Monday, June 01, 2015

Malaysia's new tourism minister

Malay Mail Online - Human trafficking camp can become tourist attraction, Shahidan says

on your way out, you can get our discounted priced souvenirs of bones, teeth and skulls

If such is the thinking of a federal minister, who has no concept of national shame, then more than 75% of adult Malaysians can serve as far far better minister than him.

Malu pun ta'tahu.

But then, hasn't he been overly hasty in excusing those Malaysian officials who were complicit in the horrendously evil act, as I had blogged in Death camps & 'member kita'. He could roled them as tourist guides who might 1st-hand experiences in the gruesome affairs of those camps.


  1. What does it mean?

  2. Again kaytee, how do you sleep at night?

    1. very well actually as I don't believe people hang themselves over GST. They could easily close shop, so the belief of them resorting to such drastic measures is pure bull. Their suicides indicate there might have been something far more drastic than GST

      cibai looes, you should not exploit someone's death to score political points, you're really a chao cibai

  3. I don't believe Najib's fucking noble cause of introducing GST. To me, it is meant to suck all our blood and now Najib is guilty with 2 murders. Fuck Najib