Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teresa Kok - Whose bête noire?

Yesterday Malaysiakini reported Petrol bomb attack on Kok's home, where in an unprecedented incident, an unknown wannabe assailant threw two Molotov cocktails (spiked with nails as shrapnel) into Teresa Kok’s family home at the unholy hour of nearly 3 a.m.

Teresa’s family are living there. Her father recovered a threatening note full of vulgarities directed at Teresa. The coward sped away on a motorcycle after committing the crime.

Fortunately no one was hurt, as the petrol bombs didn’t explode.

Recently Teresa Kok has been painted as a chauvinistic anti-Melayu anti-Islam Chinese (additional horrors – she’s a woman too!) and accused of intimidating a Selangor mosque to tone down its broadcasting of the azan.

Despite the mosque authority coming out to clarify that the loud speaker in the mosque was not working, the unholy trio of the Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia, its senior editor Zaini Hassan and former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo continue to target her as anti this and that.

I recall in the press conference after her release from the ISA detention, a reporter from Utusan Melayu asked whether she was prepared to take a lie detector test against the accusation she had intimidated the mosque authority into toning down the azan bradcast.

Yesterday when Malaysiakini reported the crime of which Malaysia had hitherto been fortunately free from (but no more), and whilst even BN leaders such as Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon condemned as a barbaric act, guess what Utusan Melayu reported?

Teresa kurang sopan pakai skirt di masjid!

What arseh*les!

It reported that Zakariah Isa, the Deputy Mufti of the Federal Territory criticised Teresa for lacking manners in wearing just a skirt while attending the breaking fast get-together with the imam and the members of the Masjid Nurrusaadah committee at Cheras Baru.

However, Zakaria Isa tap danced around a bit by also stating: "Mungkin juga Teresa baru balik dari majlis lain dan singgah sebentar ke masjid itu untuk memenuhi jemputan berbuka''.*

* Maybe she had just returned from a meeting elsewhere and on the way back, stopped at the break-fast to which she was invited

He chided the organisers too, that they could be a bit more responsible and anticipate the likely dressing of non-Muslim visitors and arrange a jubah (cassock) for Teresa to wear.


  1. Malaysia Boleh!Petrol bombs today;suicide bombers tomorrow?Malaysia really catching up with the rest of the world!

  2. Teresa has just been dealt with an extremely unjust arrest which has brought much physical and mental anguish to her. In a moment of anger and frustration due to her plight from such irresponsible and dispicable action by the authority, she miscalculated her comment. But since she has subsequently apologise why can’t the people accept it and move on? If we want to continue raising the issue of the egg, then what about those polotical morons who make remarks which hurt the feelings of others and disturb the peace? Shouldn’t we rain on them too? It is easy to comment in the comfort zone without the real experience which Teresa has gone through at such high handedness. Why not the rakyat send a million petitions to the authority to condemn her arrest since we are so issue conscious. The people who terrorize others in such a manner are like gangster and terrorist. This type of behaviour is unacceptable to all moral and religious standard in a civil society. And if there are political morons involved in such sinful act, they are not fit to be the leaders of the peace loving rakyat. They are acting like a selfish warlord who will do anything to threaten the people to achieve their political objective at the expense of the wellbeing of the society.

  3. Anwar Ah'Im is bad, KTemoc asserts
    But Malaysia's gone to the dogs, despite RPK's efforts:
        For his penetrating views, they got him jailed,
        And got even-handed Teresa molotov cocktailed.
    Oh KT!: you're as absurd as a mufti in skirts!

  4. Aishhh...

    I almost can see a Hillary Clinton II from this ongoing Teresa thingy...

    Utusan and the federal government are smart and cunning enough to pick a woman (and a DAP parliamentarian) to harp on... ;)

    Anyway, the explanation is simple. She did not step into the mosque, and she went directly from that (post-release) PC to the mosque...

    But do you think the Utusan readers and the DAP-the-chauvinist-anti-malay-and-anti-Islam-pig haters will care to learn the truth? They will remain syok sendiri seeing Teresa Kok getting butchered... muahahahaha

  5. 精神病医生 attempted to group Teresa Kok and Anwar together in the same basket ... sheeesh, puhleeeze lah, don't insult our intelligence ;-)

    and when the hell is Anwar going to discipline Zulkifli Noordin, the thug who stormed the Bar Council forum? If he doesn't, it means he accepts Zulkifli's action as acceptable for a PKR MP.

  6. the familiy is very fortunate the assailant "cowardly" sped away. what if they wait for the family to come out, storm into the house and commit atrocities..... they wouldn't be caught anyway, as in karpal's case received live bullet.....

  7. KT,

    Why the bombs didnt explode..? You would have thought, the bombs would explode after thrown into Teresa's front porch given the fact Teresa's front porch area was made of cement...

    Going by the current favourite past time of Malaysians (especially Pakatan people.. he.. he.. he ) which is believing in conspiracy theory, this so called 'botched-up' bombing could very well be the work of Teresa's boys... Maybe Tian Chua or alike.. hmmmm? for what?... To dupe people ofcourse into believing that UMNO/BN people could go that low.

    I mean the bombs did not explode for heavan's sake!!!

  8. I'll be glad whne Utusan & Khir Toyo are sued and made bankrupt or hit for a few sixes.

    When everyone knows the truth and yet some politicos orchestrate the vilification of the victim, you can be sure fascism has its firm roots here and must be ERADUCATED!!

    You still think DSAI is not the answer? Ther's no other leadership in old mother hubbard's bare cupboard! I settle for that, for now.

  9. It never fails to amaze me that your usual lame & stale echolic reactive try harder postings days after the news from the local papers and Malaysiakini surprisingly always draw some lengthy and intelligent but typically ignorant n hollow ( even idotic) responses from certain regularly bored & listless ppl like yourself !

    Then again somehow you will invariably probably enjoy linking & bunking in somemore cowardly attacks against Anwar the Great, the only object of your undying adulation without which you have in fact nothing to write about ! and which then there will be sadly no Ktemoc Konsiders... what else is new ?

    LOL !

  10. uzbek, Tian Chua is not Teresa's boy, but Anwar's.

    Teresa belongs to DAP, a great socialist party that I admit has recently been somewhat contaminated by snake oil ;-)

    Anwar (unelectively) heads PKR, an UMNO splinter group masked as a reformasi platform and decorated with well-meaning young idealists like Elizabeth Wong and Tian Chua to assume a facade of multi-ethnicity.

    I hope this also answers donplaypuks' query. Sdr, there's always a leader available, who needn't be a flamboyant but insincere person - we want less flamboyant bull and more of sincerity and good democratic practice - eg. Harry Truman, Sadat. If you look at the flamboyant like Tony Blair, don't you think that arsehole ought to be tried for war crimes for the death of many thousands of Iraqis? That's what you get from flamboyant but bullsh*tting leaders. They're only interested in their own positions.

  11. hai,

    qua think the malays in general should understand the government already treated them like god, give them what they want including their pride....they win all the time, even the whole world thinks they are wrong.

    this bomb thing shows how spoilt they are now, born with a great religion, i suppose they must be all benevolent but humans are humans, i hope the government should provide more civic classes than to build more temples, churches or mosques

    they say no pork in government office, no non malay says no, they say more mosques, go on build them, no non malay say no, they say halal, no body say no....mana ada orang "asing" halang?

    hello, you halal, what about us? we eat muslim-slaughtered kfc chicken, muslim-slaughtered lembu for mcdonald....did we protest?

    qua tak mau cakap manyat manyat, cukup lah... don't be NEVERLEARNS.

    qua salah mhh ai gong. cheers, susie

  12. KT, I think you're getting your mosques mixed up.

    Apart from the Bandar Kinrara petition, the claim was that she had gone to a mosque in Shah Alam to tell them to, as you put it, tone down. In her blog, she instead pointedly denied having gone to a mosque in Puchong (quote: Oh my God, bila saya pergi ke surau Puchong pada awal pagi?).

    Judging from the way she tried to weasel her way out of her "only fit for dogs" comment, I think the question from the Utusan journalist was only fair.

    The mosque with the broken speaker, by the way, is in Kota Damansara, and as far as I know, no one ever claimed that it had anything to do with her.

  13. yea, i vaguely remember a report from malaysiakini saying that the petition was sent to a mosque in kinrara

    care to clarify that ktemoc?

  14. Bro KT,

    I beg to differ on ur commentator klsusie's remark 'this bomb thing shows how spoilt they are now, born with a great religion, i suppose they must be all benevolent but humans are humans, i hope the government should provide more civic classes than to build more temples, churches or mosques'

    I wud consider dat as a bit unfair and how sure r u dat it's a Malay who throwed d bomb,..base on d naote found?? heheh..ur tots shows ur mentality,.. it cud b a Chinese or Indian after all,..or cud't it b Indonesian's,..apo nak dikato,..heheh.. as for halal foods its gud for ur health n most of d countries in d wolrd r encouraging eating halal foods,.. :).. shud you complain KT n klsusie?? shud we complain?? yes as its not about Melayu but its religion,.. have we complain anyting bout ur religious practice or ur culture?? heheh..d Malays are really tolerance as most r still sopan santun and berbudi bahasa,.. no race are better den d othr as thr will alwiz b d human factor,..wonder whr we can find a perfect country?? hmm, Singapore mite be,..heheh..apo nak dikato,..but Malays like me wun leave dis country no matter wat as dis is d only land we can called our HOMELAND...I'd love to have d era of Tun again if given a chance but,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(",)

    p.s. klsusie,

    dun b too emotional mahh..wat u wrote is sensitive and sum Malays sentiment r limited due to d blood in dem,..heheh.. dats why d social contracts by our forefathers,.. me?? i'm still cool,..heheh..(,")


  15. I don't know what u r talking about. Truman okayed the Atom Bomb drop on Japan. Death toll-1 million or two?

    Sadat was no angel with his KGB type Secret Service and was eventually assasinated by muslim extremists for playing too much ball with USA. He also started unnecessary wars with Israel and got thrashed. Death toll - 100k? And the award of the Nobel Peace Prize shared with Menachim Begin of Israel - a joke!

    As for Blair, don't be Firaun's mouth-piece. For all the racism that Firaun has promoted, there must be some clause in the UN Charter we can hang on him for crime against humanity as well!!

    Al I am asking you is to name 1 politician other than DSAI who can bring together all the opposition parties to scuttle the incumbent Govt. Kit Siang? Nik Aziz? Teresa Kok? As for BN, who is the next credible, untainted, uncorrupt PM-elect?


  16. that's my point, that 'dull' blokes like Truman and Sadat whom their parties thought were 'colourless' became decisive commanders/presidents.

    Truman made the monumental decision to end the war with the A-bomb, without which more millions would have died. Sadat ended the war with Israel - at least Egypt has enjoyed peace and a far greater degree of prosperoty than it had under Nasser.

    Let me tell you who's NOW keeping the PR together. It's not Anwar (I acknowledge he started it) coz people are getting tired of his bullshit and selfishness - he has no credibility at all. It's Pak Haji Nik Aziz!!!

  17. bro brotherhood....

    don't talk like a spoilt child.

    pls don't think that what i write is anti this anti that, i only hope a solution for a simple issue.

    don't pick up a fight for everything the non-malays requesting.

    when the speaker is exceedingly loud, what's wrong to ask to tone down? if not, tell us why? god said so or what?

    what is wrong when we query 30% NEP when you forever can't calculate 30 percent.... why not just say you want 10% of my income...isn't it better?

    that's the problem, you guys, i suppose you know i only mean in general, like in the teresa case, you bent here bent there....

    small issue jadi big issue, never see you stress on nepotism, corruptions, discriminations etc etc

    you don't care how others feel, you don't care about the world views, i doubt the modern muslim arab countries could agree with you.

    you eat non halal food, you die, we eat non halal food, is healthy...what logic bro, this is not brotherhood, this is a total hood, big hood to cover your spoilt mentality...ooi!!!!!

    you may be right, the bomb could be anybody, i must admit and say sorry i never give a thought of that, you are right but the perception about the malays got to be changed; surely you don't say i am anti malay because of that, would you?

    as i always say don't be neverlearn.

    you just want to win, you are blinded of reasons. pound for pound, ahmad ismail should be more wrong than the reporter, yet who loses?

    i don't believe any non-malays dare to say to stop azan or what ever but it is very reasonable to ask you to tone down, what's wrong?

    in my place, sometimes, few corners blaring out loudly as if there was a koran reading festival.

    mine, mine,mine everything mine... all you want is putting your hands into other's pocket, so spoilt, (again in general and don't fcuking scew this one) anyway, i don't think you understand what i said, you think with your heart, not your brain...i suppose, hihi

    but like i said, qua salah mhh ai gong.

    cheers, susie.

  18. Despite the mosque authority coming out to clarify that the loud speaker in the mosque was not working, the unholy trio of the Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia, its senior editor Zaini Hassan and former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo continue to target her as anti this and that.


    Tell this two Mak Puki and Lanjio.

  19. Hi Ktemoc

    This limerick is off-topic
    (nothing to do with Teresa Kok, whom I respect a great deal)
    but it's meant to spur some thought
    from you and your like-minded "politics makes strange bedfellows" allies :-)

    Here goes:

    There's a blog called "Ktemoc
    A real magnet for rabidly
    anti-Anwar haters
    Lately they appear unsure about
    Anwar's latest strategy
    But I'd really consider it a
    great tragedy
    If they don't discuss Ku Li as
    the next UMNO

    Phua Kai Lit

    Phua Kai Lit

  20. False flag?
    True flag?
    White flag?
    Black flag?

    Just don't hang your underwear on a stick and wave it around!

  21. It was the work of DAP troopers, great publicity for TK.

    Why do you think not one, but two elementary petrol bombs failed to ignite ?

    Teresa Kok is playing with fire. One of these days she is going to get burned.

  22. Anonymous 3:07 pm

    Blaming the victim, eh??

  23. Wah Phua, didn’t know you’re a supporter of Ku Li. Here’s three limericks for you ;-)

    There are many many blogs who pamper
    To a man who claims to be a reformer
    They pretend that Katakification is OK
    Oh we just can’t wait for 2013, they say
    Lying to themselves, they’re that poorer

    The De former’s strategy is plain to see
    You may bet it isn’t about democracy
    It’s about his burning raging ambition
    To seize the nation’s No One position
    He has been peddling sheer hypocrisy

    Ku Li, De former, Najib, yadda yadda
    All will use the same bangsa dan agama
    I wonder when De former will discipline
    His party Kulim thug Zulkifli Noordin
    Maybe we need to wait till the next era


  24. Those Utusan sonovabitches recently admitted that sales of their paper is down, and their main audience... the Malays... don't even bother buying Utusan anymore.

    In Penang, the news sellers don't have more than a few copies available. "Tak laku" apparently. We're talking about Malay & Mamak newsagents here...

    Lets hope they close shop soon. But where else can I look for my daily dose of trashy & racist tabloid fodder?

  25. Hi Ktemoc

    Here goes ;-)

    "Why is Phua supporting Ku Li?",
    Ktemoc wonders
    "Is he undergoing repentance for
    his previous pro-PR blunders?"
    The answer is "No, not me!"
    No Siree, not from a convinced
    supporter of Reformasi
    UMNO to reform (last chance)and
    follow the wishes of its

    Phua Kai Lit

  26. hi all,

    presume teresa kok said and done wrong thing.....

    so the police is wrong to simply release her?

    so, are the muslims badly hurt that she deserves 2 fire crackers? (presume the attackers are not communists, osama bin laden or tamil tigers or simple robbers)

    so what punishment is deem fit? stone her to death? Pakistan style?

    everytime something sensitive happens, i heard people talk about he or she being very tolerant but who the hell is tolerating who?

    why keep sweeping the dirts under the carpet... in fact teresa kok incident should open our eyes bigger...people are now very sensitive and situation also very volatile so what we need is an open and frank discussion BUT BUT BUT, lawyers discuss also cannot.

    SENSITIVE, SENSITIVE, what so sensitive?

    RATHER than keep tolerating and explode BIG and one day kills us all.

    apa takut? don't know why, why government won't join debates and find a good solution so every Malayisian can ikut after that and no need to suffer.... tolerate, tolerate, tolerate, tolerate, BUUUUM!!!!kyok!

    qua salah mhh ai gong, susie wants PEACE.

  27. This will be one of the most important events in our lifetimes which we need to pay serious attention to.

    The US financial crisis spread to Europe, European financial institutions collapsing one by one. Wachovia Corp,Fortis, Bradford & Bingley are in trouble. More banks collapse are coming.

    The FTSE 100 tumbled 3.6% in London.

    Take this as a lesson to be learnt, cannot change simply for the sake of changing.

  28. Sex confession: Zul stripped of his district councillor's post
    Humayun Kabir

    Nga Kor Ming
    IPOH (Sept 29, 2008) : The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government has declared the post of Perak Tengah district councillor vacant after its councillor Zul Hassan had confessed that he had sex with a Chinese national in Penang.

    Perak Education, Local Government, Housing and Public Transport Committee chairman Nga Kor Ming told a press conference in the State Secretariat here toy that Zul has been relieved of the position with immediate effect following the newspaper report on the matter.

    "It is the prerogative right of the state government under the Local Council Act to terminate such a person who had openly admitted to having sex with the Chinese national."

    "The PR state government has to safeguard its integrity and its public image and people working for the state government must have an untarnished record and live up to the high expectations of the PR government."

    Nga said: "The PR government will soon find a replacement for Zul's post from the long list of candidates who were screened. We will leave it to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to take the necessary action against its member (Zul)."

    Zul is under investigation by ACA for accepting sexual bribes but he has justified his action by saying that it was a case of entrapment.

    Asked why the same treatment was not meted out on the two PKR state executive councillors
    Jamaluddin Mohd Razi and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu, both of whom have been charged with corruption, Nga said:

    "Both claimed they were framed and denied any wrong doing. The two exco members claimed political conspiracy to tarnish their public image and that of their party's. Further more, they have filed a RM100 million defamation suit against ACA and is pending in the High Court," he said.

    "Under these circumstances, we have to await the outcome of the alleged corruption cases in court before we can take the necessary action if they are found guilty," Nga added.

    PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said in a statement in Kuala Lumpur that the party backs the Perak state government’s decision to strip Zul of his post.

    She said the Perak government's swift action shows its seriousness in putting into practice PR's commitment to ensure that morality and ethics are upheld by those in public offices and not merely expressed in words.

    She said Zul will be dealt with by PKR's disciplinary committee and will have to explain his behaviour and actions.

  29. Kapar MP threatens to resign if no action taken against those responsible for demolishing temple
    By : Neville Spykerman


    Kapar Member of Parliament S.Manikavasagam is threatening to
    resign from Parti Keadilan Rakyat if no action is taken against
    those responsible for demolishing a temple in Ampang, on Sept 9.
    Manikavasagam said the temple was demolished despite a directive
    from the state government and is calling for action against Ampang
    Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) president, his deputy and enforcement
    "I am willing to relinquish my post as the State PKR liaison
    deputy chairman as the first step and ultimately resign as a member of
    PKR, if no action is taken."

  30. What does Dr Wan say about Zulkilfi Noordin? When will PKR take action against that thug?

  31. Dr Wan knows how to dress up in a mosque, that's all we care about, don't you know?

  32. good one, int, wakakakakakakakakaka

  33. said...


    Why the bombs didnt explode..? You would have thought, the bombs would explode after thrown into Teresa's front porch given the fact Teresa's front porch area was made of cement...

    The petrol bombs were made from plastic bottles the ones we drink mineral water from , not glass bottles . How to do expect them to break like glass bottles ?

  34. Dow plunges 777 points as bailout fails. What will be the impact on Bursa and how much it will go down ?

    Time to sacrifice and tighten the stomach, difficult time ahead is real.

  35. Ktemoc has a fixation on Kulim Wonder's arse.

  36. Hi Ktemoc

    One more limerick from me :-)

    There's a party called UMNO
    Prominent in local political
    Originally led by the noble Tunku
    Its current leaders seem mostly to
    be rent-seeking "dungu"
    Unless it truly reforms, it'll
    soon be shown the door!

    Phua Kai Lit

    P.S. Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends (and Happy Holidays
    to our non-Muslim friends)

  37. No, no, no, UMNO can't be shown the door.
    Ktemock would be lost...

  38. There's a Cult called PKR
    Led by the Great Snake Oil Salesman
    Master of deception ,
    Formenting Katakcrazy
    Hell bent on seizing power
    Wanting to be PM at all cost
    While the rakyat suffers
    With investors fleeing
    And the KLCI tumbling
    With Pak Lah stepping down
    His hopes of being PM
    Is going down and down
    Very soon he will be forgotten
    As PM in waiting
    And will be remembered as the Great Snake Oil Salesman
    Forever !!