Friday, September 25, 2015

Doggone Dogsh*t

Up north in Penang, lots of bulldog shit have been flung around. Most of the arguments or criticisms hurled against CM Lim Guan Eng on the issue of dog culling have been (sadly) politically opportunistic, preposterous and moronic.

I look happy, don't I?

look at their pitiful miserable conditions
putting them 'down' is the only compassionate way
unless members of Penang Gerakan Party wish to adopt them 

For decades the former state BN government had, indeed by its own admission, been most remiss in the matter of stray dogs culling, neglecting the health issues related to such strays.

It's quite amazingly flabbergasting that Gerakan's Teng Chang Yeow seemed to have no shame in his brazen boast that the former Gerakan-led (but UMNO controlled) BN state government culled only pigs and not dogs, where we may then safely conclude that it had allowed those poor canines to procreate and proliferate into an uncaring social environment.

I look happy, don't I? 

My response to that is: Gerakan would certainly do that, won't they? Wakakaka.

Health and environmental issues related to strays are not only about stray dogs but also stray cats, and indeed any animal which is not owned/looked after (those not of the wild).

Strays or unattended creatures living amidst our community, like dogs, cats and rats (mice), goats and even cows pose a danger to society. This danger is escalated when any of these creatures carry diseases such as rabies. Culling should have been done before the threat of animal-borne diseases (rabies, etc) become apparent.

And frankly, culling stray dogs is not only about rabies but about safety and the environment. What does one do when packs of stray and almost feral dogs roam the suburban and village areas threatening children, women and even men.

I look happy, don't I? 

They defecate everywhere, worsening the environment for our community. Stray dogs and cats are forced to steal food or worse infect the hygiene of our food by their snooping around. They have been known to be cannibalistic under severe conditions or when one of their pack is weakened.

It's not unexpected that animal lovers would argue against culling in favour of vaccination, but really, they failed miserably in not offering a complete solution to strays living amidst us. Pandai cakap saje!

I look happy, don't I? 

OK, what do we do with the strays after vaccinating them? Leave them to proliferate and roam around our villages and suburbs, and to most likely threaten our presence especially our children? Leave them in their near starvation state and with various painful diseases, including infestation by lice, fleas and whatnot?

If Teng Chang Yeow cares so much about stray dogs, then he and everyone of his party members (and those animal loving NGOs) should adopt one of those strays each to care for those poor creatures. Leave the culling of pigs to our pork butchers, wakakaka.

Additionally, Teng should not ONLY focus on the culling of stray dogs in Penang but direct his party members to also criticize the efforts of the other state governments who have culled far more strays than Penang, that is, if he has the balls to do so against UMNO-led state governments in Kedah, Perlis, etc.

I look happy, don't I? 

Some animal lovers childishly used emotional words like Penang would not be a civilised state if it continues to cull stray dogs. Balderdash, baloney and bullshit!

In Australia, apart from stray dogs living in the wild (culled by poisoned bait), authorities cull kangaroos, brumbies (wild horses), camels, rabbits, etc. NZ culls deers and possums, etc.


Their respective RSPCA collects unwanted pets (dogs, cats mainly but not exclusively) and offer these poor creatures for adoption (kaytee adopted a border collie from such a RSPCA pool many years ago). If a creature is not adopted after a specific time period, it's 'put down'. 

Indeed, it's a 1st World country which does not allow stray dogs or stray cats to live in miserable conditions amidst our community!

Lim Guan Eng, carry on and ignore those whiners. Penangites support you and your current stray dog culling program. Include stray cats as well in the culling as these felines also pose a danger to native wild birds and smaller wild creatures.


  1. dalam isu ini, antara nyawa manusia dan binatang, mana yg mesti diutamakan?

  2. Among the community of dog lovers in the country, Herr Lim has earned the epithet "Dog Butcher".

    It may not be fair, but, who says politics is ever fair ?
    Its not like DAP has been fair to Najib over his policy actions.

  3. Rabies attack dogs, then dogs attack human. If you cannot kill dogs to save human, then how can you kill rabies to save dogs? Rabies bacteria is also a life-form as much as dogs. Why not cure the bacteria into a good, dog-loving bacteria instead of killing them? Meanwhile, why kill the chicken and other animals to feed the dogs? Are they a lesser life-form then dogs? Are they not all God's creations, bacteria included? If you have a religion, you would agree that man is designed to rule over all other living things on earth. Even if you don't have a religion, you should get your priorities right. Saving Human should always come before any other animals, be it dog, pig or cow. Try throwing yourself into the sea with your pet dog and see who your mother will save first.
    Dog lovers are going overboard against LGE on this issue undoubtedly with BN instigation.

  4. Bruno you really should have more control over your bitches ley. Strictly pissing and no second looks at em studs ok. Hehehe.

  5. tokio rain,remember some years back,your matey monsterball used to complain that you lost some of your dogs when walking them?Well,some of your lost bitches have finally shown up and decided to come come.Hehehe.

  6. Maklumlah....Cina sayangkan anjing gila

    1. Cina mempunyai perasaan kasihan dan keharuan bagi anjing tersebut, tetapi malang, perasaan ni tidak sesuai untuk anjing yg mempunyai kesakitan dasyat tu yg mengancam manusia

    2. ini yg dikatakan membuat kebaikan ditempat yg salah.

      Chinese ambassador visits Petaling Street on eve of rally and speaks out.

      Now the China ambassador has carried out what amounts to blatant interference in the internal affairs of Malaysia - something China often loudly objects to whenever other countries interject on issues occurring within China.

      Whatever arguments occur between groups inside Malaysia are no business of the China ambassador, especially when they are peaceful.

      Does Najib have the balls to tell China off ?

    4. Who asked the Malays to call all Chinese as Cina Babi? It includes the Chinese Ambassodor too. Also included are Muslims of Chinese decend. You go in front of China Embasy and shout Chinese Pigs la.

    5. Tanah Melayu - see my new post "Chinese puzzle in Petaling Street"


      With the formation of Malaysia jointly by North Borneo, Sarawak and Malaya, Tanah Melayu is no more - Rafidah Aziz. Chinese are not Pendatang - Adenan. If you go to Sabah or Sarawak and shout Tanah Melayu, you will most likely get a black eyed pea from the Orang Asal.


  7. The culling of rabid dogs
    Why make the hue and cry?
    We have to protect the humans
    For dogs can multiply many times

    The animal lovers
    In damaged control
    The rabid dogs to sacrifice
    Unless we want to turn into zombies?

    Why Perlis and Kedah keep quiet?
    Why the animal lovers never protest?
    The governments there culled the dogs
    When rabies spread in the states

    Some cry seeing the dogs die
    Culled by the enforcement officers
    Who's at fault in the first place?
    Human lives are first to be saved

    The breeders who never vaccinated the dogs
    The owners who kicked out their pets
    Putting them on the streets becoming strays
    Roaming around in markets and eating stalls

    Where are the helpers?
    When the dogs are on the streets?
    Maybe some will come to feed the animals
    Believing good deeds will save their souls

    Let the rabid dogs be put down
    Don't let them suffer more pain
    They may say thank you
    For letting them go early
    They can see the heaven you know!

  8. A bit of research on the Internet shows up rabies as a frightening, Dark Ages-type disease. Once an infected person actually shows symptoms, there is nothing modern medical science can do to treat it, and the prognosis is almost certain, excruciating suffering ending in death.
    Thankfully, rabies is not a disease familiar to Malaysians, because the country has been almost rabies-free. It is endemic in Southern Thailand, and there are always leakages across the border.
    Permanent vigilance must be exercised to nip any outbreaks in the bud.

    I fully support effective efforts to keep the country rabies-free.
    However, the authorities need to be aware killing stray dogs is not the only effective means, in fact, there is doubt in the scientific community about the effectiveness. The problem needs a wholistic review.

    The methods used to kill stray dogs in Malaysia in the past (and present as far as I know) leave animal lovers cringing with revulsion. The previous BN administration in Penang used the services of Bounty hunters driven by profit.

    By the way, Australia is rabies-free, so the Australian authorities culling of feral dogs has a different purpose. Australia has no native dog population other than Dingoes, which probably came with the prehistoric human migration.
    All other feral dogs were introduced by White settlement, and are undesirable aliens which cause ecological damage to wild habitats.

    1. as I've written above, culling stray and/or feral dogs is NOT just about rabies. We should not accept strays, whether these be dogs, cats, goats, cows, or any creatures that people discard after being tired of having them as pets, eg. piranha, snakes, lizards, spiders, etc.

      Recently Queensland (Australia) authorities saw fit to control dingo population on Fraser Island after a boy holidaying with his family there was killed by teh canines. Fearing public protests, it called the killing of dangerous (high risk) members of dingo packs euthanizing rather than culling, arguing on the finer technical-scientific points between the two terms.

      But it does indicate that stray dogs and/or dingoes could be a danger to the public, and such strays, especially cats, pose health issues to the community and native wildlife such as rare birds, small mammals, etc. Hence my argument that culling of strays in NOT just about rabies.

    2. I missed out an important point, that of controlling pet population by de-sexing (neutering) them. Only commercial breeders of animal pets should be permitted to reed such pets. And a responsible pet owner who is not a commercial breeder should be REQUIRED to de-sex his/her pet dog or cat to prevent unwanted 'extras' being cast out to become strays.