Saturday, September 06, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim - the new Mahdi, Messiah, Maitreya?

I like to read Malaysiakini because it gives us the news that the Malaysian mainstream media (msm) won’t, but in recent times I have to admit I beginning to understand why some of my blogger mateys have made snide remarks that it should be renamed Anwarkini ;-)

When I read Malaysiakini article The Anwar prophecies dissected, I was somewhat stunned that author Joe Fernandez appeared not to be employing the term ‘prophecies’ just as a catchy headline – as I see it, bloke actually meant it, because he wrote:

PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) Advisor Anwar Ibrahim had prophesized -- predict being too mild a term -- that he would take his seat in parliament as the opposition leader, opposite the prime minister and look into his eyes.

His prophecy has now come true in the aftermath of Aug 26 when he took the Permatang Pauh seat which his wife, party chief Azizah, had kept safe for him through the ten long years
when he was a lonely voice in the political wilderness.

Prophesized? Prophecy? Prophet?

That Anwar was already de facto, and would be de jure Opposition leader (after a long awaited by-election) has been known by Malaysians all along, way way before the Permatang Pauh by-election, so what is Joe Fernandez attempting to do … other than to mythologize or deify Anwar Ibrahim as the new Mahdi, Messiah, Maitreya.

It’s understandable when a PKR member or supporter writes like that, but for a journalist or media columnist to indulge in pseudo-religious hyperbole to describe a politician, you may expect more of the same bias in the rest of the article …

… for example … Fernandez writing about the Musa Hassan, the current IGP ...

It is hard to dismiss that Aug 26 was poetical justice and the run-up may have had something to do with the IGP going into emergency surgery with a heart condition. Had his maker been kinder, he would have been spared the embarrassment and sheer humiliation that is sure to follow in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Now, I know Musa is an asshole and I have written about him in:

(1) Malaysian PM must act against deputy IGP (end of 2005, Musa Hassan was still DIGP)

(2) What's AAB up to, extending Musa Hassan's service?

… but for us to wish his Maker would have been kinder to spare him further experiences in the days ahead, is really too cruel (even evil), judgemental and anwarista-ish. And I need to ask whether Joe Fernandez is a PKR card-carrying member.

Then he wrote: If Aug 26 sealed the fate of the Umno-led Barisan Nasional government, after the electoral triumphs of March 8 -- when Pakatan took 82 seats in the Dewan Rakyat, four states, one Federal Territory, and retained Kelantan -- how will the finishing touches come for Sept 16?

Well, apparently for this Malaysiakini journalist/columnist, the general elections haven’t completed yet ….. no ….. not until the desired PM Mahdi, Messiah, Maitreya (take your pick but he is one who prophesises) is installed as the scincillating, sublime, supreme Caliph.

Then he mentioned the grandstanding role of PKR MP Gobalakrishnan who stopped buses and reported them as full of UMNO phantom voters:

The sons of the opposition MP, Gobalakrishnan, who spotted a phantom busload were even beaten up in public by the overzealous police on duty for their father’s act of public spiritedness.

As I wrote in Anwar Ibrahim owes EC an apology

Then, Malaysiakini reported in
5 'phantom' buses stopped, MP and sons arrested that PKR leader Gobalakrishnan, MP for Padang Serai, and his two sons plus a supporter, adopted the PKR ‘core’ group’s habit of stopping buses, allegedly full of phantom voters.

OK, where was the evidence that the passengers were phantom voters? […]

Recall the Ijok by-election where PKR supporters blocked the car of Najib by placing flower pots on the road, with one sitting on the bonnet of that car? And in Lunas?

There has been a propensity by some PKR fanatical followers to take the law into their hands like the ruthless lawless vigilante corp of the American Wild West, stringing up people they suspected (only suspected, no proof whatsoever) of crimes whilst forgetting that in their vigilante action, they would be committing crimes themselves.

I am aghast that a member of parliament would stoop to such disgraceful grandstanding antics.

While I deplore police brutality, I do not see ‘… their father’s act of public spiritedness.’ If Fernandez had written ‘…for their father’s act of party devotion’ I might have accepted it.

Joe Fernandezs added: What other prophecies are in store for the people?

Well, September 16 will be celebrated as a public holiday like Hari Raya or Christmas, Malaysian fuel prices will plummet like manna from heaven, the NEP will be transformed into …….. (fill in blanks), and a Thousand Year Reich Caliphate will come into being.

Fnally Fernandez tells us that the ‘marginalized’ Indians have been the influencing factor for the Chinese swing. He wrote:

The Indian community’s almost total withdrawal of support for Umno. The community is the deciding factor in 67 of the Parliamentary seats in Peninsular Malaysia. The community has belatedly realized that they have been squatted on by the system and the government over the last 50 years.

The Indian "desertion" has had spillover effects on the Chinese community. The Chinese have traditionally looked to Indian leadership in trade unionism, NGOs and the law.

Well …….. ;-)

Now, I do wonder whether I should renew my subscription to Malaysiakini when I can get the same dissection of the prophecies of the Mahdi, Messiah, Maitreya free at the PKR website.


  1. oh! oh! Oh!... now who's complanning abt malaysiakini? try reading your own topics, aren't u the one who is 'mesmerized' with anwar though of the anwar-songsangista type!!?

    i find myself coming less to this site recently. it used to be agreat site to get some alternative-alternative news, not the MSM type, but to me was kinda one of its kind. but now it has become nothing more than anwar- bashing. yes, i dont think he will make it come 916 and i too don't really think that he will ever get to be the PM one day. but c'mon KT, let's blog about something else for example KTK's latest retorics, soi lek's intention in the coming party election, what about KJ, tony fernandez's new blog etc etc?

    we want to read NOT just about anwar!!!... hey, JUST LIKE U! try not 'reading' what u want to 'read' in malaysiakini!

  2. Nostradamus Quatrains on 'Malaysie'
    In the year of the great games started by the Greeks
    Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
    In a land called Malaysie
    Great turbulence and strife engulf

    A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
    Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
    Where the accused are finally crowned
    Amid great trepidation and acrimony

    Then arose among men of honor
    A man of the faith of Mohammedans
    Kings and Rulers let him reign
    And a new nation was born

    Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
    A land of many tribes divided was thus united
    The color of men was blurred and lost
    By great competition to give their best

    Herein lies the destiny of men
    Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
    Religions and languages flourishes as times before
    A land as peaceful as Shangri La

    Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
    Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
    Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
    Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before


  3. Come !come KT Please understand malaysiakini has professionals running round the clock with juicy news.They have their reliable sources just like Malaysia Today.What has your blog got to offer except your degraded mental thoughts to whack people not to your liking.Your greatest faults lies in your past recollection of peoples mistakes as though you are pure and free from sin.You preached the high and mighty and your references come fro Wikpedia to make you much learned.
    Nah! you write very convincingly but we readers can see through it you are a fake Rolex Oyster.A Jerk would have been a better description of you.
    By the way stay true to what you meant and cancell the subcription of malaysiakini.

  4. Don't come here often so I can't comment about your supposed anwar obsession like the previous commentators. What I do want to say is that I agree with you on the way some of the bloggers/online reporters are going overboard fawning over Anwar and I try to avoid articles praising personalities.

    Truth be told, I was the one who tried to convince many of my friends to give the opposition a chance from many years ago. However, it seems that I did too good a job and these same friends now seem to have embraced the idea that Anwar will be the saviour of Malaysia.

    He may or may not be what they think he is but his recent actions (or inactions) show that he's a pretty darn good political animal. My take is that the people are just too fed up with BN and see Anwar as the easy way out of the problem. My personal view is that Anwar is just another political opportunist like his mentor TDM.

    I was hoping that Malaysians would become more politically aware and look at the issues but it seems they are jumping from one cult to another. My bet is that people who have high hopes for changes when Anwar takes over will be sorely disappointed.

    Still, Malaysians are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Continue with the BN devil that will surely lead the nation to damnation or switch to Anwar who, I think, will probably lead the nation to damnation unless Malaysians start becoming more politically proactive (and I'm not talking about debating in coffeeshops, here).

    Anyway, looks to me like we're all gonna be screwed unless there's a massive shift in Malaysian mentality. Hope for the best but I won't be holding my breath.

  5. Anwar is God! BN sucks!

  6. Now, I do wonder whether I should renew my subscription to Malaysiakini when I can get the same dissection of the prophecies of the Mahdi, Messiah, Maitreya free at the PKR website.

    Consult an Indian first.

  7. Yes, Anwar Ibrahim is Mahdi, Messiah, Maitreya, Minerva, Moksha, Mencius, Moses Maimonides, Mark Anthony, Mahatma Gandhi, Mandela, Mao Tze Tung, Malcolm X, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mad Max, Maharishi Yogi, Mahalingam, Magister Ludi, Machiavelli, Mephistopheles, Man of the Moment, Mamakspecial, Mamak King, Money Man, Mamasan, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Mem Besar, Magnum, MacGyver, Maxwell Smart, Mike Malone, Mike Hammer, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Mick Jaegger, Monty Python, Mack the Knife, the Marx Brothers, Miss Piggy and the Muppets, Mickey Mouse, MuShu, Medicine Man, Money Honey, Macky-Wacky and Mumbo-Jumbo all rolled into one!!!

    I tell ya: he's aw that and more!!!

    What a GREAT man!!!

    Where else can you find a man who's everything to everyone???

    Do you have a problem with THAT???

  8. Hi KT ,

    SMS just out today , message : BOYCOTT MAMAK STALLs from today . Six of the thirteen BUMNO Divisions Chairman are all MAMAKS .

    Lets do it !!!!!

  9. chaptokam, so 7 of the 13 are malays i believe... then why not boycott malay stalls!!????
    ... i am not a mamak, if u want a better malaysia, let's not be racist for a start! don't do something so childish like this... not ALL mamak's are bad, there are bad chinese, malays and indians too, u know?

  10. chaptokam, let's NOT boycott anyone please. Let's deal with the issues in a level headed manner - if we need to 'punish' anyone by way of economic boycott, we have to target that person or organization very specifically so as to ensure the innocents are NOT hurt as (that hateful Yankee word) 'collateral damage'. You know that Chinese saying: "Don't sweep everyone down with one long bamboo pole."

  11. Pergi sangat baca dekat Malaysiakini tu. Esok semua jadi terencat akal, disogok pelbagai propaganda dan cerita berat sebelah.

  12. Joe Fernandez a card-carrying PKR member ? Definitely not.

    If you visit his blog, and also Google search for articles he has written for various newspapers, you will find he has been highly critical of Anwar Ibrahim many times before.

    I've actually crossed swords with him on-line before, but I respect what he writes.

    There may be an element of writing to please his paymasters (in this case Anwarkini... err...Mkini) but in overall terms he would qualify as an indendent journalist and writer.

    A real independent my book real independent writers are able to see both sides of the story...not some pretend ones who really write 100% of articles which attack one person 100% of the time....