Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black Magic on Malaysia Day?

So ... Malaysia Day ended up being part of a poker game of upping the ante.

The Red Shirts wanted to demonstrate they could match or perhaps even better Bersih 4.0, the latter seen or deliberately projected to their participants as a DAP-Chinese rally against a Malay PM.

The Malay Mail Online reported:

62-year-old Che Hassan from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan [stated]: “We’re not exactly angry at the Chinese. But we’re so angry at the DAP. They are insulting our Malay-Muslim leaders.

“They are messing around with the rights of the Malays, like what they did in Bersih 4. They insulted our leaders there, but here, we have done nothing. We didn't stir up any issues like they did.”

Once emotions have been aroused, facts, logic and reasoning went out of the window. That Bersih 4.0 had at least 20% Malay participants became unnoticed or ignored, which if tallied should worked out, in accordance with the figures given in my post 400,000 missing to be at least 20,000 Malays over two days.

And as an example of how emotions have clouded the perceptions of the Malay participants in the ethnic-centric Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu, the report by the Malay Mail Online published:

Although organisers of the Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu rally previously said the event was not meant to be racially-tinged, some participants openly admitted their objectives were to fight for the rights they claimed were trampled on by the “big-headed” Chinese.

One attendee, Muhamad Ridzuan Sulaiman, said the Malays now play too small a role in the economy, which he alleged is Chinese-controlled.

“For instance, if I wanted to open a shop next to a Chinese owned shop, they would use black magic to curse my shop,” he told Malay Mail Online as rally participants began packing up to leave Padang Merbok this evening.

The 21-year-old said although he believed the rally was not expressly anti-Chinese, it was organised due to Malay frustration over certain actions by the country’s ethnic minorities.

“The other races are just waiting for the Malays to fall,” lamented the youth who expressed interest in joining Malay nationalist party Umno.

Malays used to accuse the Chinese of being too bloody materialistic, but now they would even suspect their disliked opposite racial group of resorting to black magic (hitherto a Malay domain) to obstruct Malay progression. Preposterous as this might sound, it tells us in no uncertain terms that the ethnic divide is now far wider than it had been.

Recall the circumstances leading to Ops Lalang, that for every yin there is inevitably a yang. When the Tao had been much disturbed into a swirling disturbing disharmony by the upping of the ante in a poker game where the two players refuse to concede their hands, we should expect trouble. It's fortuitous we didn't re-witness May 13 MK II.

swirling but how will it end up?

And there's no point arguing which rally had been more noble, because in Malaysia our perception is all but a bundle of incoherent emotions and (as mentioned above) totally without fact, logic or reasoning being involved.

Yes, you may consider my statement in above paragraph as both white & black magic if you like, wakakaka.

balanced and in harmony
as we would like it

Happy Malaysia Day.


  1. This is democracy at it's best or maybe at it's worse,depending on whom you asked?

    Afterall,is this not what the opposition and Bersih have been clamoring for?Democracy,free speech and the right to dissent?Go figure.

    1. The red shirts were about race-bashing la. You stupid or what?

    2. hmmm i think it resemble communism more, the red communist, the red flag, the red army, the red fear. n u dun know the diff btw free speech n hate speech? or respect the right to dissent? b3b4 was never perfect, but to create fear is never the result n effect. go figure.

  2. Sep 16 should be made into a DAP bashing day..since the DAP-phobia is increasing,.The main theme of the Red Shirt rally is DAP bashing.-not counter message to bersih 4-that was just an excuse.
    Does it means that the prospect of DAP gaining more ground terrifies UMNO so much .they will pull no punches to halt the DAP advance? .

  3. One thing that I noticed from this red shirt rally.First,it was rumoured that Ali Rustam had visited his old buddy Anwar,at Hilton Sungei Buloh before joining the red shirted crowd.By the looks of that smirking face of his,one can only read that he must have had happy hours with Anwar.Lucky he.

  4. Despite the Chinese of Bersih 4 stomping on Hadi’s picture, the party did not mobilize its members and supporters for the event. Hadi/PAS were against the rally, which could disrupt the harmony between the different races, and which is not in line with the spirit of Malaysia Day. That is democracy at its best.

  5. The recent red shirt rally have exposed two of Umno's crumbs lovers.Jamal Yunos and that other dude aka "ikan bakar belakang" have shown that they were willing to be on their knees and sucking their political masters dicks,for crumbs.

  6. In this 20th century want to use black magic aa....

  7. The rowdy red shirt goons and samsengs wanted to breach police baricades into Petaling Street.To pacify the rowdy crowds,Mohd Jamal Yunos,that Umno division moronic head said that he will make a police report against the vendors.Make a police report against the vendors,for what?If Mohd Jamal Yunos do not know what to do in his miserable life,go jump into the nearest bush,and go shiok sendiri.He can take "ikan bakar belakang" for company.This guy must have had his fuckup head stuck inside a camel's ass.

    1. Hey, Bruno, wot you getting upset for? It's a free country - certainly free for someone like Jamal to make an idiot of himself.

    2. Bruno Bruno. Jamal don't have a miserable life ley. He has a wonderful life. Got godfather, got pussies, got money, got followers. U got or not? Hehehe.

    3. Forgot to add. Hehehe. Handsome he got. Datuk he got. Lamborghini he got. U got or not?

  8. Aiyah ........ please look further lah, Jamal is the one who is going to have the last laugh. He does not become a millionaire for being stupid. You think the "250,000" attendees bought their own tee-shirts? And who did you think arranged for all those buses? Provide the foods and drinks plus the pocket money? All bill to the party mah!

  9. As DrM put it:
    "They are organising it because they said the Bersih rally was racist. But the Bersih rally was not racist as every race was there together. So, they make Bersih racist, to show that they are championing the Malays. They are not fighting for the Malays, so there is no need for it," (September 15, 2015)
    When asked to comment yesterday:
    “I don’t know. What’s their objective?” (16 September 2015)

    As your sweetie put it:
    The ‘What, Who, When, Why, Where and How’ questions to the Red Shirts rally:

    Himpunan Anti-Bersih => Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu => Himpunan Maruah Melayu => Himpunan Ini Takut Nanti Di-hijack Tun Pula

    Dunno => Jamal Sekinchan => Anon => Ali Tinju => Pengerusi Pesaka Ali Rustam

    16 Sept 2015 (Nih soalan ehsan, disedekahkan markah penuh)

    Anti-Cina DAP => Untuk Memupuk Perpaduan => Meraikan Kepelbagaian Warna-
    Warna Malaysia => Pesta Borong T-shirt => Mempopularkan Seni Silat

    Low Yat => Chinatown => Padang Merbok => Gong Badak

    Wear manyak garang garang red T-shirt => Wear sponsored red T-shirt => Wear any
    colour except yellow => Wear black like silat exponent => Wear blue checked shirt and white fedora

    1. but the Chinese provoked meh... pijak gambar PM Najib & Hadi.. next time try to urinate on it.. and let see lah..


  10. If you have a heart
    You don't run away
    When you see wrong
    In the country

    If you have a heart
    You shouldn't be afraid
    When the rabid dogs bark
    You should stay put them down

    If you have a heart
    You will try to right a wrong
    Bring the shine back to the mind
    Let evil doers cry

    If you have a heart
    The majority will listen
    They will not try to break down
    The diversity of the nation

    If you have a heart
    Try a little kindness
    It will make a lot of difference
    In the nation of many lights