short
    Delayed action will cause frogs to breed
    We had one in Perak through millions invested
    The Pakatan government fell through frogs

    1. When pain pins emotion
      pride peals like bells
      the mind takes a hide.

      Devil whispers
      breaks the spirit
      conquers and controls
      the soul.

      Faith abandoned
      walks on fragments
      mirrors and glasses.

      The aftermath -
      it would pass
      only after
      fulfilling .A.'s lust.

  3. To the overburnt rancid satay culprits:

    What is but there to do
    than to serve the people
    If on this you haven’t a clue
    Then you’re in deep trouble

    Leave your own desires
    behind to your main task
    From you, all it really requires
    isn’t much of a big f* ask

    No more of burnt rancid satay
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    Belay your gross bullshit move
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    Put your bloody back to the job
    For the rakyat, sweat and toil
    And do not their hopes you rob
    Nor their trust you f* soil

  4. There are several things i despise, loathe and detest and they are :

    1) those prodigal sons who are born with silver spoons on their mouth. Never been any challenges in their live. One who is prepared his career from mp to mb to minister right to defence, finance and pm. What the fuck he has acheived all the way? The cibai fuck is people like kaytees suck up to bangsatwans like najib. Fuck........

    By the way, i will still look down on cl flamuaris till he realises that he had bite people like kaytee.

    Stop barking! start biting ktemoc