Friday, August 26, 2022

Something amiss when legal system kinder to Nicky Liow than Najib, says Zaid

Something amiss when legal system kinder to Nicky Liow than Najib, says Zaid

Zaid Ibrahim says the country is witnessing an ‘unusual legal process’.

PETALING JAYA: Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has called for “meaningful judicial reforms” for the protection of all citizens, giving as an example the difference in treatment accorded to former prime minister Najib Razak against that for an underworld organisation “Nicky and the Gang”.

“If the son of Tun Abdul Razak cannot be guaranteed a fair trial, will we, ordinary citizens, get one?” he asked in a video posted today, addressing Umno members ahead of a special briefing by party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi tomorrow.

Zaid, who was part of Umno until 2008, said the country had been witness to an “unusual legal process”. Umno members must understand the issues involved and that the flaws in Malaysia’s judicial processes must be corrected so that everyone is protected under the law, he said.

He said Najib had never asked for the government to intervene to withdraw the charges against him or to influence the judges hearing his case.

However, representations to the attorney-general (AG) had resulted in reduced charges in the Nicky Liow case, as well as cases involving Vincent Tan’s son, and the troubled oil and gas firm Serba Dinamik, he said.

Zaid related his experience in representing Najib in an unsuccessful appeal to the Federal Court earlier this week, when the court had refused to grant time for the new defence from Zaid’s firm to prepare their case.

“If the government in Putrajaya can exercise its discretion in favour of Nicky and the Gang, an underworld organisation of 14 gangsters including four Chinese nationals – if they can be freed by the AG by way of just one letter of representation, why can’t a former prime minister be given an additional two months to prepare his submissions,” he asked.

“Is it so unreasonable for us to ask our judges to allow us two months – not two years – to study the case?” he said.

He said Tan’s son had his charge reduced after representations were made by his lawyers to the attorney-general.

Likewise, oil and gas company Serba Dinamik also saw charges that carried a potential sentence of imprisonment reduced to a mere compound, he said.

“This is the justice that prevails in Putrajaya today,” he said.

Zaid said it was not unreasonable for Najib to want to engage new lawyers given that he had lost in the SRC International corruption case at the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

He questioned if it was unreasonable for Najib to want to explore other opportunities and perspectives in the case.

Zaid said Najib ought to have been allowed to adduce evidence to show that judge Nazlan Ghazali had presided over the trial despite a conflict of interest.

“Asking for the opportunity to do so, and for more time, does not mean that we support corruption or abuse of power. We are merely advocating for the application of the proper legal process,” he said.

He described the accusations and slander to which Najib had been subjected as being “totally unfair”.

Liow, who was sought by police earlier this year, surrendered on April 11 and was charged the following day with 26 counts of money laundering totalling RM36 million. He was released on RM1 million bail in two sureties and other conditions.

Tan’s son was arrested in December 2019 under the Dangerous Drugs Act, which carries the mandatory death penalty, for having a large quantity of drugs in his possession.

However, a Twitter account, Edisi Siasat, now called Edisi Khas, has alleged that the case was shelved, as one requiring no further action, by then AG Tommy Thomas.

Serba Dinamik was penalised with a RM16 million compounded fine by the Securities Commission Malaysia after the company and its four senior officers submitted a false statement to Bursa Malaysia.

The compound was fully settled. Following representation from Serba Dinamik, the Attorney-General’s Chambers agreed on April 7 to have all other charges compounded.


  1. Son of Tun Razak fully received a fair trial.
    Stop the Hogwash , Zaid Ibraihim

  2. It was Zaid Ibrahim and his law firm which tried to manipulate the Federal Court process.
    Yes, the Court was firm in adhering to established process, but no more and no less than what ordinary citizens before the Court.
    The Son of Tun Razak cannot expect to get More Than Equal treatment before the Court.

  3. You can take Zaid Ibrahim out of UMNO, but you can never take the UMNO out of Zaid Ibrahim.

  4. This real pendatang is lying the foundation of his coming corruption trials!

    Perhaps he should pray that he would be jailed far far away from that country club that jibby pair r been resided.