Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pruning time for DAP

Malay Mail Online - PAS may not join new Pakatan, be ‘loose partner’ instead

... so we have been informed by un-named sources, wakakaka, who happened to be "an influential PKR source" wakakaka again.

Bloke or blokess (but my bet is bloke, wakakaka) said: “We know PAS is not going to accept or join the new PR. They would rather have [a] loose coalition, become a loose partner."

“I think the majority view right now (between the opposition parties) is that a new Pakatan be formed between PKR, DAP and Amanah and this new coalition form a loose electoral pact with PAS.”

What utter self-serving bullshit, indeed on several counts! And the so-called "influential PKR source" chose to be sinisterly un-named and unidentified! Apa takut?

Three years ago, I posted Psychedelic psychic power? in which I mentioned how such (probably the same) "influential PKR bloke" gave poor FMT journalist Selena Tay the usual duff gen (an old RAF colloquialism meaning incorrect information or if you like, bullshit, wakakaka).

I won't go over the issues I raised in that post so you'll have to read it to know how an un-named but "influential PKR sources" (wakakaka) had come up with bull.

The idea of a nonsensical 'loose coalition', where one party has an acrimonious relationship with another and indeed vice versa, is just rubbish and nothing more than to mask the usual desperate taxi-sapu-ish tactic of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. And I'm sure you know which political party is notorious for its taxi sapu desperation, wakakaka.

At least PAS has the decency to announce that it'll work ONLY with PKR but not with the soon-to-be formed Pakatan 2.0.

If I have my rathers, I would propose that DAP work only with Amanah and discard PKR a.s.a.p. Prune off that near dead branch and save itself from future problems with such a 916-ish rancid satay which had brought Pakatan into damnable drastic disrepute. And don't forget how PKR had behaved badly towards its erstwhile Pakatan allies in the last Sarawak state elections.


  1. The sooner the DAP divorce from the PKR,the better and stronger it will be.DAP needs the newly formed Amanah than it needs the PKR.Amanah is just one third as strong as PAS,but it can rally the Malay electorate better than PKR.After GE14,PKR will see most of it's seats vanished into thin air and join the PSM ranks as a mosquito party.

    With the useless,leaderless and headless chickens leading the opposition,Malaysians lusting for a change of federal gomen,can forget about Putrajaya until at least GE16.

  2. Why I said at least until GE16?First of all,the opposition is in a bigger mess than Najib/Umno/BN.

    Now let us look back at things before GE13.Umno was having internal fighting and sabotaging against Najib.Yet,the PR was not able to capitalize on Umno's problems.Today's Najib and Umno's problems,the opposition is in the same mess.What the current leadership of the opposition is doing is trying so very hard to outdo Umno in fuckups.

    Hopefully,come GE 16 the present opposition leadership will no longer exists.Only the new crop of young leaders,when they finally takes over the opposition leadership will be able to give Umno/BN a run for their money.

    Forget about the present leaders of the opposition.About six months before the Justo arrest,I have been saying that they are going to fuck up big time chasing the 1MDB ghosts.I have been saying why Rafizi,Tony Pua and other opposition leaders always saying SR say this and SR said that?Why these opposition leaders do not want to claim credit by outing the 1MDB scandal themselves instead of funding SR to do the dirty work?One need not be a genius to figure it out that the opposition are the main players behind SR.Their actions speak louder than words.

    1. And the hits just keep on coming on and on and on. You r like that karaoke singer who can't sing but thinks he can. Grabbing the mike at every opportunity. Polluting the airwaves. Hehehe. Hidup Anwar!

    2. Aisehman thank you t.r. you have finally said 'the' thing that I've been trying so hard to refrain from shouting out, what a relieve..........wakakaka

  3. dap pkr pan are weak and powerless if they are not in a coalition. don't think they can even keep penang and selangor. but pas will keep kelantan in ge14 even if pas is not in a loose coalition. if bubar dun selangor penang and kelantan today that will be the result too.

    1. not necessary the case, pas opponent is always umno, any coalition is actually with the aim to avoid 3/4-corner fight, pas strength is ktan, tganu n kdah, however they can be a spoiler in the rest. dap cant replace pkr bec they r basically a chinese party, so kt koktalk would not get dap anywhere except some syok sendiri rhetoric, but I think dap can keep penang, that is the main reason y they cut ties with pas. most selangorian will vote opposition (abu), we careless who they r. like I said b4, both dap n pas lack ambition for federal, both actually shd ride the rocket n move to moon then stay there forever dun come back.

    2. another HY koktalk.

      kelantan may be retained by pas or lost to umno in ge14

      dap and amanah as a 2-party coalition can possibly win selangor by themselves without any help, which has been why pkr is shitting bricks and want pas to be an ally so as not to lose any of its current seats in the state in order to represent a reasonably-strong "ally" to both dap and amanah, and also to retain the mb position.

      thus pkr is opening her legs kangkang to everyone including umno if necessary

      dap will retain penang, and if pkr tries to be funny there will see itself kick out like mca and gerakan, as well as losing to umno or pas or amanah

      pkr is today a walking dead, having screwed its own self to death by its greedy shenanigans and bullshit

    3. true as kg lad said it is all about hedging n leveraging n now as kt said kankang-ing all the way to putrajaya... hy plse dont kangkang too long.. nanti kena buasir/piles... tak sempat sampai putrajaya..