Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Humbug mathematics

Change change change
The mob cheered, spurred on by their proclaimed reformasi

Roused by incited fervour

In chucking out the bathwater they threw away the poor baby

Burning with opiate rage
Befuddled, besotted, bewitched by the hypnotizing siren call

The ugly crowd ignored
Having a hard look at themselves in the mirror on the wall

In pompous self righteousness
Exempting themselves through pseudological propaganda

From all rules, proof and ethics
Forgetting what’s good for goosey should be good for gander

Their democracy is a poker game
Upping the ante with bluff, bluster and bamboozling antics

Where 82 is somehow greater than 138
Spinning out a new doctoral thesis on humbug mathematics

50% wishful hope, 50% hopeful wish
And another 31%, 31 parts, 31 tonnes, just 31 of anything

Why not 31 plastic Taiwanese frogs
To realize their dreams of making 4-face Brahma the King

De facto, De ceitful, De vious
His ‘Majesty’ demands democracy must close one bloody eye

The end justifies the means
16 Sep, 23rd, Hari Raya, Christmas, New Year, man man lai


  1. quote from yb anonymous:This is now officially a really crap low level moronic blog site.

    therefore you qualified to receive our country's highest title I.O.I

    bodohland's "idiot of idiots" title is given once a year to the most outstanding moron.

    congratulation kt.

    sultan klsusie ibni susiekl signs.

    qua salah mhh ai gong.

  2. I shall ask of you a responsible question which is , other than having great literary and poetically self righteous self fulfilling fun in demonising Mr Anwar Ibrahim as and whenever Mr Anwar seems not to make it or seem to have made some slips...

    ...have you anything constructive to offer by way of positive advice or tangible contributions in cash or benefits in kind or self sacrifice for your fellow ( sorry Ex fellow Malaysians ) to overcome our existing appaling gomen and rampant incompetencies and corruption?

    In other words when are you coming down from your previledged narccisistic high ivory tower of great grandeur to walk among the man in the street , they who cannot speak and write rhythmatically like you do and who God knows cannot afford your leisurely lifestyle of online social politicalising & armchair laughing n sneering at the less fortunate or less smart from an opulent and obese but secure distance?

    yeah...you a so called man of god who can also conveniently and eloquently quote beautifully from the Bible from time to time( like many similarly well endowed gifted men/women )?

    honest man of the world

  3. hahaha

    finally many ppl can see Mr Ktemoc for what he is ! a good for nothing empty barrel making some loud noises whenever somebody slips !

    instead of offering a helping hand

  4. Your blog, known to be anti Anwar, pulls Anwar/PKR's cybertroopers and fanatic supporters like magnet.

    Those fanatics typically do not understand the meaning of democracy. While they support demonising those opposing Anwar/PKR, they just can't tolerate anyone writing anything less than a complement to their idol, even if it speaks the truth. How pathethic.

    KTemoc, please continue your refreshing thought and ignore those cybertroopers

  5. Hi Ktemoc

    Take a look at Rocky Bru's analysis of AAB's current position
    with respect to UMNO division nominations.
    It's going to be a very, very big
    "Christmas in Sept, Oct, Nov".
    There goes our hard-earned tax payer money.

    Phua Kai Lit

  6. Tian Chua, earlier claimed that PR intermediaries had been in touch with Abdullah over Anwar's demand for a smooth transition of power, now they are retracting the statement.

    Now Anwar met with PAS leaders is an effort to convince them that PAS MP would not be marginalised should PR form the government, didn't they told the people earlier that their coalition support was strong among their component party that they, Anwar, Hadi Awang and LKS often met to draw their strategy to topple the government. The special meeting is the sign that PR coalition is cracking, PAS was not with them most of the time.

    Not all the people are fools and not all fools are fools all the time. To those people who still support their cause to topple the government by frog time to wise up lah.

  7. Now we have have another BIC (Bullshitter In Chief) Tian Chua to make outrageous and stupid press statements. I think Mr PISS (Premier In-waiting, Snakeoil Salesman)realised that making any more "syiok-sendiri" statements would only lower his already rock-bottom credibility (does he has one anyway) to the sewers.

    KT, did you notice the subtle change in the tone of disciples of the Zombie Cult of Anwaristas here ? Before 916, they were full of s*** about "change is coming", "BN is sinking", "AAB is toast", etc.,etc bravado.

    But now many of these hyenas has gone home, licking their wounds. The remaining ones have decided to attack you as a person, betraying their desperation and frustration of being yet again sodomised by PISS.

  8. Hi All

    As usual Dr M tells it like it is:


    Phua Kai Lit

  9. If you do a thinking, non-emotional analysis on it, Anwar probably underestimated the difficulty and complexity of the task he was attempting.
    He should seriously consider whether its worthwile continuing to spin on it.

    Simply dismissing the whole exercise as Bullshit may be fun for blogging, but won't help the cause of neutralising Anwar.

    Underestimating Anwar Ibrahim is a dangerous strategy for his opponents.

    If you Google back to how BN leaders have dismissed him in the past

    Najib - "PKR ? Parti Kurang Relevan"

    Abdullah - "Anwar? I've already forgotten about him"

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  11. From your poem, it is clear that you very much prefer the present Badawi regime which subdues its hapless opponents by jailing them without trial. I bet you also support Mugabe's and Sudanese Bashir's regimes. If Suharto is alive today, he would be very proud of you. The MCA and Gerakan are made up of daft imbeciles the like of you.

  12. anon of 1:14 pm, I don't mind being criticised because one learns from such criticisms, but in your case, alas, you're childish in your criticism of me ;-)

    Being cynical of Anwar's promise doesn't necessary mean I must be pro AAB. Each of them should be assessed on his merits. There's no mandatory commitment to be pro him or anti her because we should be (hopefully but alas, I doubt it) people with our own minds.

    Anyway, you've proven my point that Malaysia is not yet ready for a 2-party system when people like you still possess immature 'black or white' political outlook, akin to George Bush's threatening but puerile "either you're with us or against us".

  13. Anwar finally admitted that there will be no more moronic deadlines for "regime change". He also admitted that there was no meeting with PM.

    For all intent and purposes he has given up, so would the anwaristas be heading to the sea to commit mass harakiri ?

    Would Tian Chua admit that he has been trying to deceive Malaysians by his idiotic Taipei trip and equally assinine press statements ?

    Would Lim Guan Eng will finally focus on the job that he is paid to do and cease to issue press statements that insult the intelligence of even a 10 year old kid ?

    Will Uncle Lim give up writing article high on bravado and low on IQ ?

    Will RPK now fade away like a cheap China made underwear ?

  14. kt and his three jerkers playing choo choo train around the mulberry bush again.
    kisusie.11.11pm 101 award to kt is best decription of this old mother*******.Larry Flint"s award of ARSEHOLE OF Month would have been mild by my comparison.
    This guys is teaching us to suck grandmothers ' eggs.

  15. anon 6:57 PM,

    Just admit we were right and you are wrong lah. Wise people learn from mistake lah. No need to be so angry lah.

  16. Xien
    Anon 6:57 aptly reflects the attitude of most PKR supporters: preponderance for using false accusation to support their cause; paranoid personality; self proclaim democratic fighter to the degree of delusional grandiosity; double standard when it comes to morality....

    In case they got thought block, they end up cursing (refer to Anon 6:57).

  17. Hi Guys ,

    Many of these hyenas has gone home, licking their wounds. The remaining ones have decided to attack you as a person, betraying their desperation and frustration of being yet again sodomised by PISS.

    Looks like there are still some lurking around , obviously many are licking from their wounds , not yet willing to give up , still insisting their idol the GSOS is the Greatest Snake Oil Salesman of them all .

  18. chaptokam,

    u never learn, of course they are people disappointed...why not?

    so you are enjoying mocking them for losing hope of a greater malaysia.

    anwar is the hope, so hope almost gone, life has to go on...BUT under such administration, you are happy, huh........because you have no problem, you can carrying on your life until the authority come for your arse or your daughter, or your papa, your mama, brothers, cousins, schoolmate?

    only then you feel sorry? may be not...judging the way you behave, you would sell your daughter for a packet of cigarette.

    yes, yes we are sad, not because anwar loses but our country still infested with worms like you.

    qua salah mhh ai gong, klsusie.

  19. "...judging the way you behave, you would sell your daughter for a packet of cigarette."

    What a terrible thing to say just because of politicial difference!

  20. sorry kt,

    didn't mean to be rude, nothing sinister....much regret but couldn't catch them back after i flung them out in a rash fit of anger.

    sorry kt, sorry chaptokam, gua salah, gua salah.


  21. Kisusie,
    You are a coward man! You said it and you dont eat back your shit!!kINDA SHY NOW?

  22. Mengapa Peralihan Kuasa 2010 Pilihan Terbaik Untuk UMNO~Malaysiakini
    Desas desus politik kini seakan-akan mengikut rentak lautan yang bergelora di musim tengkujuh. Tiada tujuan, tiada destinasi. Di dalam era komunikasi alaf baru ini, begitu banyak sumber yang menggambarkan situasi sama dengan nada yang begitu berbeda. Bermacam-macam jenis analisis yang diberikan selepas penukaran portfolio Menteri Kewangan – Menteri Pertahanan dan Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

    Namun, jika kita ikut norma-norma lazim, lantas memisahkan emosi politik, hanya satu hakikat yang boleh digunapakai oleh UMNO. Penetapan peralihan kuasa 2010 dan bukannya ‘peralihan kuasa paksa’ yang diuar-uarkan oleh mereka yang dahagakan kuasa.

    Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi membuktikan beliau akur dengan suara akar umbi dan demi survival UMNO telahpun mengumumkan pelan peralihan kuasa pada tahun 2010 yang dipersetujui oleh Timbalannya dan telah mendapat persetujuan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO. Entah semena-mena, suara-suara yang berhasrat melanggar perjanjian pelan peralihan kuasa ini demi kepentingan peribadi mula mengorak langkah politik mereka.

    Hakikatnya, demi UMNO dan nasib anak bangsa, Dato’ Seri Abdullah perlu melakukan beberapa perubahan peri sukar sebelum beliau dapat mewariskan tampuk pemerintahan kepada Dato Sri Najib. Jika Dato’ Sri Najib melakukan perubahan ini, beliau akan kehilangan banyak dana politiknya. Disebabkan ini, Dato’ Seri Abdullah memerlukan tempoh sehingga 2010. Malahan beliau telah mengatakan bahawa jika kerjanya selesai, beliau sanggup melepaskan jawatannya kepada Timbalannya sebelum 2010.

    Niat sebenar Dato Seri Abdullah terbukti dengan pemindahan portfolio Kewangan. Jelas beliau mahu memberi Dato Sri Najib persiapan yang terbaik untuk menjadi pemimpin Malaysia dan UMNO setelah pemergiannya dari tampuk pemerintahan kelak.

    Dari segi politik UMNO, kaedah memaksa Dato’ Seri Abdullah untuk pergi sebelum pencalonan bulan Oktober hanya akan menguntungkan segelintir pihak. Jika dilihat dengan kanta politik, pihak tersebut bukanlah Dato Sri’ Najib. Untuk UMNO kekal kuat, pucuk pimpinannya mestilah dapat bekerjasama. Jika ‘pelan peralihan kuasa paksa’ yang dicanangkan oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin ini menjadi, maka dialah yang akan menjadi Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

    Semua di dalam UMNO tahu Dato Sri Najib kurang selesa dengan corak kepimpinan Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Tambahan pula, dengan menunjukkan taringnya baru-baru ini, ternyatalah bahawa kesetiaan kepada pemimpin bukanlah kekuatan Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Sejarah persaingan mereka berdua sudah lama diketahui oleh warga UMNO. Tidak mungkin mereka akan dapat bekerjasama demi kepentingan UMNO. Dato’ Seri Najb akan dipaksa melihat gerak geri Timbalannya yang sudah pasti mengidamkan jawatannya selaku Perdana Meneteri. Bagi menghadapi cabaran politik dari Pakatan Rakyat yang semakin meruncing ini, Dato’ Sri Najib memerlukan Timbalan yang setia dan mampu bekerjasama dengan kepimpinannya.

    Suara akar umbi sebenarnya sudah menetapkan Barisan kepimpinan Naib Presiden yang mampu memastikan UMNO terus releven. Nama Tan Sri Muhyiddin tidak terkandung di dalam barisan kepimpinan ini. Nama-nama Naib Presiden yang disebut-sebut ialah Dato’ Zahid Hamidi, Dato’ Shafie Apdal dan wakil dari Johor pula samaada Dato’ Khaled Nordin ataupun Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin.

    Ramai penganalisa politik berpendapat bahawa pilihan sebenar Dato Sri Najib untuk menjadi Timbalannya ialah bekas Setiausaha Politiknya, Dato’ Zahid Hamidi. Antara nama-nama lain yang dipercayai oleh Dato Sri Najib ialah Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin, Dato’ Shafie Apdal dan Dato’ Khaled Nordin.

    Jadi terang lagi bersuluh, taktik ‘peralihan kuasa paksa’ ini merupakan taktik terakhir yang dapat dijana oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin untuk menentukan survival politiknya.

    Dari segi politik negara pula, Dato Sri Najib memerlukan peralihan kuasa 2010, kerana beliau sedar bayangan Anwar Ibrahim akan sentiasa menghantuinya. Sejak pembebasannya dari tahanan, Anwar Ibrahim meletakkan Dato Sri Najib sebagai musuh utama Pakatan Rakyat. Dari Ijok hingga ke Permatang Pauh, nama Dato’ Sri Najib yang selalu disebut oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

    Namun, jika Anwar disabit kesalahan di dalam kes liwat pada tahun depan, ataupun dakwaan Anwar yang menjanjikan perubahan Kerajaan Pusat tidak menjadi kenyataan ketika Dato Seri Abdullah masih kekal Perdana Menteri, maka Dato Sri Najib akan terlindung dari sebarang dakwaan konspirasi politik yang sudah pasti akan dilontar oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan konco-konconya.

    Justeru, untuk UMNO dan Malaysia, peralihan kuasa 2010 merupakan pilihan yang terbaik kerana ia peralihan yang mementingkan kesemua ahli UMNO dan bukannya segelintir pihak yang rakus kuasa.