Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Drastic Desperado Doublespeak

10 days ago I posted There are criminals and then there are criminals in which I mentioned Mahathir stating (reported by Malaysiakini) that PM Naib could even be arrested by police overseas?

I had then commented: What was not mentioned (because alas, it's a bloody f* fact which you shouldn't be bothered with) is that the PM or for that matter, any PM or diplomat, enjoys diplomatic immunity abroad and cannot be touched, with one exception, that on matters involving war crimes.

Then, a desperate Mahathir had resorted to using the example of Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur (but an alleged crime ignored by many Islamic countries, Russia and China, etc).

Is Najib also accused of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity? C'mon lah, Tun, don't tembak with such an offensively outrageous odious comparison. 

Aiyoyo, pathetic lah. I was deeply disappointed by this once-strongman of Malaysia who was obviously desperately flinging poo around. We know he wants Najib out for his own political purpose.

Now, he disappoints me again by singing a different belakang-pusing & merajuk-ish tune, saying Najib [is] safe abroad, [as] international laws won't touch him.

With his volte-face kok-talk, can we or should we follow his guttersnipe attacks every which way at his foe? Before, when he was PM, we didn't. Why then should we now, when he is even worse than before?

We must, have to draw a principled line in the sand, and stop listening to his rants.


  1. It is not only Mahathir.Some opposition leaders and Mahathir's followers were daring Najib to go to New York and risk arrest.These are people who have their heads stuck inside the camels asses.It will be better for these morons with horny mouths to have kept their fucking mouths shut.

  2. Sometimes,it just show how stupid these politicians could be.It just shows that sucking dicks can make one go nuts and bonkers.And cuckoo to.

    1. Sigh. Hope your hot flushes end soon. Are you on medication? Your gills are beginning to show. Hehehe.

  3. Just look at over sexed ex MB Thambi Chik.The cuckoo had to apologized three times and beg for forgiveness for posting nonsense about the prince from Selangor.

    1. Thambi Chik is his father la. Yannadey kadavulei! Hehehe. Hidup Datuk Jamal!

  4. Hehe so very true. Hope he hasnt got dementia like the otr ex-politician who cant find his way home recently. My adv is try to let go & be free of unnecessary self inflicted headache. Msia wont collapse wt out u.

  5. u sound as if u only know mahathir today, what a childish rant. regardless of how mahathir pusing sini sana, we still think yr najib shd go, not because of what mahathir say or do, but rather what yr najib say or do.

    1. hah, so you agree with me that mahathir has been spinning. now, whether najib goes or not is not my concern, wakakaka

    2. of course not yr concern, u coward r either in oz, uk or spore.

    3. everyone is a coward except you, wakakaka

    4. not me alone, every msian reside in msia that was threaten by yr najib red guard n continue to stand one ground is not a coward, n we dun talk kok from far far away. what do ya think?

  6. speaking of doublespeak, how u expect an incumbent that have 2.6 b or more to spend, n with various resources that could brainwash a self claim independent blogger into a infantile mind, could turn the generally poor folk in rural area into a discerning voters? stop yr koktalk la, no wonder the coffee dude imply what a simple minded dude u r wakaka.

    1. wah you're very reckless in your accusations, wakakaka, becoming paranoid that every blogger especially this one is against you. and stop telling lies and putting words in the mouth of Coffee Dude, but then you're a PKR supporter, aren't you, wakakaka

  7. As Dr. Mahathir is the subject of your post, you will find more grist for your mill in this Malaysia Chronicle report HERE. It's a short article and worth a read if for nothing more than curiosity.

    1. as per my post Mahathir will say black one day and white the next if that statement can undermine Najib or blacken Najib's name. Had Najib defended the Chinese Ambassador, I'm sure you can guess which way the Mahathir wind would have blown. Thus my point is that TODAY we cannot take Mahathir's words nor accept any of his arguments as he is not about facts and fairness but about getting rid of Najib for his son's future

    2. Mon Ami, You seem to be fixated on the idea that Mahathir is acting the way he does in order to boost his son's "future". But there doesn't appear to be any evidence to support such a view. Can you perhaps share what evidence you have/discern that supports your stand? Or is it merely a gut feeling on your part?

      To defend Najib whilst demonising Mahathir at this point in time may not be prudent as charges and denials are flying thick in the air, so to speak, and clarity as to which side is telling the truth is still very much lacking. Do note that Mahathir is not alone in making noises about huge sums of money mysteriously wandering around all over the world. Have you not heard the saying "There's no smoke without a fire"?

    3. Firstly let me get one thing straight regardless of whether you believe me - it's something lots of commentators have been accusing em of, wakakaka. but I am not defending Najib. Not attacking him does not automatically mean I'm defending him -let's not have the Bush bullshit of "either you're with us or against us".

      As for evidence per you "that Mahathir is acting the way he does in order to boost his son's future" there is no such thing as concrete evidence though I can offer (and indeed already have in previous posts) circumstantial evidence, as follows:

      (a) Durng Najib's 1st term as pM, he did the unprecedented and did NOT appoint the UMNO Youth Chief as a minister but instead Mukhriz (nobody BIG in the UMNO Youth) as a deputy minister - I'm not saying Mahathir had demanded this directly from Najib which is why I said it's circumstantial evidence

      (b) Do you think Mukhriz is so great he had been an automatic choice for deputy minister and currently as MB of Kedah - recently Najib revealed that he picked Mukhriz to be MB. Again, on Mukhriz MB-ship, I'm not saying Mahathir had demanded this of Najib, thus it's circumstantial evidence

      (c) once Mahathri mentioned that he mentored Najib out of hutang bud to Razak, implying (again circumstantial evidence only)he expected.Najib to kembalikan the hutang budi

      (d) Mahathir had shown he believes he's been THE man who can appoint and dismiss PMs, discarding one previously and now attempting to do so to Najib. He even complained once that Najib failed to see him for 6 months. Has it been a requirement for the PM to report to him?

      And are you saying Mahathir hasn't been previously aware of the Altantuyaa's case prior to his "appointment" of Najib, or that there have been rampant corruption among UMNO people?

      So, whatever Najib is up to or has done, I am not suggesting those are okay BUT for Mahathir to raise the alarm NOW but not before surely persuades us (especially me, a blogger of socio-political issues) that we need to examine why he (Mahathir) has done so NOW - which in turn directs us to his more recent complaints that Najib was not done this and that, or was doing this and that, and reminding us also that in the last UMNO leadership election Mukhriz was defeated narrowly in the VP post by Hishamuddin but only with the help of KJ (Youth's delegate votes) and Shahrizat (UMNO Women's delegate votes).

      Both KJ and Shahrizat are Najib's people and this has been a major turning point for Mahathir's support of Najib. He's pissed off his son didn't become a VP, a very vital appointment to become a PM.

      I could go on and on, but 'nuff said.

      As a blogger who wants to post stuff slightly different from others I like to probe into the why's and wherefore's which other bloggers don't. What's the point of mouthing the same stuff as others.

    4. Quote: Firstly let me get one thing straight regardless of whether you believe me - it's something lots of commentators have been accusing me of, wakakaka. but I am not defending Najib. Not attacking him does not automatically mean I'm defending him -let's not have the Bush bullshit of "either you're with us or against us".

      When an attack is launched at a person and if you block and neutralize that attack, you ARE inarguably defending/protecting that person. It's just like when someone throws a stone at you and I reach out my hand to block the stone from hitting you I am defending/protecting you. The issue here is about "intent" - when you deflect Mahathir's attacks on Najib your intention may be solely to point out and expose the ulterior motive behind the attacks but the end result is still the same - the consequence of your action indeed shielded the object of the verbal attacks from damage even though that may not be your intention at all!

      Anyway, after saying all of the above, let me state that any long-time reader of your blog (as moi is) is perfectly aware that you are no defender of BN or Najib. So, no need to get emotional about anyone misreading where your loyalty lie. I, for one, know where your loyalty/admiration reside. ;-)

      Just an aside ..... the reasons you proffered for Mahathir's motivation in his hounding of Najib do sound quite plausible.

    5. kaytee emotional? wakakaka I have THICK skin lah, wakakaka again. Cheers

    6. "let me state that any long-time reader of your blog (as moi is) is perfectly aware that you are no defender of BN or Najib."

      then u must be a short-time reader of rpk's blog. n much shorter-time reader of halen ang's writes. n u shd know no keris, even najib infamous one can pierce thru kt skin. we malaysian might not that lucky.

    7. Hi, HY, you wrote: then u must be a short-time reader of rpk's blog. n much shorter-time reader of halen ang's writes. n u shd know no keris, even najib infamous one can pierce thru kt skin. we malaysian might not that lucky.

      That's true, I don't read their blogs. Once in a long while I might go there to have a look (just for some light entertainment) but mostly I ignore these two blogs - have never been a fan of theirs.

      In recent times RPK's writings seem to me to have not much substance, it's mostly flashy word play. Maybe the "Deep Throats" that used to feed him with juicy info have all drifted away. Anyway, he does write fetchingly. He has a way with words and obviously he knows it which is why reading his articles sometimes I get the feeling that he has this smugness and self-satisfied air, something like: "Hey, my reader, see how brilliantly I write - aren't you impressed?"

      As for Helen Ang's corner (I believe you mean Helen even though you spelt it as "halen"), unfortunately it is too heavy with mean-spiritedness, ill-will and negativity. Reading her stuff is a downer. Indulging in such driven, compulsive negativism could very well bring bad luck to those who engage in it and maybe even to those who read such things - you know, like getting cancer, death, getting involved in accidents, loss of money, never winning any lottery ..... ahem, OK, just joking there. ;-)

  8. I have a strange feeling in my fingers and in my toes that that sniper rifle will backfire and kills the baboon...wakakaka

    1. walaubagaimanapun, dia terus tembak - ini contoh desperado

  9. Najib should be made the Prime Minister of Mslaysia for life. Reasons ?, don't ask me.

    1. only if in accordance with Westminster parliamentary democracy, and definitely not by 016 frogology nor Kajang free but rancid Satay

  10. Principled line in the sand ?

    The most important principled line in the sand which needs to be drawn in Malaysia today is to stop the theft of Malaysia's resources and abuse of official power being used to cover up that theft by the Current Prime Minister and people around him.

    1MDB is a big factor in the Ringgit's drop to Rm 4.5 , heading towards RM 5.0 by 2016, to $ 1 USD. Zeti, the respected Bank Negara Governor said as much.

    If people want to rail against Mahathir for his past record, that's fine by me.
    But will not attack him for his current campaign against Najib. I don't care about his personal motives.

    Mahathir is the only one still at liberty to highlight the crimes surrounding 1MDB.
    All else have been silenced - thrown behind bars without trial under SOSMA, fired from their job, transferred to cold-storage jobs, deported, newspaper closed down, charged in court as "Enemies of The State", barred from leaving the country, etc. etc.

    The biggest abuse of power in Malaysian history is happening before our eyes.
    Its mainly the prepaid and postpaid bloggers who are still supporting Najib.
    Good money, ya ?

    1. but hasn't my post demonstrated his black one day and white the next. You want to believe such a man, please go right ahead.

    2. There is actually no contradiction between Mahathir's first and second statement regarding Najib's criminality.
      Mahathir's intended audience are the simple folks , who still support Najib. He has to explain in simple language.
      In complex language I would put it this way.

      a) There are on-going criminal investigations into 1MDB and Najib by authorities on 3 continents - Asia - Hong Kong and Singapore, Europe - UK and Switzerland, and USA. Najib may soon find himself facing criminal charges and arrest warrants.

      b) (Second statement) The Vienna Convention 1961 on diplomatic relations between nations, to which Malaysia and most other countries are signatories, means that as the current Prime Minister travelling on a diplomatic passport Najib cannot actually be arrested by authorities while in signatory countries.

    3. are you a Mahathir cyber-spinning trooper? wakakaka

  11. Re: "We must, have to draw a principled line in the sand, and stop listening to his rants."
    Your contention is that in future we should treat whatever he says as no longer credible?

    Reading the news again on his first statement, he actually added a "caveat" which was
    reported by Malaysiakini:
    "However Mahathir cautioned he was merely speculating. 'It is a possibility, I am
    guessing, not that it would happen,' he said."

    I would take his second statement as he correcting himself as part of his trademark
    sarcasm on the double standards immunity enjoyed by US presidents with regard
    to human rights violations : "So all this talk about money laundering is only confined
    to small people. If I do some money laundering I may be arrested. But if you are
    holding a high position, you are exempted."

    Coming back to the subject of credibility, look at the following recent statements
    on the rallies and decide for yourself which is more credible :

    1) Dr Mahathir: (15 September 2015 )
    "They say this rally is because the Bersih rally was racist. But the Bersih rally was
    not racist, every race was there together. So, they make Bersih racist, to show that
    they are championing the Malays. They are not fighting for the Malays, so there
    is no need for it,"

    2) Najib: (September 19, 2015)
    “They slapped us once, twice, three times, that’s fine. But when they slap us for
    the fourth time, they have gone overboard. Malays too have the right, Malays too
    can show that we can stand up when our dignity is being ripped apart and our
    leaders mocked "

    "Dalam insiden kali ini menjadikan saya malu dan terasa ingin memohon maaf
    kepada orang Cina yang tidak ultra kiasu, atas keceluparan orang yang mengaku
    Islam, menggunakan kata-kata kesat. ... ... ... Terkadang saya amat sedih melihat
    orang Melayu yang mengaku Islam, menganiaya makhluk yang tidak berdosa
    seperti anjing, yang turut menjadi sensitif kepada orang Melayu, sehingga kita
    sanggup menyamak beratus-ratus troli, sedangkan perkara yang lebih haram
    seperti rasuah dan riba dibiarkan berleluasa, malah diambil menjadi darah
    daging. ... ... ... Ultra kiasu tidak hanya ada pada orang Cina, tetapi Melayu juga."

    1. NOW Mahathir will run with the hare and hunt with the hounds IF these help him get rid of Najib by pressure or badmouthing


    Warning.....Malaysia Chinese will be slapped soon.. Deputy Minister....Najib's man...

    1. all bred, raised and nourished with the milk and honey of Bapak Mahathir and his 22-year legacy

  13. Let's say Mahathir is dead (he is not, but that is the fact for 95% of the people who were born in the same year as he), you still want to blame him ?

    For me , the main piece of accountability for the bad behaviour of current Ministers belongs to the Current Prime Minister..

    Why blame that idiot who quit more than 11 years ago ?, smelly though he may have been.

    1. Let's see....Malaysia has had 2 Prime Ministers since end 2003.
      They are Badawi and Najib, with all the Powers, Perks and Privileges of the position of Prime Minister.
      Do you see Mahathir anywhere in there ? What private citizen Mahathir has to say, is up to people to believe him, or not. He has had no executive powers in the Malaysian government for the last 11 years.

      That private citizen Mahathir still has a lot of political traction is a testament to the weakness, incompetence, and in the case of Najib, lack of intergrity of the two successive Prime Ministers.

      It is Ktemoc's continuing refusal to hold the current incumbent PM responsible for CURRENT execrable events under his watch, instead blaming someone who resigned more than 11 years ago, which leads me to dub him Najib Apologist, Najib Defender, nay, Najib Supporter.

    2. and who was the man who pompously apologised for choosing wrongly his two successors? wakakaka