Thursday, August 25, 2022

Najib's supporters furious with 'cruel' Ismail Sabri

Najib's supporters furious with 'cruel' Ismail Sabri

For decades, the prevailing perception is that the constitutional principle of separation of powers is open to abuse in Malaysia.

Although Umno’s top leadership has denied asking Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to intervene in their court cases, Najib Abdul Razak’s supporters appeared furious that strings were not pulled to ensure a favourable outcome.


This is how Jalinan Perpaduan Negara Malaysia president Syed Muhammad Imran described the Federal Court’s decision after leading some 300 supporters to submit a memorandum to Istana Negara asking the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to pardon the former premier.

Giving the impression that it is common for the executive to persecute political rivals, the Umno member said he could understand if this happened during Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin’s tenure as prime minister.

“But this is a BN government and the person you betrayed is a BN leader who has contributed a lot to the nation. If (Najib) was not there, Umno would have been destroyed,” he added.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob

So appalled was Syed Muhammad that he even contemplated doing the unthinkable for an Umno member - join DAP.

“Might as well work with DAP. They stand together with their leaders even if they are languishing in prison. Umno is only powerful on social media but is afraid to hit the streets,” he said.

Syed Muhammad said he would quit Umno if party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also facing a slew of corruption charges, and Ismail Sabri refused to secure Najib’s freedom.

He also vowed to bring a larger group of supporters to Istana Negara next week if nothing is done.

“I am asking the prime minister to intervene, or Umno leaders should withdraw their support for this useless government,” he added.

Withdrawing support

Following the Federal Court’s decision to dismiss Najib’s appeal his conviction and sentence in the SRC International case on Tuesday, the former premier was taken to the Kajang prison to serve his 12-year imprisonment.

He must also settle a fine of RM210 million or spend an additional five years behind bars.

Najib had claimed that he was denied a fair trial and lamented that the might of the judiciary was pinned against him.

Equally livid with Ismail Sabri was former Umno supreme council member and Najib supporter Lokman Noor Adam.

In a Facebook video, he described the Umno vice-president as a “cruel leader” and urged the party to withdraw its support for his coalition government.

He also suggested that imprisoning Najib and having Zahid convicted would benefit Ismail Sabri, who landed in the prime minister’s seat due to political happenstance.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

“What we should do is withdraw our support. If you don’t want to sack him (from Umno), at least suspend him. We will see. If he is loyal to the party, he will remain with us,” he said.

After Umno engineered Muhyiddin’s ouster, the latter had also given the impression that the executive could chart the direction of high-profile court cases.

He claimed that Najib and Zahid were upset because he refused to intervene in their respective legal wrangles. The pair denied this.


  1. Read the Court findings....there is no cruelty against Bossku.
    He received full proper due process under Malaysian law, his defence was given full opportunity to refute the weight of evidence against him (but not to manipulate the Federal Court process) , the High Court judge finding was reviewed by 3 judges in the Appeals Court, and 5 judges.
    Najib was found guilty based on the evidence against him, and he is justly in jail.

    1. U expect a pack of ketuanan freaks, who use to have everything their own way, to understand fair logic & legal deduction based on the rule of law?

      Perhaps, there lies yr own interpretations of demoNcratic farts!

  2. Just proves that a great many UMNO supporters are certified Dungus.

  3. Najib faces another 4 trials for various wrong doing. They are separate offences but revolve around the 1MDB and SRC ecosystem.

    If the Agong pardons Najib for the SRC offence while the other trials are still ongoing, it would amount to His Majesty shafting His Majesty's Courts, which are after all constituted in the name of the Royal Institution.

  4. We have all along known that the courts were used by people like Mahathir to follow their agendas.

    So, for this Syed Muhammad to be upset that Najib is in jail is understandable because he can't see why turtle egg did not just pick up the phone to instruct the CJ how to decide the verdict.

    And the fact that he thinks he could just walk in to join DAP as a protest against the failure of UMNO to save Najib does not really speak well of DAP.

    1. Wakakakaka…

      Who do u think this Syed Muhammad is?

      Someone who is used to get what he wanted. DAP membership included? He can apply but tankuku for that illusive approval lah.