Monday, September 07, 2015

Caponization of DAP?

Malaysiakini - Hadi: PAS to contest in DAP dominated seats next GE (extract):

According to the Malay daily today, the move is seen as an counter attack against the PAS splinter party Amanah, which expressed its view to contest in all seats, included those won by PAS.

TMI - Azmin welcomes PAS’s inclusion in new opposition coalition (extract):

PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali today reiterated that the party wanted to continue its political cooperation with PAS in the new opposition coalition.

MM Online - Let PAS join new Pakatan, Azmin says (extract):

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 — PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has insisted that PAS be allowed to join the new federal opposition pact although the first alliance had crumbled due to the Islamist party’s fallout with DAP.

In a report by Malay daily Sinar Harian, the Selangor mentri besar said joining forces with PAS is in line with PKR’s stand as stipulated by president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail herself.

Hear that, you rocket-headed m*f*s, Azmin has PRONOUNCED that PAS joining Pakatan 2.0 "... is in line with PKR’s stand ...", and WTF will or can you do?

Without my Bhai around, DAP has ended up as always, sucking PKR's you-know-what, so Lim KS and his party can continue doing so. Read also my post
Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

Being a DAP supporter, but now a very sad and shameful one, okay-lah I can contribute a bottle of Aussie honey to help ameliorate the 'taste' for DAP when it sucks up to Azmin's p.... declaration, wakakaka again.

After all, sucking Azmin's you-know-what won't be as bad as being shafted by working with your once-archfoe but now best friend.

Azmin (and perhaps even Anwar) knows DAP is so obsessed with bringing down Najib that the party leadership will work with anyone including The Devil, readily selling its once-principled soul as it were, thus Azmin has cleverly tweaked DAP's somewhat-dirtied-brown nose, knowing the democratic-socialist party will not dare to 'rebel', wakakaka, against PKR.

Azmin senses (probably correctly) that DAP needs PKR more than PKR needs DAP, and under the present bizarre malady which has affected DAP that I wrote about in my previous post "Chastise with the valour of my tongue ..." Azmin dares to unilaterally declare the coalition policy for Pakatan 2.0 as if he is now the undisputed leader of the new pact, just as his is now the undisputed policy maker of the Selangor DUN who could/can do what he likes, for example with Selangor's state-owned assets, as per his setting up of DEIG without prior consultation with his DAP ADUN colleagues, wakakaka - f* those rocket-heads.

For more on Azmin's DEIG, go over to Malaysia-Today to read S.O.S Alert. Save our Selangor.

Lim KS's new obsession is so intense, incurable and invincible that he will ally his party with anyone regardless, it seems, of even principles as evidenced by his amorous wooing of the most draconian former PM, who Lim KS had once condemned for the former his 929 and 617 fundamentalist Islamic nation Declarations, among other condemnations.

Azmin Ali knows that and thus armed with knowledge of Lim KS' weakness has him (and unfortunately the DAP) by the balls. Azmin is going to rip them off (those once-gigantic Bhai-sized balls, wakakaka), making the DAP a headless, clucking capon.

Bigger but ball-less
Smaller and a taxi sapu but now a gamecock and taxi super 

Good on you Azmin, and as a blogger my compliment is of sincere but grudging admiration at your political reading and powerful manoeuvre, where you have beautifully outflanked DAP.

makes good satay but due to tender-headed-ness. has inclination to overburnt especially in the climes of Kajang 

WTF are you going to do Kit Siang, and as a DAP supporter my anxiety and exasperation are also of sincere but disquiet concern at your current muddle-headed headless helter-skelter clucking - you send me to despair.

So, will the DAP allow itself to be turn into a useless 
eam kay (capon) by Azmin, which instead of clucking Chicken Little's "The sky is falling down" will be clucking "My balls have fallen down!"?

Toon, the sky is falling down, we need your help!

OK you foul mongrels ... er ... I mean fowl ensemble, but first bring me some salt and pepper



My heart sang with delirious delicious delight when I read Malaysiakini's Guan Eng rejects PAS for new opposition coalition (extracts):

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has totally rejected the idea of PAS becoming a partner in the new opposition pact together with PKR and Parti Amanah Negara.

Lim said this arrangement was no longer tenable after PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang announced that his party would field candidates in all constituencies dominated by DAP in the coming general election.

"That question is no longer a question. You do not have to ask to know the answer," Lim told reporters when asked to comment on Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali's statement that PAS was welcome to join the new opposition coalition.

"It becomes completely untenable for DAP to be part of any coalition with PAS, since it has made such an announcement to contest against the DAP," Lim explained at a press conference in Komtar today.

"Hadi did not make an announcement that PAS will contest against Umno but against DAP. The logic of that is, if PAS sto contest against us, how can it be part of the coalition?" Lim asked.

DAP, welcome home once again to your principles, and here's your balls back, wakakaka. Thank you, Guan Eng!

And if PKR insists on working together with PAS, tell them to go f* spiders, wakakaka.


  1. I don't have any real interest in this spat, being opposed to both DAP and PKR.

    However, I would say DAP does not have to be "Caponized" in this situation.
    All good political negotiations start from a strong, demanding position, though not an impossible demand, which would indicate it is not a credible negotiation.

    I thought the Chinese , who are the overwhelming majority DAP, understand better than any other ethnic group in the country the principle of driving a hard bargain.

  2. As far as public perception is concerned,the DAP has been to the vet and have been neutered.It has not lost it's balls,but the balls have been cut off.Period.In other words,it has lost it's right to mass produce.

    By having it's operative,a moronic MP collaborating with and paying top money to a mercenary blogger and jumping into bed with their sworn enemies speaks wonders.Wonder what the DAP's next clown act will be?

    The DAP sorely and sadly missed the great Bhai's leadership and balls.

  3. The most shameless act of the opposition was when they went to the MACC office and shed crocodile tears.It is more shameful that getting humped in the belakangs by Umnoputras.It is unbecoming of a pact that seems like a potential federal gomen in waiting.

  4. Two terms of being in power in the state have made them forget
    where the real power lies - the voters. This calls for a drastic solution.

    Vote back BN to power in GE14, and let them dig up the skeletons of
    DEIG etc while PR go back to the drawing board. See if BN can grab the
    chance to redeem itself, and later decide who they want to rule Selangor in GE15.

    Isn't that what democracy is all about?

  5. For PAS and Hadi it is always ‘Road To Heaven’ first, and ‘Road to Putrajaya’ second. That has got the spiritual sustenance to ‘merentas usia dan masa’. It cost nothing. That’s very powerful indeed.

    The white moon shall always be there heading for heaven and Putrajaya until the end of time even when Hadi and we all are no longer around.

    The red rocket will one day exhausted its fuel and lost in the black wilderness between heaven and Putrajaya.

  6. PAS under Hadi has been clean and principled.

    DAP should find a way to continue the cooperation with PAS.

  7. Many Malays who are not UMNO supporters "sakit hati" with DAP after their rough and insolent attack against Hadi and PAS in general.

    Marginal DAP seats won with < 2,000 majority depend at least partly on Malay support. Many will fall back to BN in the next GE unless DAP is willing to make some amends.

  8. Penang will still be under the opposition after GE14.But for Selangor,I am not so sure.Looking at the composition now,it looks like a sure thing for the opposition.But with PAS and the three corner fights,Umno/BN might sneak through with enough seats to take back Selangor.I will not be surprise nor shock if Umno/BN takes back Selangor.

    1. Of course BN stands a good chance to buy back Selangor.
      Next round, Najib's war chest will not be RM 2.6 Billion, it will be RM 6 Billion.

      You can get away with almost anything with that kind of election, buy people, murder.......

    2. I'm still waiting for people to show me some reasonable evidence that Najib murdered Altantuyaa, wakakaka