Monday, September 22, 2008

American military annihilated Iraqi family

al Jazeera US raid 'kills Iraqi family' reported:

A US air raid has killed eight members of the same family near Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, the executed Iraqi president, according to police and witnesses said.The pre-dawn helicopter raid on Friday occurred in the village of Al-Dawr where Saddam was captured by US forces in December 2003.

"Eight people, including five men and three women, were killed by a US air strike targeting their home. They are all members of the same family," Firaz al-Duri, first lieutenant of Al-Dawr police said.

al Jazeera also reported in Pakistan condemns US attack that on 08 September 2008:

... a US missile attack in the North Waziristan tribal region destroyed a school and houses associated with a veteran Taliban commander, killing 20 people, including some women and children.

As to be expected, when US military kills women and children as it did repetitively in Iraq and in its ally's territory, without the permission nor knowledge of so-called sovereign Pakistan, the Yanks would claim that there was an al Qaeda (or Taliban) operative inside the house.

The not-unexpected assigned label of 'al Qaeda operative' to one of the hapless Iraqi victims has been meant for US domestic consumption, just in case the good folks back home start to ask awkward questions.

The American military's litany of lies about their callous careless criminal killings started with 'collateral damage' in Vietnam to 'terrorist suspect' in the early days of the Iraqi occupation to now 'al Qaeda operative', depending on how semi-illiterate or insular-minded Americans would react.

Fabrication of sinister militant/terrorist labels for the victims of US military wanton murderous attacks on innocent Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistan women and children are designed to help salve the conscience of the good folks back home.

Many Americans actually believe their troops, all good American boys who love God, baseball and mum's apple pie, wouldn't hurt a fly and were undoubtedly busy handing out balloons and sweets to foreign kids and helping the poor Afghan and Iraqi farmers improve their lives with good olde fashion American farming techniques. Perhaps they were even teaching them the good game of baseball.

Once an Aussie soldier told me that the rules of engagement for Australian, British and most countries' soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan are "when in doubt, don't shoot", whereas for the Yanks, it's "when in doubt, f* shoot!".

Afterall, to the Yanks, WTF, the victims are only rag heads or camel jocks only.

And my American friends in Colorado wonder why the world hates them.


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  2. WTF, you should stick to exposing Anwar.

  3. That was exactly what the Yanks did in Vietnam but unlike the cowardly circumsized Iraqis, the Viets had the courage to stand up and drive the Yank invaders from their homeland. Don't expect that from the chicken-hearted Iraqis, though

  4. You need to link to anwar somewhere in your article. Anwar must be involved in those bad things.

  5. Hi KT

    Just wondering, since you brought up American terror, does th esky in penang or wherever you are based clear of unusual cloud formation or you have seen something akin to jet-trails but in conspiracy circle, it is called chemtrail?

    I dunno if I have followed too many CT news but I think I can safely say that there are unusual trail criss-crossing the sky over at subang jaya, puchong, and serdang. At times it is from putrajaya towards KL East.

    I don't see any of the planes heading KLIA discharging any trails.

    Sure hope you can check the sky once in a while, like when you are going out to work in the morning, lunch, or even evening when the sun is setting.


  6. focus on those callous wanton killings - how would you feel if a foreigner were to illegally invade and then occupy your country and kill your fellow Malaysians callously and without accountability (ask your parents about the Japs)

  7. Why do people here have such thick skulls and think our puny politics count much to the world? It doesn't. There's a world outside there and if Wall Street sneezes, we fall to our knees.

    There's some seriously bad shit going down in Iraq. If the Yanks (and the associated Brits and Aussies) keep blowing up civilians and label them "terrorists" and "militants" to cover up bad intel or bad targeting, then what little scrap of goodwill they had towards them is gone. It's like Vietnam all over again - kill them all, they're all VC/NVA, the only people who can tell otherwise are the Vietnamese themselves and they don't matter much.

    That's the triumph of the military-industrial complex.

  8. We keep selling goods to the military industrial complex in order to get rich and sit down in our armchairs to bad-mouth the Americans. What a bunch of hypocrites. Maybe Ktemoc should chase out all the US electronics firm in Penang which are producing the electronics to keep US bombs flying. The unemployed Penangtites can always turn to eating shit. Hypocisy is a 2 way street and you Ktemoc is no exception.

  9. This is something so unfortunate. But IMHO, I also believe that there's a time and a season for everything. A time for war and a time for peace. You may call me a basta*d for that for seemingly advicating war. But let's be frank, throughout the entire human civilization, there bound to be casulties in war, innocent casualties, innocent children, women and law-abiding citizen who love peace like everybody does. To say that there shouldn't be war--and blame it on the US for styarting it is akin to saying, this is a perfect world, an utopia.

    IF the US knew right from the start that the 'target' of which they wanted to strike happened to be an ordinary civilian home, why would they still want to do that when there are thousands of other home where they could strike however they wish. Probably because they received 'reliable' info that it might be an al-qaeda hide-out? It takes only 15 mins for a nuclear bomb to reach the American soil all the way from Irag, say if you were the President, what would you do during this 15 mins? Are you going to wait and see whether it was a false alarm? Do some data check, call the embassy, but how much can you do in 15 mins? and whatever decision you make, it spells the difference between life and death for the nation. The US must destroy every attempt of terrorism on the US soil, but it only takes the terrorist one successful attempt to destroy the US.

    Nobody wants war, but I hope you have the maturity and the wisdom to know that war is an inevitable force in the world.

    In one of your comments, you were saying that "how would you feel if a foreigner were to illegally invade and then occupy your country and kill your fellow Malaysians callously and without accountability (ask your parents about the Japs)" if it weren't for the bombings of Hiroshima by the US, is it fair to say that we will still be under the Jap. rule? Shouldn't you also resent the bombings of Hiroshima as well since there were millions of civilians lives lost--who should blame the US for its illegal invasion or the Jap.?

    How do you propose to solve the crisis in Myanmar when the gomen started shooting monks and civilian. US was afraid to intervene lest they be accused once again of interefering in country' sovereignty, so let it be lor.

    What about North Korea under the regime of Kim Jong Ill, people are dying from starvation everyday because Kim Jong Ill wanted to be so much in power, whosoever is against him is to be put to death. Should we do something about it by launching a war against North Korea since millions are already dead during the recent food crisis, or just let it be lor?

    Then what about Zimbabwe...months earlier, the soldiers resorted to psychological war by raping women, muilating genitals, shooting babies, and killing children. Once again, let's turn a blind eye. Not to mention, countless lives lost during the cold war.

    Perhaps US should keep their mouth shut once and for all, one day when US decided not to intefere anymore and stop acting as 'moral police' of the world, making friends with the leaders of Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq just for the sake of their natural resources that could benefit the economy of US alone. US would become friends to everyone only if US decided to start ignoring the abuses, and the sufferings of untold millions of others under totalitarian regime. It's the people going to suffer anyway and it has nothing to do with the US.

    And speaking of which, when the US expressed grave concern over the detention of Anwar recently, Rais told US to stop goring and respect the sovereignty of this nation. That's exactly what General Than Swee of Vietnam, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Kim Jong Ill of North Korea, said; Mind your own business, please don't bother what I do with my country. If you were living in any of these countries, I kinda of wonder what will be your response? that US should stop war altogether and interfering in other people's country and let the dictators continue its killings and abuses or what?

  10. anon 1:29 PM,

    You forgot the most important country, China also ask them to shut up.....

  11. Anon of 1:29 PM, to equate American aggressors killing Iraqis in the latters' occupied country with Americans killing the Japanese agressors in WWII is disingenious. The former is an aggressor, whilst the latter was forced to deal with a aggressor.

    As mentioned, the rules of engagement of a civilised country is not to strike if in doubt or when there are innocents nearby especially when it's not a conventional war but an insurgency (as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam).

    That's right, what's happening in Iraq andAfghanistan (and once in Vietnam, until the North step in) are not war, but insurgencies.

    Malaya/Malaysia dealt successfully with the CTs because it took particular care not to harm innocents.

    Since Vietnam, the Yanks have a notorious history of killing Asian and Arab innocent civilians in callous fashion, as it had shown in Vietnam, Afganhistan and Iraq.

  12. This is not good to kill Iraqi families the america's war is against the terrorism not against the iqaqi's family. They should respect their families and do not kill them. This will create hate in their hearts against americans.

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