Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pakatan Harebrained

Here's a woman with a oriental fan in her hands and her feet separately on two different boats, one with the PAS sampan and the other on the so-called Pakatan Harapan Harebrained perahu, each sailing in different directions.

It is also the sad story of a taxi sapu, typified by PAS continuing to be part of the Pakatan state government of Selangor when it has clearly said it no longer is part of Pakatan.


  1. No,they jumped the gun on the hasty demise of PR.These opposition dudes cannot differentiate the difference between a pussy and an ass.

  2. I was very optimistic of PR's chances of winning GE13,especially when they got the local Sabah warlords to join PKR.But,alas,all the good times lasted as fast as a quickie.Anwar and his henchman,aka the "dwarf" wanted to rape them,not once but twice.

    After the first incident,Azizah went to pow wow and got the local dudes back.But as soon as they got back into bed,the second incident occurred.The local dudes then headed for the doors,ran for their lives and never looked back.

    Because of their ketuahnan Melayu animal mentality and personal egos,they lost badly in Sabah and up goes their chances of getting a shot at federal power.If the locals in Sabah had came and stayed on board,Sarawak would have come too.Who knows,Umno might have lost GE13?So to the fuckups in PKR,the party will be like I said before,become a mosquito party like the PSM after GE14.

    1. So like a spurned lady, you came running back to Ajibkor? What la. Hehehe.

  3. ketuahnan... i like that word bruno.. hanya mengharapkan dan bergantong kepada tuah dan nasib.. memberi satu harapan palsu yang tidak akan menjadi kenyataan... yang akan mereka tinggalkan nanti hanyalah harapan.

  4. Jamal Yunos,if your political masters weren't Umno leaders,would you dare to participate in the red shirt's rally.Well,I guess not.You will be hiding under your mama's sarong.It is what chicken little's like you do.Do not forget blow jobbing will always be your career.It is what lowdowns like you do for a living.No wonder,Mohd Nor loves you,and always rewarded you with wads of RM100 bills.

  5. The joke inside Umno circles and around town is that the leech Jamal Junos wants to be a rent seeker in Petaling Street.What a big letdown and disgrace this leech is to his master Nor Omar.Maybe Nor is not paying him enough so this Jamal Yunos wants to suck dicks in Chinatown.

  6. tokio rain,since the first time I started voting,I have always voted for the opposition.For the last few years,seeing what is happening to the opposition,losing their sense of direction,I have given up on them.The only things they can do is scream,scream and scream.And when Najib screams back what the opposition leaders do is wail,wail and wailing out for their mamas.It is time to let these sore losers go wandering directionless their own ways.Hehehe.