Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chinese puzzle in Petaling Street

I have to say that yesterday I was amazed (surprised), delighted and at the same time slightly embarrassed by the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia commenting on the threat by pro-UMNO Red Shirts to "visit" Petaling Street.

TMI reported that Dr Huang Huikang, his wife and a few Chinese embassy officials visited Petaling Street and warned those who used violence to disrupt public order in the country. He said the Chinese government was opposed to terrorism, extremism and any forms of discrimination based on race.

"The Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism," he was quoted as saying. [...]

The report also said that Dr Huang, who was accompanied by his wife and other embassy officials presented mooncakes to the traders in the popular shopping street, also known as Chinatown, in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

He expressed admiration with Petaling Street that had Chinese and traders of other races as well.

"Business is good here. There are many tourists. I am proud to see Chinese traders working closely with Malay and Indian traders in harmony in developing this area," he was quoted as saying.

The ambassador said it would be a shame if the peaceful environment at Petaling Street was disrupted by those with ill-intentions, adding that he was confident with the ability of the police to ensure public order.

Working backwards from my 'feelings' expressed above, to wit, " .... amazed (surprised), delighted and at the same time slightly embarrassed ...", yes I was slightly embarrassed because as a Chinese Malaysian I don't want Chinese diplomats/officials to speak for Chinese Malaysians especially on an acrimonious social issue involving Chinese Malaysians with another Malaysian ethnic group, which in this case were the Malays.

I have to admit my embarrassment has been more of a selfish reason, that Dr Huang's message would likely have worsened the Malay acrimony towards Chinese Malaysians.

At the same time I was delighted because it's always helpful for prominent foreigners to speak up against racism in Malaysia, where recently we had (via a news article on the MM Online) Thailand’s former foreign minister Kasit Piromya advising Malaysians of the dangers in playing the racial card when holding street demonstrations. He warned that ethnic sectarian affairs would be disastrous not only for Malaysia but the entire Southeast Asian region, leading them to suffer the fates of Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Foreigners are welcomed because no one in Malaysia listens anymore to local leaders on both sides of politics. But it would have been better if it had been, say, the Japanese ambassador (wakakaka), the Indonesian ambassador or better still (wakakaka again) the Saudi ambassador. Hmmm, I believe ambassadors of Western nations would have infuriated the Malays.

I was amazed (surprised) because I didn't/couldn't believe that the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia would be commenting on a sensitive Malaysian internal affair involving local Chinese. I do wonder about his staged stroll through Petaling Street to purportedly "present mooncakes" to the local traders there.

The days of Chinese jus sanguinis*, of overseas Chinese (even those born abroad) being automatically citizens of China and therefore deserving of her protection, are over, indeed on the day Mao Zedong told overseas Chinese to become good citizens of their respective country of residence. I believe he made that policy announcement when Tun Razak first visited China in the 70's.

* incidentally, India still applies jus sanguinis whether our Malaysian aneh and tambee like it or not, wakakaka.

It has been a very unusual statement by Dr Huang, in fact I would even say an undiplomatic message. It's very unusual because at this point in time China does not want to make naughty undiplomatic waves but rather friends especially in this part of the world.

Besides why would China (and its ambassador) worry about a few local Chinese in Petaling Street being bashed up? What would be the benefit for her?

Additionally, China or its ambassador does not warn a friendly small nation like Malaysia. Yes, it would/will warn her most "un-favourite" nations like the USA, Japan or Europe, but definitely not Malaysia.

Thus I have a damn bloody suspicion that Dr Huang might have done it with approval from BOTH Beijing and Putrajaya. What's the motive, I can't say other than for us not to be surprised by the covert machinations of governments!

Yes, today Putrajaya has summoned Dr Huang for an explanation on his announcement made while strolling through Petaling Street, but that could be just diplomatic sandiwara for domestic consumption.

Anyway, let's see whether Dr Huang gets recalled to Beijing and is replaced, wakakaka.


  1. Where is Jamal Yusof when he is needed to protect the dignity of his herd of dukuheads.The Chinese ambassador went to Petaling Street and this coward Jamal is already having his balls shrink to pea beans.Now he has cowardly backtrack saying he is not the organiser nor leader of the red shirted pack.He said that he is just the middle man.What middle man?Jamal,use your middle finger and shove it down your own butt hole,you cowardly leech and rent seeker.

    1. That's why la Bruno. You don't understand. Datuk Jamal got money. He is handsome. He got power. He got pussies! Nurul Izzah wants to jump his bones ley! You got or not? Hehehe. Hidup ikan bakar!

  2. Good spin...suddenly now putrajaya has to truth la...can 3g or 4g chinese ever be removed from they still think china as motherland? Do they speak malay more fluent than their parents? Or do we use 10% to represent the other 90%? Look at chinese news on tv...everyday without fail...mesti mau ada berita from china... u said la...u sikit amazed or amused china govt tegur malaysian but u did not question even china human record in mainland....u know like.calling ambassador...pot calling a bro...u might b famous...butbu lrove to be a farce

  3. 'What's the motive'

    south china sea?

  4. In short, you are saying it's a conspiracy between Malaysian and China govts.
    What is in it for the Chinese govt.? For Malaysia, it could generate an excuse
    for another diversionary rally, but China? Why would China play along with
    this game unless there is some purpose?

  5. Every Chinaman in the world (ambassadors included) were offended by the red shirts Umno backed protestors cursing "Cina Babi".
    To add salt to injury, they said Chinese eat pork, so really Chinese Pigs: Cina Babi. Those red shirts did not say Malaysian Chinese Babi. Putrajaya will ask the China Ambassador to explain, and Dr. Huang will just reply "you called me and my people "Chinese Pigs" on Sep 16th 2015. How is that diplomacy?

  6. malaysian chinese association, why not chinese malaysian assoc? and how about malaysian indian congress, are they the same? i notice in his blog, kt has been religiously using the phrase chinese malaysian. di australia orang malaysia di panggil malay samada cina, melayu, india, bhai or dayak etc. betul tak anhea?

    1. that's true. Some Aussies are quite ignorant and call every Malaysian a Malay, thus we have Malay Malay, Chinese Malay, Indian Malay etc, indicating that to those aussies, "Malay" is a nationality rather than race

    2. Whereas in Malaya, the Malays call Al Chinese as Chinese Chinese. If you don't like it, go back to China la. Like all Chinese are China's citizens. Now China's Ambassodor want to protect Chinese people's interest, they scream domestic interference. Please make up your mind about Chinese status in Malaysia.

    3. no, they aren't ignorant. they are just 'lazy' to sebut malaysian. it is the same case for malaysian who are also malas nak sebut indonesian, we just call them indon regardless of bugis, acheh, batak, jawa, banjar etc. malaysians esp the chinese may want to 'keluar dari kampong' and see what they will be called outside malaysia. tak perlu pergi jauh2, singapura pun dah cukup, not to mention china, hongkong or taiwan.

  7. what huang said during his visit of petaling street for mid autumn is pretty general n common statement, perhaps the timing is a bit sensitive. I still dun know how some of us trying to relate his comment to chinese msian, my reading is he was talking abt prc citizen in msia.

    actually the thing that puzzle huang is that he would never comprehend y everytime there is tussle or argument, we msian must pull in indonesia, china n india, it is typical childish to call balik indon china n india but at the same time we do not wan others to interfere our affair, next time we say balik estate, balik village dan balik kampong sound more politically correct wakaka

  8. oh forgot, indian punya estate pun sudah takde, suruh balik penjara sound more suit to reality.

    1. itu his highness chinese ambassador kenapa nak jadi batu api? it just shows that besides the shaking of hands and diplomacy.. the mainland chinese hate the malays too.. the indians and the indons are not involved here...

    2. u disagree with what huang said? the red guard wan to have rally close to mid autumn, what can we do abt it? the mainland chinese know very little of malays, perhaps only mahathir, they often thought mahathir is the most vocal third world leader that dare to go against the usa, like what china did. perhaps u r okay with cina babi n balik cina. I am not, not sure about huang, n huang can balik cina but I cant. do u ever know or learn to know the diff?

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  10. Malaysia is now a country where fraud is right, and those who expose fraud are enemies of the state.
    Level headed comments from abroad, from someone who has no vested interest in
    taking sides in daily Malaysian politics can be like a whiff of fresh air.

    However, we are in the midst of a Najib-directed campaign to shore up his support by whipping up Malay nationalist fervour. Bersih stands accused of being a Chinese-organised attempt to topple the government.
    Never mind that the Bersih rally was really multi-racial, with plenty of Malay support, and demanding Najib to withdraw is hardly the same as toppling the Malaysian government.

    In the current context, the China ambassador wading into the middle of Petaling Street is a most unfortunate event, with potential to whip up Malay nationalists into a rabid paroxysm of racial chest-beating..