Saturday, September 06, 2008

kaytee's blog roll updates

I have been one lazy bloke regarding updating my Blog Roll - but I pat my own shoulder having just done so to include (in addition to those already on my roll):

(i) Uncle Lim

(ii) Sassy sweetie Teresa Kok

yes yes, I am biased - only DAP ... but wait ... gawd, gasp, omigosh ;-)

(iii) Sweetie Elizabeth Wong

(iv) Sweetie Crankshaft

(v) Sweetie Lulu

(vi) Farish Nor in The Other Malaysia

(vii) Wong Chun Wai

If there is anyone who has blog-rolled me and I haven't reciprocate, please let me know.


  1. Same here ;) I'm just about finished now & have just added ya!

    Cool blog bro & keep up the good work!

  2. Me! Me! I've been trolling your blog for ages :P

  3. hi kaytee,

    great blog, keep it up..i've blogrolled you, please add me


  4. you forgot me one of yr regular commentators,
    m'sia's leadind satirist blogger.
    check out my blog 'The Sept 16th Chronicles' & 'Wine Divine' & others

  5. kowtim liao! ;-) hope you guys get more hits from my blog - cheers

  6. pls include renovatio or who has you in his blogroll