Saturday, August 27, 2022

No regrets about being a gentleman in politics, says Najib

No regrets about being a gentleman in politics, says Najib

Najib Razak says he fought for the people even after he lost power.

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak says he has no regrets over being a gentleman in politics, and that he wanted only to give his best to the country and people.

In a note penned prior to his jailing on Tuesday and shared on his Facebook page tonight, Najib said he had seen the worst in politics, with his sincerity being reciprocated with treachery.

“I guess in politics, you should never be a gentleman. But that’s my personality, how can I be someone I am not? All I wanted to do was give my best and do what I could,” he said.

In his posting, Najib spoke of his time as the sixth prime minister and listed his accomplishments including doubling the size of the economy from RM700 billion to RM1.4 trillion, and building up the assets of Khazanah Nasional, Tabung Haji, EPF and Petronas.

He also said he ensured cash aid was given fairly to more and more people each year and that various initiatives were launched to help the people including Klinik 1 Malaysia, Urban Transformation Centres and public housing projects.

Najib also wrote about the construction of toll-free highways and rail networks in the Klang Valley, Sabah, and Sarawak.

He said he had fought for the people, even when no longer in power, pushing for EPF withdrawals for those struggling after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is OK if no one appreciates these. Such is life after all. I gave my best, I tried my best,” he said.

“Now my family and I are faced with a difficult test. I will face it. Perhaps this is the price for (my) sacrifice.”

On Tuesday, Najib was committed to prison by the Federal Court after it upheld his conviction on seven counts of money laundering, abuse of power and criminal breach of trust in the SRC International case.

He was sentenced to 12 years’ jail and fined RM210 million, or five years’ jail in default.


  1. "gentleman"

    Wow… coming out from a known insidious politikus of a known crooked family!

    Obviously he has NO shame in acknowledging his "sincerity" being reciprocated with equal treachery throughout his political career!

  2. Bossku has No regrets for being a Mega Thief.
    That is why he must absolutely NOT received any premature Royal Pardon.
    Not until he has spent many years of his sentence in jail.