Saturday, October 03, 2015

Senseless killing, senseless murderer in Parramatta

Yesterday, Friday, the last day of the working week in Australia, Curtis Cheng a 58-year old Chinese accountant working for the police department in Parramatta left his office at 4.30 pm and was murdered by a 15-year old kid (of Iraqi-Kurdish descent).

High school student Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar shot him in the back of his head at close range, reportedly after shouting Islamic religious slogans.

the late Curtis Cheng, his wife and 2 children 

Earlier prior to the cold blooded murder, Farhad Khalil had visited nearby Parramatta mosque where he changed into the flowing black shirt and black trousers.

After murdering Curtis Cheng, he continued shooting but was in turn shot dead by 3 police constables.

What a waste of two lives, that of an innocent 58-year old man who was obviously looking forward to his weekend with his family, and a 15-year old kid, who still had so much life ahead but was somehow "motivated" to become a murderer for his religious beliefs.

And what a senseless religious motivation to drive him in his own belief in a corrupt form of Islam to kill a 58-year old civilian accountant.

He has further aggravated the fear and hatred of Australians for Muslims.

For more, read SMH's Parramatta shooting: Gunman identified as Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar.


  1. This is what extreme religious and racial extremist have the potential to be.A dangerous nut head cuckoo waiting to explode and cause potential harm or fatalities to the people and community.That bigot Jamal Yusof of ikan bakar fits perfectly into this category..The only thing that he is freer than a bird is because of him blowing dicks to the likes of Mohd Nor and his Umno masters.And bending over and offering his backside to them too.

    And how about that other bigot Tajjudin Abdul Rahman who wanted to slap Chinese who complained overseas and give the country a bad name? When it comes to Malays like Khairuddin and Nurul going overseas and giving the country a black eye,he is so quiet as a church mice.In other words he has lost his pea size balls.Tajjudin fits in with the Ridzuan Tee types,toothless howling stray mongrels.

    When Russia's Putin finally scares the wits out of our remaining surviving Isis fighters in Syria,they will decide to run for their lives and come back to Malaysia,And when they are back causing trouble and chaos,they will make the cowardly bigots like Jamal Yusof,Tajjudin Abdul Rahman,Ah Tee and their cohoots look like minnows swimming with the kois in the pond.

  2. tokio_rain, I have deleted both your comments as I assessed they aren't appropriate for this post which laments the death of an innocent man

    1. Oh well. I concur. It's ok. I can wait. Hehehe.

  3. tokio rain,you have been misbehaving yourself again by ranting profusely?No wonder,you have been reprimanded by your boss.Hehehe.

  4. Benjamin I've decided not to publish your comment as it criticizes a religion. That there was a senseless adherent doesn't meant the religion per se is senseless