Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eleven-foot pole required!

Scene: House on a beautiful island

Actors: Son and father


Son: Ah Papa, will you be passing by the hardware shop when you go out for your walkabout?

Father: Yes, what do you want from the shop?

Son: I need an 11-foot pole.

Father: 11-foot? The standard length is 10 feet what! Why non-standard one?

Son: Aiyah Papa, haven’t you heard of that saying?

Father: What saying?

Son: Alamak, common one lah, no one would want to touch him with a ‘ten-foot pole’.

Father: Ah, I see. Yalah, and also blast that bloody bullsh*t Batu larng lah!

Son: We better distance ourselves. Our own larng oledy pissed off with our fraternization.

Father: KNN, limpeh oso fed up lah. Boe been liao*. Real tua hau siow one.

* no face

Son: Just act dunno lah, especially on that Kulim bigot.


  1. That Kulim chi bai bin , KNN, limpeh kong tua too lan lah. Boe been liao*. Real tua hau siow larng. Hor ee ki see ka cha ka ho ! Chooi chooi larng ! Lu um chai meh ! Zulki fi No dick . Ha le bea chua oui eh machai .

  2. You're beginning to sound crazier by the day. Kakakaka!!

  3. chaptokam,
    You are behaving like those babi and shouting oink!oink! oink !! would suit you better! for you to lower yourself on four legs to be buggered by Kt.
    ha ka ha ka !!!!

  4. What to do when we have this chino pig frothing at the mouth like on heat!
    Look like this pig is amok !

  5. Hey KT

    The new Japanese PM has a name strikingly sounds like GSOS . His name Taro Aso sounds familiar ? To me it sounds like taroh as* hole .

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  7. Tan Khai Beng is really losing his sanity here.
    The mamak girls keeping you happy ?

    Bukit Bendera mamaks are coming after you...

  8. Kay Tee, looks like you are irritating lots of your readers.

    Your writing do serve a purpose... poke fun at the big-mouth babblers politicians. If only they could read your mocking and scorn you effort would not be wasted.

    But for your regular readers... you getting more obsessed each day!

    penang larng

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