Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nurul Izzah's sweet "nothing"

Five days ago in a previous post "Chastise with the valour of my tongue ..." I pondered whether we Malaysians could be politically affected by a weird sickness, perhaps stemming from a combination of the unearthing of unknown mind-affecting viruses during the 2004 tsunami and an unhealthy diet of, among other things, kangkong, rancid satay, baked coconut puffs and bah kut teh, wakakaka.

was attempting to trace the cause of the strange political malady which saw many of our leaders 'in bed' or attempting to jump into bed with their erstwhile invincible foes, blokes like Lim KS and Mahathir, and Mahathir seemingly supporting a protest rally, Bersih, so on so forth.

I could have even started that previous post with a startling scary statement like "Strange things are happening in Malaysia".

But I didn't. Instead I talked about Anwar Ibrahim's insistence that PAS continues to be in Pakatan, the new one, despite the Islamic Party having gone separate ways with its new and current foe, DAP, and vice versa.

We know the real reason is that PKR fears meeting both PAS and UMNO in a 3-cornered fight in Malay-majority constituencies, thus Anwar and indeed Azmin have both insisted and persisted on declaring PAS as a continuing Pakatan coalition member.

[Of course by now we know Pak Haji Hadi Awang saw through PKR's clumsy chowkana chumminess and has virtually told them off, describing it as only wanting to win elections but not about promoting Islam  see Malaysiakini's Hadi: PAS will not join new opposition pact]

DAP of course has also insisted and persisted on the contrary, but from Azmin's statements, it would appear that PKR values partnership with PAS more because he (as mentioned) fears PAS contesting against PKR in GE-14 and the new state elections in Selangor and somehow believes easily-fooled DAP won't as the socialist-democratic party can be manmanlai kowtim-ed.

Mind, Azmin might not be wrong there if left to the headless chook or the screaming one, wakakaka, though Ramkarpal Singh has now thrown a damper on his belief by drawing a line in the sand, urging PKR to make up its mind whether it wants PAS or DAP to be its partner in the new coalition?

Then, aiyoyo, came along sweetie Nurul Izzah, thus indicating to me that it's not just Lim KS who has been afflicted by combination of the unearthing of unknown mind-affecting viruses during the 2004 tsunami and an unhealthy diet of, among other things, kangkong, rancid satay, baked coconut puffs and ..... (the last item not applicable to Nurul), wakakaka.

I'm leaving Mahathir out from being affected by the weird malady, because I know that, notwithstanding his 'guest appearances' in Bersih 4.0, those theatrics of his were not about the objectives of Bersih (admittedly today somewhat of a deviant nature from its principal objective of campaigning for a clean, free and just elections) but more to depose PM Najib Razak for his OWN agenda.

Please read also TMI's Dr Mahathir hanya mahu tumpang populariti Bersih 4, kata NGO Melayu in which the NGO Gabungan Melayu Malaysia accused Mahathir, "Dia datang untuk ambil kesempatan populariti haram untuk tunjukkan ketidakpuasan hatinya kepada Najib."

Sweetie Nurul tried her best to justify PKR's insistence on PAS being in Pakatan 2.0, perhaps more of a plaintive cry to DAP to 'understand' her party's stand, stating (via TMI) PKR accepts PAS because of reform agenda.

And what were those reforms she saw in PAS' political agenda?

TMI reported: Party vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar said there was a need to have a more inclusive outlook when it comes to fighting against Barisan Nasional and Umno.

She said that such has always been the party's stance and it was never about party president Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail or deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali's personal positions on the issue.

She added that the agenda of reform also covers the possibility of working with former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with the aim to press Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to step down.

"If we were to take into consideration personal anger and bitterness, certainly it's going to be difficult to manage the different challenges because at the end of the day, for me, it is important to exercise the maximum degree of inclusiveness so long as everyone is committed to the agenda of reform.

"We also have to think about the need to unite any force, including Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who came to Bersih 4 rally twice."

Let me summarize for you her claims of PAS' reform agenda:

  • Pakatan needs to have an inclusive outlook
  • welcome any political partner that believes in agenda of reform, which according to her, PAS has
  • including possibility of working with her dad's nemesis, Mahathir who twice attended Bersih 4.0
  • with aim to force Najib to step down
  • don't be bogged down by anger and bitterness (presumably directed at DAP)

The first three dot-points have been about embracing both PAS and Mahathir, based on their reform agenda (presumably Mahathir also has one since he attended Bersih 4.0).

The 4th dot-point is the aim, namely, to depose Najib.

The last (5th) dot-point is an appeal to DAP to kiss and make up with PAS. 

BUT ...

...yes a BIG BIG BUT,
what is PAS' reform agenda?

It's clear Nurul has her dad's genes because she claimed PAS has a reform agenda but didn't tell us what that agenda is. Does she expect us to just believe her? This is pure grade 101% manmanlai. Nor has she informed us what's Mahathir's reform agenda?

If the common objective is to depose Najib, just say so instead of bullshitting about PAS' non-existent reform agenda.

But then, on second thoughts, perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh on her for using that word 'reform', as we know PKR has been brandishing that word for the last 15 years without meaning it.

Indeed, how could PKR claim to be a reformist party when it promoted seizing federal power through (alleged financially-induced) defections of MPs in its infamous deformasi 916?

Indeed again, how could PKR claim to be a reformist party when it promoted its intra-party's struggle for control of state power through an unnecessary by-election at great cost and inconvenience to the public (apart from betraying Kajang-ites) in its infamous lie about the Kajang Manoeuvre?

Indeed yes indeed, how could PKR claim to be a reformist party when twice its party elections had been so 'entertaining' (wakakaka) that even the EC was said to envy some of the 'innovations' reported (wakakaka again)?

My dear Nurul, before you can claim that PAS has a reform agenda but without telling us what that would be, please reform you own deformasi party, and please lah, no more of your dad's type of manmanlai.

And some in PKR dare to preposterously title her as Putera Reformasi (what a wakakaka) and to promote her as a substitute for Anwar Ibrahim as Pakatan PM-designate! What a bloody joke!


  1. I used to think that Nurul was PM material and could be PM one day.Of course I was proven wrong.I have been watching Nurul's actions and speeches and she have proven that she is not one to roll up her sleeves for a good fight.In other words she is too "lembak".

    Dyana Sofya is the one more incline to roll up her sleeves and ready to rock and roll.She is more confronting and more willing to pick a good fight.Given time,she will prove to be a better politician and good leader.

    1. u want one that like to pick fight, hunt from the sep16 red shirt rally la.

  2. Many people are of the opinion that the Umno/BN will get a thrashing,come GE14 because of Najib and 1MDB.But these people are going to get dissapointed.I would not be surprised nor shocked to see the opposition,licking their chops by the roadsides and wailing out loud for their mamas.But they have only themselves to blame for fucking up each time and every time again and again.So my advice to the opposition is,go screw themselves over and over again.

    1. bruno, just out of curiosity what happened to your old pal monsterball, the original one with the lower case 'm'? has he "left" us?

    2. Oh they ended up not being friends anymore when Bruno kept walking his bitch and uncle Monty was left guarding the fort all by his lone self. The old bugger has since gone to eat that great big pie in the sky. Hehehe.

    3. Don't believe, go here:
      Read how old Bruno sucked up to uncle Monty.

  3. Kaytee,you mean the monsterball with the missing dentures?Well,the last time I heard he was roosting together with our buddy tokio rain as a couple.Hehehe.

    1. ;-) bruno that's a naughty jab at tokio rain below the belt, wakakaka

    2. Bruno don't lie. You went to uncle Monty's funeral in Balakong, bawling like a baby. You also took his dentures as a keepsake, you pervert. Hehehe.

  4. satu pihak ada reformasi & lagi satu pihak ada transformasi. kedua2nya taik lembu jantan.

  5. I think it is not wrong for PKR leaders , such as Nurul, to attempt to preserve what's left of the Malay non-UMNO political platform. Ostracising PAS at this juncture will only serve UMNO's purposes.

    Whether Hadi is in fact only waiting for the right moment and opportunity to jump into bed with UMNO, only time will tell.

    DAP has the luxury of being able to ignore Malay politics, which PKR cannot.
    That is DAP's privilege - and also its principal long-term weakness.

    DAP will never be able to reach beyond its comfort zone of Chinese majority-seats or attract more than a small number of maverick Malays until it makes the effort to understand Malay politics and positively engage with their political concerns.

    1. a very good comment, perhaps mitigating what little has been left of PKR's reputation as compared to my more harsh We know the real reason is that PKR fears meeting both PAS and UMNO in a 3-cornered fight in Malay-majority constituencies, thus Anwar and indeed Azmin have both insisted and persisted on declaring PAS as a continuing Pakatan coalition member. wakakaka

    2. it's called hedging if not leveraging.

    3. so it is okay for dap to be antagonistic toward pas aiming political gain via chinese vote but if pkr do the same, reputation kot? betui sneaky.


    Has Qatar Sheikh-owned AlJazeera also been co-opted into G.A.N. ?

    If even Pak Arab also has doubts now about Ah Jib Gor, he is well and truly cooked.....

    Poor Ah Jib Gor.......on extremely , extremely rare occasions I can be like Ktemoc, almost feel sympathy for Ah Jib Gor the underdog.

    Then the reality of the Ugly, Nasty and Crooked Najib pulls me back into the real world with a rude shock.......

    1. al Jazeera is a news media outlet and like all news media, would broadcast sensational news. Allegations of a possible murder by a PM or a PM possibly being involved in a murder is both newsworthy and sensational, BUT it doesn't mean the Arabs have doubts about Najib, And that's why the news broadcaster in the end posted Even though years have passed since the young Mongolian's death, it is one case that has refused to disappear. If anything, the mystery has deepened. In other words, al Jazeera has left it, like most sensational news, open ended, and perhaps hoping there’ll be clamour for more.

      But we Malaysians must ask: why NOW, even after 10 years had gone by and the murder case solved, taken to court, with two perpetrators found guilty and sentenced to death?

      But then we know the answer, don’t we, because anti Najib forces in Malaysia (two examples being PAS’ Mahfuz Omar and the most anti-Najib person today, Mahathir) have gone as far as to been manja-sayang runaway convict-murderer Sirul as if he has been the victim, and not Altantuyaa.

      At times the news about Altantuyaa's murder, when logically challenged by justified calls for evidence, has degenerated into Najib being “guilty by association”, meaning that just because the murderers were his bodyguard (and let's assume they were) he then must be guilty.

      And it is a long-lived mystery because many people like PKR people (before and also now) and Mahathir (only now but why not before?) have refused to accept the two convicted killers as the perpetrators, insisting they didn't have a motive (bullshit), and thus it has to be Najib who coincidentally happens to be their political target. Indeed, why isn’t not Razak Baginda their target who would on logic have a far far in fact humongously bigger motive.

      I can provide zillions of motives without the involvement of Najib but then that's not what anti Najib forces want, do they?.

      But why is this comment about the murder case on this post about Nurul's sweet buggerall? wakakaka

    2. "But why is this comment about the murder case on this post about Nurul's sweet buggerall? wakakaka"

      just to tease n see how u defend yr master.

  7. In desperate times,desperate measures are needed.In a few more weeks when the twitter happy IGP's men,have the investigation papers to topple "Najib and the gomen" ready,many people will be charge.This is real desperation by desperate men in desperate times.To get Najib and the gomen out at all cost,or else be room mates with Anwar in Hilton,Sungei Buloh.

  8. Talk about the headless and leaderless PKR.Kamaruddin Jaafar and Muhammad Muhammad Taib of PAS,have joined PKR.Is this the same Muhammad that cannot speak or understand English getting caught in Australia with millions in his procession?Just like Anwar and his cronies from Umno,if a corrupted dude from Umno/BN joined the opposition,they are cleansed of all their sins till eternity.After GE14,PKR will turn into a mosquito party like the PSM.

    1. former IGP Musa Hassan has also become a buddy of PKR, wakakaka

    2. malay that join dap oso become kt's angels what.

    3. Former IGP Musa Hassan has come out defending Najib.

      Ktemoc is like a "taxi sapu".
      Any negative accusation against PKR, no matter how far fetched, he gobbles up like a hungry ghost.....

  9. To those who left PAS to form or to join another political party are actually losers who have integrity problem, who cannot accept setback, and who are not gallant in defeat. In regard to their forming and or joining another political party is nothing but to FORCE opportunity for themselves to be viable jobseekers for GE14?

    Those hustlers’ uncontrollable quest for power...wakakaka, is not to make any significant change that will improve the lives of the people, but to grab something for their own pockets.

    That sweet for nothing Nurul should get PKR's internal democracy, and perhaps DAP & PAN too, right first before she hollers 'reformasi' and before she can even dare to dream to be a PM-designate…wakakaka.

    1. 道不同不相为谋, just diff path, not necessarily losers. there r many route to heaven, only those with swollen head (not brain) think their way is the only way wakaka.

    2. they were losers at their party election... and soon they are going to be losers in the general election.. wakakaka

  10. why is it taking them so long to establish a registered permanent coalition? without one the common policy framework could or will be ignored as and when it suits a partner like what happened with pas
    a registered coalition will facilitate an official spoke person preferably a malay to issue all communiques
    dap motor mouth lks should ease off on every issues that are blighting our nation,
    the perception is dap is now 99.9999% chinese and umno is taking this to the kampungs

  11. Looking at the results of the recently concluded Singapore general elections tells us a lot about popularity and crowd turnouts.Before the Singapore general elections,political experts and public perception were that the ruling gomen was going to lose a few more seats,and that their popular votes percentage was going to go down.Just by how much,nobody knows.Well,it turns out that thr ruling gomen has gotten more popular.

    I take the Singapore election results as a prelude of what is going to happen in GE14.The Umno/BN gomen under Najib is going to prevail with their popular votes percentage going up.I will not be surprised or shocked if Najib led the Umno/BN to regain the two thirds majority in parliament.

    Why I said this.First the leaderless opposition have fucked up very very badly in the 1MDB fiasco.The 1MDB fiasco is much worse that the Kajang satay fuckups,which eventually led to the self implosion of the PR.That is the reason why the opposition leaders are now squealing,wailing and jumping around like headless chickens.

    Bit by bits,information coming out after the Justo arrest are going to implicate some opposition leaders in the conspiracy to topple the gomen.How many I do not know.But it should be able to easily fill two sedans,at least.When these suckers are charged and become permanent residents of Hilton,Sungei Buloh,they will lose their elected seats and by-elections will be called.These are all going to discredit the credibility of the opposition,which will eventually led to them being punish come GE14.Like I have said before,I will not be surprised or shocked to see the opposition losers crying and wailing out loud on the sidewalks for their mamas on election night.

    1. We can always see one’s true colour and agenda when one’s lost an election – be it an internal election or general election.

      From my thoughts an observation, for as long as PAN does NOT blend the practice of politics and the practice of religious democracy in its policy, PAN is just like PKR.

      Thus, I truly agree with Bruno’s “I will not be surprised or shocked to see the opposition losers crying and wailing out loud on the sidewalks for their mamas on election night”. Yes, I agree, UMNO/BN will reign supreme in GE14 where it will regain the popularity votes and the two-thirds majority.

      PAS may lose say, lets give, 100,000 members and may lose some seats in GE14 but it will/shall not join UMNO/BN for as long as Hadi and Harun Din are around – no way! PAS will be strong and formidable again after GE14.

      God willing, PAN will bite the dust when the results of GE14 are announced. During my uni days… I just love this British rock band – Queen. This song is still one of my favourites.

    2. losing election is no big deal for pan, as long as they could achieve the objective to give most an impression that their brand of religion is inclusive, unlike some u mention.

      hadi n harun will/shall ban freddie mercury even though he already in heaven.

      tis queen song suit u better wakaka

    3. “Bahawa saya bersumpah dengan nama Allah, wallahi wabillahi watallahi, sekiranya saya meninggalkan atau melompat ke parti lain dengan kerelaan saya sendiri setelah terpilih menjadi ahli dewan negeri atau dewan rakyat, maka akan tertalak isteri atau isteri-isteri saya dengan tiga talak. Dan segala perbelanjaan saya dengan menggunakan wang elaun ahli dewan tersebut adalah haram”

      “Indeed, those who pledge allegiance to you, [O Muhammad] - they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah, The hand of Allah is over their hands. So he who breaks his word only breaks it to the detriment of himself. And he who fulfills that which he has promised Allah - He will give him a great reward”. [Al-Fath Verse 10]
      “I have sworn by msydelf,
      The word has gone forth
      from my mouth in righteousness
      And will not turn back,
      That to me every knee will
      bow, every tongue will swear
      allegiance” [Isaiah 45:23]

      My advise is, from my own experience:- Don’t play play with sumpah! It will ‘makan diri, anak isteri dan keluarga’. Just wait lah. It will come slowly…but surely. I will give them until midnight of GE14, God willing.

      The song below is for you dear HY…


    4. ... unless the sumpah was under duress or from the pressure of party politics, when then it doesn't count, as Allah swt would have wanted it because to Allah swt a sumpah and faith must be given willingly from the heart

    5. Yup....Don't play-play with sumpah, especially if voluntarily given....

      That is why Ah Jib Gor is in all kinds of deep and continuous trouble, unsolvable in spite of all his attempt$ to bulldoze through with his immen$e Power and Billion$.

    6. What is in an oath ? Don't play-play, ya....

      The Sacred Oath of the Armed Forces of Nazi Germany....every officer and soldier had to swear by the oath.

      "I swear by God this sacred oath that to the Leader of the German empire and people, Adolf Hitler, supreme commander of the armed forces, I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath."

      In those days, the majority of Germans were strict followers of the Lutheran Church.
      That absolute, unconditional oath had a profound religious connotation, as you put it , breaking the oath would ‘makan diri, anak isteri dan keluarga’. ..It had the effect binding the German military to absolute obedience to Hitler.

      As WWII ground on, many realised the immorality and hopelessness of Germany's war effort. but they followed him to the very end.

      To me, the lesson is When Trust is violated and revoked, it is not sinful to break such an oath.