Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Genie

Another of my short pieces, wakakaka.

Once the genie is let out of the Constitutional flask, you can't put it back!

And now a poem from Shel Silverstein (taken from The Literary Bug):

The Genie In The Flask

I opened up that magic flask,
And zoof, up popped a genie.
I thought he’d be my slave, but no–
This genie is a meanie.

Instead of filling every wish
And doing all my bidding,
He says that I must be his slave,
And oh, He isn't kidding.

I sweat and cough with no days off
From Tuesdays until Mondays.
I cook his beans and scrub his back
And wash his yucky undies

And sweep and paint–this surely ain’t
The magic I was hopin’.
I guess in life it all depends

Which magic flask you open.


  1. One Constitutional Genie I would strongly advice DAP not to let out of the bottle is questioning the Special Position of the Malays.

    I know the DAP Version 2.0 is clever enough not to explicitly challenge Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution.
    However, many of the DAP's avowed policies, especially those it emphasises in front of Chinese crowds amounts to dismantling various Government policies and institutions founded upon the provisions of Article 153.

    I have often wondered how PAS justifies to itself lying in the same bed with such an obviously anti-Malay anti-Islam party. Fortunately that hypocrisy is now over.

    PKR still more-or-less remains DAP's bed-partner, but THAT party has never been known for any principles.

    1. I totally disagree with your accusation that DAP is an anti-Malay anti-Islam party. Where is the evidence to support such a reckless allegation?

    2. Because he says so.

      According to tanah melayu, you pukimak kaytee is a useless pile of shit.

      Especially you violated first tenet of rukun negara

    3. actually you're the very p**im@h the Fijians are looking for, because of your seditious methodist affiliations. That's why states must be secular, to prevent cibai p**im@h like you from misusing your god to threaten and sabotage democratic institutions - you bl**dy cibai quasi-cleric

    4. Nite-crawler from the tempurung clan,

      What's the essence of the Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution?

      To enhance, protect a dis-advantage blur-sotong group from eternity?

      To create loop-holes for the few elites to hijack the 'positive-discrimination' clauses till neraka?

      Never mind yr twisted postings about DAP's explicitly challenge, read here;

      '....You see, even though I am a Malay-Muslim myself, I unequivocally reject the notion of “Bumiputera” and “Ketuanan Melayu”. I find these notions to be appalling and abhorrent because we are all sons and daughters of this land. To exclude anyone based on race goes against my ethos as a Muslim. I also question the official views on Islam and especially oppressive policies in the name of Islam which I term “Islamofascism”. ' by Farouk A. Peru.

      So, which section of the tempurung gang r u? Any comment about that 'all sons and daughters of this land'???

      BTW, the PAS hypocrisy IS not over yet - for they still want to live in the house of his divorced spouse! Obviously trying to play kayu dua - for a party that claimed to uphold the TRUE (????) principles of Islam?????


  2. What if the genie thinks he is both god and ghost? Can we imagine the consequences? Unknown servitude? Unknown bondage?

  3. When Najib will be going shafting Madhater's arse and suing the US Daily?