Thursday, September 17, 2015

Smoke gets in Indon's eyes

Channel NewsAsia - Nearly 1,000 hotspots detected in Sumatra as haze thickens

Indonesia has got it f* wrong in highlighting that Malaysian (and Singapore) companies are among those responsible for bush burning activities involved in clearing wooded areas in Sumatra and Kalimantan for plantation development, thus being also responsible for the horrid toxic smoke haze affecting Malaysia, Singapore and most of SE Asia.

Indeed, it doesn't f* matter whether the companies are from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Swaziland or Iceland. The forest fires causing humongous volumes of poisonous carcinogenic smoke and pollution to drift north to most of SE Asia (where Malaysian schools have been forced to close two days ago) are in, would you believe, the nation of Indonesia.

And who is f* responsible for stuff in Indonesia?

Indon then has either the unfounded and silly unhelpful pride to refuse Sing's offer to send aircraft to help put out the fires - see The Strait Times' Jakarta declines help to fight fires, leading to us to suspect rather unkindly, whether she prefers to continue her chief export to Malaysia and Singapore - no thank you.

A message to Indon: Take f* action or allow us to send resources to help dowse those pollutant producing forest fires in your country. You must do something to stop poisoning your neighbours.

Memegang teguhlah kepada Sila Kedua Indonesia, yaitu, "Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab".


  1. This burning of forests is a yearly affair in Indonesia.It is where money talks and bullshit walks.Got it,tokio rain.

  2. Jamal Mohd Yunos:"Cina babi not racial slur".

    Jamal Mohd Yunos:Jamal babi also not racial slur".

    Jamal Mohd Yunos:Please go figure the difference between Cina babi and Jamal babi.

  3. Najib can score 2.6 million (not billions) brownie points if he have the balls to sack Jamal from Umno tomorrow.Or he can ask the IGP to charge him under the sedition act.Either ways and Najib will add another feather to his cap.And laughing all the way to the bank with container full of votes for later use in GE14.

  4. Smoke gets into Indons eyes.

    What about smoke getting into the Bersih or opposition supporters eyes?

    The original Bersih is all about fair elections.

    The present Bersih is all about fair elections.For better transparency.For a better and prosperous economy and country.And for getting Najib to resign as PM.

    It sounds like Bersih's original intentions have gotten off track.No? To me,it sounds more like a political party acting under the guise of a non political NGO? No again?

    Maybe the Bersih and opposition supporters have gotten smoke in the eyes,like the Indons? No? As usual,it all ends up on whom you asked? No? Go figure.

    1. Wah. Four comments within one and a half hours. All yucks. Quality over quantity man. And go figure your head la. Hehehe.

  5. tokio rain,can you pls ask your matey monsterball to contact me.I got to ask him to punish you kau kau.Hehehe.