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There are criminals and then there are criminals

MM Online - Can we trust a criminal? (extracts):

don't trust this goose of a criminal
Besides, his evidence doesn't help in the campaign against Najib

..... Justo had thrown the cat among the pigeons when he not only confessed to his blackmail attempts against PetroSaudi but also exposed how Sarawak Report and The Edge obtained the database.

He made a lengthy confession — some 14 pages long — detailing his dealings with Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown and Datuk Tong Kooi Ong, owner of The Edge Media Group. Justo had agreed to sell it to them for US$2 million (RM8.6 million) although his initial asking price was US$3 million.

He claimed British-based Indian businessman Kamal Siddiqi had connected him to Rewcastle-Brown, who had then introduced him to Tong through a Malaysian opposition politician. Justo even named the politician, who has in turn threatened to sue anyone who connects him to this transaction.

Tong, while admitting having obtained the database from Justo, said he never intended to pay the Swiss.

Justo claimed some of the information used in the attacks against Najib were not from his database. Justo gave three sets of confessions after he was arrested by the Thai police in June at his Koh Samui home. [...]

In one of his confessions, he not only admitted his blackmail attempt but stressed he was not involved in any political conspiracy and he was only after the money, especially from PetroSaudi.

Is Justo now blaming Rewcastle-Brown and Tong for everything? Or is he trying to absolve himself from further criminal prosecution?

There have been claims Justo and several others had committed various crimes — from money laundering to trying to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Justo, by his own admission, was no more than a common criminal out to extort his former employer and when he failed with his blackmail, he took to selling his stolen goods to the highest bidder.

Yet, his information was touted to be from a “whistleblower” — someone who wants to blow the lid on something bad. Yet, Justo said he was a failed blackmailer who was doing it for money.

So, how reliable is his information? Did he alter the information to suit his monetary greed?

Sounds like an interesting take on the testimony of a criminal. But then, shouldn't we uphold that what's good for the goose should be too for the gander?

do trust this gander of a criminal
Besides, his evidence does help in the campaign against Najib 

Thus what about the so-called "evidence" (and "new evidence" at that) of convicted criminal-murderer Sirul Azhar Umar?

But obviously he's an okay type of criminal, because al Jazeera Mary Ann Jolley revealed as "new evidence" in the Altantuyaa case a Sirul conversation with his relative (wakakaka - my late mum would have testified that I'm a very good person, in fact the best there is, wakakaka again). Sirul's relative is a bloke who's known anonymously (and rather conveniently, wakakaka) by the nick 'Frank', to whom Sirul had claimed he was just a fall guy in the murder case of Shaariibuu Altantuyaa. Of course lah, wakakaka!

Oh, then there's also his SMS allegedly blackmailing Najib but (again conveniently) communicated to an alleged Najib’s intermediary, Abdul Salam bin Ahmad but damn it, not to Najib himself. BTW, who and where is Abdul Salam bin Ahmad? Wakakaka.

Thus by the remarkable standards of these "new evidence", we have but no choice (and indeed with great delicious devious delight) other than to pronounce Najib as damnably guilty by unsubstantiated allegations and unproven association, and who should be hung at the nearest jambu tree A.S.A.P a la the vigilante justice of the American Wild West.

In the al Jazeera report on the murder by Mary Ann Jolley, Sirul had claimed that it was Razak Baginda who shot Altantuyaa (WTF! And here we have been persistently told it was either Najib or better still, Rosmah? F* spoilsport!) whose corpse the two poor innocent cops were instructed to dispose of.

May I now take you back to a report by Bangkok's The Nation* on 13 March 2009:

* I'm afraid I've to use foreign news media for my sources on the history of the case as I do not have premium subscriptions and thus access to the archives of local news portals, but I'm fairly confident they would be just as good as they would usually be derived from local news

In October 2006, Altantuya was informed that the commission paid by Armaris had arrived in the Kuala Lumpur bank account of Perimekar, a company owned by Baginda.

Altantuya went to Kuala Lumpur to claim her share of the commission from Baginda; she said she was entitled to US$500,000 (Bt18 million). She and Baginda had already broken up prior to this.

Meanwhile, a jealous* Rosmah Mansor, the feared businesswoman and wife of Najib Razak, objected to any payment to Altantuya.

* Rosmah jealous? Presumably of Altantuyaa? So Rosmah had a 'thing' with Razak Baginda? Wakakaka

For several days, Altantuya harassed her ex-lover. On October 18, Baginda could no longer tolerate the daily scenes made by Altantuya in front of his house. He contacted the director of the Special Branch, Musa Safrie, who happened also to be Najib Razak's aide de camp.

[Director of the SB (an organization under the Home Ministry) was also and only a lowly aide de camp to the Defence Minister? Of course it's wonderfully convenient when the target is Najib, wakakaka]

On October 19, 2006, just before 9pm, two Special Branch officers, Azilah Hadridan and Sirul Omar, were sent to Baginda's house, where Altantuya was gesticulating and shouting. They were ordered to "neutralise the Chinese woman". They kidnapped her, shot her several times, then destroyed her body with C4 explosives, which could only be obtained from the Defence Ministry. Altantuya's entry into Malaysia was erased from immigration records.

And yet we have been informed by the "new evidence" that it was Razak Baginda who shot her and had the two cops remove her corpse? In fact, in an Asia Sentinel report (follows - also available at Din Merican's blog), eyewitnesses saw the two cops taking Altantuyaa away while very much alive.

According to news reports, Shaaribuu found out where Baginda lived, but she never got to see him. Police say she did receive a phone call to meet him on Oct. 29. But according to news reports she was seized by several individuals, pushed into a car and driven away, never to be seen again.

Aisehman, just when we are all tuned to the likelihood of Najib or Rosmah shooting and C4-ing her.

It would seem the "new" surrogate target to get Najib is no longer Rosmah Mansoh but Razak Baginda, who I have to admit would be a better choice and who was probably ignored in the earlier syiok-sendiri campaign to get Najib through his equally-hated wife.

Sirul is currently being held back by Australian authorities ONLY because it's Australia's policy to never send any criminal back (extradited) to a country which has the death penalty and for which the criminal is likely to be subjected to.

Don't get the incorrect idea that Sirul has been found NOT guilty by Aussie authorities or that he is a free man in Oz. He's not and is still considered a convicted criminal who has to be kept behind bars BUT only that he cannot be extradited to Malaysia because of the death penalty hanging over his head.

So, what's good for the Xavier Andre Justo goose should be also applied to the Sirul Azhar Umar gander. We should thus ask: Is Sirul's so-called "new evidence" his ambit claim to be absolved from the crime of murder and therefore obtain freedom and permanent residence in Australia? Has Sirul been creative in his "new evidence" which is only linked to Najib by allusion, illusion and (hopefully) perception?

The following was what The Nation also reported:

A November 19, 2006 report from the Malaysian police, which has been kept secret until now, reveals precise descriptions how this young woman, a member of Asian high society, was killed. In this document, one of the killers, a policeman of the Malaysian Special Branch named Sirul Omar ('Umar' misspelt), replied to questions by an officer at a police station close to the murder scene.

"When the Chinese woman saw that I had a gun, she begged me to spare her, saying she was pregnant. Azilah [Sirul's commanding officer] grabbed her and threw her on the ground. I immediately shot the left side of her face. Then Azilah took off her clothes and put them in a black plastic bag. Azilah noticed that her hand was still moving. He ordered me to shoot again, which I did," said Sirul.

This is the first confirmation of Altantuya's killers' identity.

"Then we carried her body into the woods. Azilah wrapped explosives around her legs, abdomen and head, and we blew her up."

The revelation of this report in the French newspaper Liberation is the latest chapter in this dramatic saga featuring French arms dealers, Mongolian shamans and Malaysian politicians.

WTF! Where does that leave us with our invincible belief in both Najib and Rosmah being the killers?

2nd WTF! Why has this so-called "new evidence" surfaced now, amidst the anti-Najib campaign by the M faction, where it's being said by Mahathir (in a Malaysiakini report) that the PM can even be arrested by police overseas?

What was not mentioned (because alas, it's a bloody f* fact which you shouldn't be bothered with) is that the PM or for that matter, any PM or diplomat, enjoys diplomatic immunity abroad and cannot be touched, with one exception, that on matters involving war crimes.

But Malaysiakini also reported: However Mahathir cautioned he was merely speculating. "It is a possibility, I am guessing, not that it would happen."

Wakakaka. He was just flinging poo then.

Then Mahathir drew on the example of Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur
 (but an alleged crime ignored by many Islamic countries, Russia and China, etc). Oh incidentally, didn't Mahathir once preside over (or organize) an 'international court' to trial George Bush for war crimes? Wonder why Mahathir didn't raise Bush Jnr's name? Wakakaka.

Is Najib also accused of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity? C'mon lah, Tun, don't tembak with such an offensively outrageous odious comparison. 

3rd WTF! Is this just about flinging lots of poo around Najib and hoping a bit may stick on him somehow, at least perception-wise if not legally? Wakakaka.

"Why don't they trust me when they do you. I am productive and can lay eggs yet you can't."

Gander : "Darling, they don't want eggs. They want shit. And I can give them that, lots of it."


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  1. How do we call the people who deal or do business with criminals?Saints,virgins,harden criminals,wannabe criminals,crooks or dick suckers?Whatever we decide to label them with,these people are like leeches.Law abiding and honest people,do not,and I repeat do not deal with criminals.Only criminals deal with criminals.

    But like the opposition supporters animal behaviours speaks for themselves,breaking laws are the norm and right of the opposition leaders and their supporters.To them,their adored idols cannot do any wrong.It is only the Umno/BN that can do wrong.These people are the herd mentality followers.They do not think,they just follow.Go figure.

  2. Just like when Anwar and his gang of cronies and followers became the opposition.All their wrongdoings and sins are forgiven overnight.The opposition gods (supporters) have forgiven them and have given them a new lease of political life.Muhd Muhd,an Umno MB who was caught with millions of dollars in Australia has now become the darling of the opposition.

    If Najib were to cross over to the opposition tomorrow with his gang,the opposition leaders will be on their knees blowing Jibby's big dick.And all Najib's wrongdoings will be forgiven,and he can remain as PM as long as he wants,as long as he remains in the opposition.To the opposition they are the only ones to have the right to "right a wrong".Go figure again.

    1. I am not convinced. U have to sing at least 3 more songs. Keep in pitch ok? Hehehe.

  3. 1. where's azilah? and where are the lt.col. couple (ahjibgor's adc if not incorrect)?.
    2. kalau ahjibgor keluar negeri esok ka, lusa ka, minggu depan ka, bapak penswastaan lagi sakit hati wor!

  4. Perhaps, battalions of people demonize and criminalize PM Najib; who has long been the object of mean-spirited GAN campaign. But yet they could not easily topple him as to what they had done to the sleeping PM. So the venom is still flowing abundantly and would not stop until they can hang PM Najib ‘at the nearest jambu tree A.S.A.P a la the vigilante justice of the American Wild West’.

    Remember huh.. they hated Saddam Hussein and hanged him and the truth is that there he has got no weapon of mass destruction. They also hated Gadaffi and killed him too and only then the Libyans found that his nation’s socialist policies and values are indeed genuine and supreme.

    I am of the opinion that this write by Kaytee is indeed an impartial examination to refute those misguided fanatics and to recovering the truth about PM Najib from the cesspool of hostile propaganda.

    1. sorry my eng, i-m-partial mean bias right wakaka. 2 correlated (kt warp logic of goose n gander) variables mean 4 possibilities, I think his view is more likely distorted by his partial toward too much guinness stout la.

    2. Just curious HY... did you see KT driving a bus home? Wakakaka...

  5. like those so called parti amanah g18 la...kalah only then make noise this la make noise that la...want to resign la...better perjuangan la...all this while u were in

  6. Mahathir clearly got it wrong on the "Najib arrest" issue...however, there is nothing to stop foreign law enforcement agencies from investigating reports against Najib, and if evidence of criminal activity is found, from indicting the person, even issuing an arrest warrant.
    No doubt such a warrant cannot be executed while Najib is still PM.
    Najib may find himself in a predicament that he NEEDS to remain as PM-for-life, not only WANT to remain as PM.

    This is where the extent of damage of Khairuddin Abu Hassan's traitorous activities ("grin") is now becoming clear, and why PDRM has obtained a 9-day remand against him for "activities against Parliamentary Democracy".
    PDRM apparently has got Najib's personal financial transactions confused with Parliamentary Democracy.

    Khairuddin travelled around the world, lodging police reports and documents related to 1MDB with Police in Switzerland and Hong Kong.
    Wonder who was the source of finance for the trips.
    The kick is now that the Police in those countries now can't pretend they don't know anything about the 1MDB issues (diplomatic complications etc.). By Law, they now have to investigate the case , and the documents provided.
    The scary part is that Najib can't get these investigations stopped.
    Can't remove the Swiss or Hong Kong AG.
    Can't stop the Swiss or Hong Kong police investigation.
    Can't transfer the investigating officers.

    Apparently Khairuddin had already met US Embassy officials in KL, and had appointments set up next week in Washington D.C. to meet FBI investigators.
    It became necessary for PDRM to arrest him very quickly.
    Malaysia may raise a protest with the US for its Embassy "interfering with the Internal affairs of Malaysia"

    Any 1MDB or Najib "personal donation" funds laundered in US dollars would have been required by US law to go through a bank on US soil at some point.
    That is how USA keeps control of its Dollar currency, though it has become a "Global Currency". Illegal activity associated with the transaction would be a violation of US Federal Law


  7. Poor Ktemoc....can't bear the thought that his Beloved Dear Leader could either be a murderer or one who ordered a murder.....

    Sirul is speaking the truth....he has nothing to lose....nothing to gain....nothing he says can reverse the death penalty hanging over him....he was just a foot soldier acting on orders from his superiors....all the way up.....

    Justo is a self-admitted thief and blackmailer. His latest "confessions" are just yet another dishonest attempt to wrangle out a deal for himself......

    One is not the goose, the other is not the gander.....

  8. Today the Empire suffer two losses to the rebels : The Edge and Anina. Let's see what weapons from the Empire's arsenal will be used this time ....

  9. I think that tokio rain,the partner of monsterball is 'quiet despair' in disquise or at least an imitation of 'quiet despair'.Hehehe.

  10. According to reports 2 months back, IGP stated that police will start picking up
    those named in confessions by Lester and Justo. The IGP seems all too eager to
    take the words of one criminal and another individual whose story so far appears
    to be concocted shodily , with the aim to extrapolate all these to convince the court
    of an attempt plot to overthrow the government. By now, the investigators should
    have compared the emails allegedly tampered by Claire with those in PetroSaudi
    servers and would have produced evidence of tampering to debunk Claire, isn't it?
    Patriotic Malaysians should press the government to quickly expose her as a fraud.

    What happened to the threat to sue WSJ? Patriotic Malaysians should push for this
    to happen, and to also extend the legal action to include NYT, Claire ....

    If a crazy woman is creating a disturbance in front of your house, what would
    you do? You call the nearest police station which will despatch policemen and
    take her away hand-cuffed in a Waja patrol car to the nearest lockup where it
    would be near impossible for wayward commandos to shoot her and plant C4.
    Patriotic Malaysians should press the government to strengthen the SOP to
    demarcate the jurisdiction of the various security agencies so that domestic
    disputes will not be handled by emergency forces.

  11. Altantuya was killed by the sort of "invisible power" which Malaysia has a surfeit of.
    It also comes with a culture of impunity - if you belong to certain groups.
    This is true, whether or not Najib himself carried any guilt related in Altantuya's death

    The WSJ suit is never going to happen - because the WSJ article is true , or substantially true.
    Bogus Bougis Warrior will not dare sue them in a court which he cannot control.

    By the way , it seems the FBI investigation into 1MDB , Najib and various possible breaches of US Law is going ahead, regardless of Khairuddin's arrest and his inability to attend the interview with FBI in Washington D.C.

    The latest count of Police and /or Financial regulator investigations into 1MDb + Billion ringgit "donations" in jurisdictions which Najib cannot control

    a) Switzerland
    b) Hong Kong
    c) Singapore
    (this one I have to consider questionable, Jibby may well have some leverage in Singapore)
    d) London
    e) Washington DC.